HTP Pest Control Tips: Dryness and Clean Dishes

Hi I’m Sasha, here to share with you today
two important tips that you can practice in your home to get rid of unwanted pests. These
tips are brought to you today courtesy of Huntingdon Pest Control in Huntingdon, TN.
For complete pest, wildlife, and termite management services in Huntingdon, contact them at
The most effective measure that you can take to stop pests from invading your home, is
to prevent them. One thing that you can do to prevent pest
presence in your home is to keep your home very dry. If there are any plumbing leaks
in your home, fix them immediately. If any spills or splashes happen, wipe them up straightaway.
Don’t let any dampness linger in your home. Wet or soggy areas could invite critters that
don’t belong in your home. To prevent pests in your kitchen, wash your
dishes daily. Don’t keep dirty dishes lingering in the sink. It could attract bugs that you
don’t want around. If you do have to leave dishes in the sink for a short while, cover
them in soapy water. Don’t leave dirty dishes available to attract pests.
By keeping your home dry and your sinks clean, you can take measures to prevent pests in
your home. For more information on pest management and the wildlife management services that
Huntingdon Pest Control provides, visit them on the web at

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