41 thoughts on “Hozier – Take Me To Church (Official Video)

  1. I was thrown out of our house for coming out gay, luckily im back straight and normal now after 4 years of cure and my family loves me again. Good Song

  2. Freakin cowards portrayed in this so sad but very moving vid. Notice in the storyline of the vid how it takes a whole group of these cowards that hide a portion of their faces to attack one man. It is their bodies that should be on that fire. Would pay for that. ?. What is so disgusting is that still happens all over the world, even in countries that one would think are more progressive and highly educated.

  3. Такие англичане думают:хмм тут что рассист наверн он что-то хорошее пишет

  4. #MultiCrossoverDisney I made a fan video over this about 17 hours ago. It's simular, but less graphic. Or at least I think so. I love this song.

  5. I am not one of those who listen to 2010s music (I think I left the train in 1998, because I listen to few songs after that time, that is weird because I am only 17), but there are some songs from this era that make me drop my jaw (in a good sense). This is one of those songs.

  6. Почему в клипе показаны проблемы гомосексуализма, а в песне о них нет не слова, или я смотрела неправильный перевод? А, может, просто они не соотносятся друг с другом? А сама песня и клип оказали просто колоссальное воздействие на меня, крайне эмоциональное исполнение, видеоряд многократно усиливает это драматическое ощущение. Первый раз,когда я слышала эту песню по радио, я вообще не обратила на нее внимание, но она мне очень понравилась (хотя слов, я , конечно, не понимала; хотела найти ее, но ни названия, ни исполнителя я не знала), недавно вновь её исполнили на "Голос Дети", и, прослушав ее, я решила найти песню в оригинальном исполнении, уже зная название. После просмотра ролика я была крайне удивлена: я и не думала, что в ней заключен такой глубокий смысл. Браво, Хозиер.

  7. Had to dislike from the surprise gay. But you do your thing. Just maybe don't deny that its quite gay. and thats not for everyone.

  8. I didnt understod way the people say is sooo amazing this son . Now i understand: is the "wow" because theres a gay couple on the video . Personaly i think is a god song but , no amazing .

  9. I've listened to this song for quite some time but never watched the video. When coupled with the video the song becomes such a powerful statement. While I don't know what it is like to be persecuted due to sexual orientation- this video angers me BECAUSE of the persecution. Religion is the most hypocritical establishment in which people claim to be better than others and cast judgement but fail to be forgiving and NOT cast judgement as their text states. Thank you for the powerful message.

  10. 1:30 лол на русском написано кто тоже русский ставьте лайк

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