Hubbard family celebrates 4 years since adopting abused dog

One family celebrating a very special anniversary today…. The Kargakos’ adopted a Pit-Bull named Petey four years ago this month. First News– introduced you to Petey back in 2013. Humane agents found him– duct taped and STARVED… outside a home. 27 First News Reporter Cameron O’Brien met up with Petey and his parents today… They say there’s a lot to be happy about…but a harsh reality needs to be recognized too. NATS WHAT ARE YA DOIN’ CHUBBY GUY? YOU’RE DOING SUCH A GOOD JOB? CAMERON O’BRIEN, WKBN: If belly rubs and kisses are an indicator of a dog’s happiness…. Petey the Pitbull…is on cloud nine. NAT KISSY SOUNDS, COME HERE/SQUEAKY SOUNDS NATS KISSY NOISES CAMERON O’BRIEN, WKBN: Four years ago– Petey’s was living a nightmare. Chained up…without food or water in a backyard on the Southside. CAMERON O’BRIEN, WKBN: To make matters worse….Petey FEARED humans….and got aggressive when they got close. That made adopting him…difficult. NATS COME HERE CHUNKERS! GOOD BOY CAMERON O’BRIEN, WKBN: With lots of love and patience, Petey warmed up to Angelo and Litsa. It’s been four years since they adopted him. On the outside….Petey seems completely normal. But the emotional scars of his abuse…will NEVER go away. NATS GOOD BOY MY LOVE. GOOD BOY. In Hubbard SQUEAK SQUEAK Cameron O’Brien, WKBN 27 first News. [A19]20171112 MOORE PROTEST-INTRO Both supporters and protesters

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