How you can make a Cat Repellent for Under $15 in Parts!

if you have cats or other unwanted animals trespassing in your backyard I'm going to show you how to make a motion-activated water spray repellent that's not only more adaptable than commercial versions but can be made for as little as fifteen dollars in 45 minutes even if you have no previous skills in making stuff you may be aware I have a bit of an ongoing cat problem but if you knew here cats have been frequenting my backyard causing all sorts of havoc like something's scratching stuff eating my grass and then remembering that I'm like grass and then attempting to return it thinking I won't notice so I made a couple of cat deterrents in the past and we had some good fun testing out the effectiveness of these devices so after I made my first deterrent video a few years ago people asked if I could do up some instructions that were a bit more realistic and practical because apparently some people like to retain their central door locking components in their car but also some people said things like they didn't think they would be smart enough to make a DIY animal repellent which I don't think should stop anyone I'm not smart I still can't work out why doorways in my house don't work sometimes so this is what's inspired me to work out a nice simple recipe for people to build their own repellent that's not only cheap but can be made by anyone easily now I know since I made my original video there are now commercial spray is available on the market however these ones can be really expensive if you're looking at setting a couple up which is very likely you'll be pushing close to the $200 mark and for that all you'll generally get is something that only comes with a lawn spike and sprays an area that's too wide so good luck using that around outdoor furniture and electronic appliances now what I'm gonna do today is give a basic overview of how to make an ultra cheap motion-activated sprayer in its most simple form but also for those wanting to have a crack at building this following some more detailed instructions I've done it up as an easy to follow illustrate eBook it's just a few dollars and will help support this channel so I can hopefully make some more frequent videos for you link is in the description the book also has its chapter on making a more advanced repellent which still works out under $20 but looks way cooler is way more durable and is also a stack of optional mods so you can use it indoors with our water to say stop a cat going into a bedroom or adapt it to have different sprinkler fittings depending on your situation and even adapt it with a doorbell to serve as a cheap Wireless driveway buzzer but if you can't be bothered making one I'll be giving away some of my hand built prototypes to details at the end of the video okay let's build ourselves a cat repellent now the primary ingredient for this contraption is stuff well not this much stuff more like this much thumbs up more specifically that's what volt solenoid likes so you can buy them online preach sheep or you could salvage one from your washing machine if you do don't stress they grow back this one is half-inch or if your finger gets stuck you know you've got the right size then from your local hardware store you're gonna need a couple of articulation rises and end cap a coupling and a reducing coupling like this check the inside of all your plastic parts because sometimes they're made pretty crappy like this one which has a big plastic dagger growing inside this tube grab your backyard garden hose spray a trigger handle spraying thing then all you need from this is the plastic adapter in the bottom which is should be our unthread if you can't it's because they've glued it in because the manufacturer is it cheaper and they don't want to put a rubber washer in there you can buy them separately but they can cost more than an entire trigger spray yeah the world is stupid you'll also need a 12 volt power adapter I salvaged this one from a telephone equipment apparently get yourself a 6m rectifier diode at the rectifier diodes store then at the heart of our spray deterrent is this little gem which is a 12 volt infrared motion detecting module you can buy them online for about $3 bargain with all of our ingredients let's kick this build off with some thread sealing tape thread tapers of stuff you picked up as a kid thinking that was normal tape and then you're like what the physician why does dad have this useless tape in the shed that doesn't stick to anything or maybe that was just me anyway we need to wrap this around all the threads to stop any water leaks I've put some around the reticulation riser which is on the spraying end of our device however you want to make sure you have a generous amount sealing the parts on the inlet end where the hose connects next up grab your end cap and you're gonna want to drill a small hole in the center of it with a drill because that's what it drills for drilling a 4 or 5 millimeter hole should be sweet as give it a little drill in the reverse direction just to smooth out the edges because you want this to be pretty tidy for nice water flow you can then screw the hose adapter into the coupling and thread these onto the inlet of the solenoid valve there should be an arrow embossed on the solenoid valve showing which way the water flows on the business end of our solenoid valve you can also put the other coupling on then the sprinkler riser and your end cap with the drilled hole in the end and there you go easier than Lego you've made the spring bit of this cat repellent let's move on we can now wire up the motion sensing part in my original video I use an alarm motion sensor which had to be hacked to activate the water spray but this time round we'll be using this dedicated infrared motion sensor switch which makes hooking it up as simple as 3 wires let's do it on the motion sensor board grab those three wires and strip them back get your 12 volt power adapter if it has a plug on the end you can chop that off this can also be powered from common household batteries which I go into more detail about in the e-book take the positive wire that's coming out of your power adapter then twist this together with the red wire coming out of your motion sensing board then the negative wire coming out of the power adapter gets twisted with the black wire from the board we've now made two of our three connections yes I'm good at counting now grab that diode you can draw a little face on him if you want to you know it's not totally necessary but I guess I'd call it a strong suggestion and you'll probably regret not doing it bend these arms down and tighten him down under the terminals of the solenoid grabbing that negative black wire connection we just made wrap that onto the leg of the diode this leg then that yellow Y gets twisted around the other leg of the diode okay you can now solder all those connections first I've soldered this one and then I've soldered that one and then I've soldered the other one pretty self-explanatory I guess with that done you can then take them all up with insulation tape though not that white that doesn't stick to anything then grab yourself an angle grinder and then do this you know why then Chuck the little plastic hat onto the solenoid that way the cats won't know what it is for the final stage of this build we have to get the little infrared sensing eyeball then with a few spots of hot glue in the end of the sprinkler riser we're gonna stick that in there if you're just using norcross glue you'll have to hold this pose for around 12 hours then as dodgy as it is the quickest way to give the motion sensing eyeball and board some protection from touching on things and going zappy zap is just by wrapping it in some insulation tape this motion sensing tube of doom then needs to be hot glued onto the side of the solenoid pointing in the direction of the thing that's gonna get wet and that's it you've completed the build celebrate by giving it a good sniff that's a smell of success and a cat free backyard and probably toxic melted plastic vapours I'll hang on we've sniffed too soon the motion sensing board needs to go somewhere so just glue it onto the back of the solenoid and she'll be right we are done good build team it's time to test it out now you can get your standard hose connection and hook it up and fire up the tap if there's any bad links you might want to add some more thread sealing tape to those sections after powering this up it works pretty well when it sees movement directly in front the spray then gives it a decent doused with water which will deter whatever animal or human is causing you issues I'll show you how to mount it up now but further to what we've done so far in the e-book there's more details on the specific parts and you might encounter while making this basic version of the sprayer as well as very straightforward guide to making the fancier version which is weatherproof and a bit more practical for mounting on a standard tripod thread so you can use it with all kinds of cheap camera clamps and suction mounts from eBay which is perfect for any imaginable animal deterring needs you might have now for mounting the basic build one of the simplest ways is something like cable ties to a stake for grass areas or for paved areas easy options cable ties to the leg of a chair or a table as I've done in the past you can simply gaffer tape it to a brick or an option I haven't actually tried myself you could just tape it directly to a cat and then let it play with the other cats whatever you choose it definitely does need to be something sturdy though because you got to remember it recalls as its price so you don't want this thing flying around on the end of a garden hose at 1:00 a.m. keep in mind with this spray off depending on your deterring requirements you can experiment with the nozzle hole size a smaller hole can project further but with less water volume and reducing the pressure can minimize the effect if you want to simply remind a family pet not to go into a specific part of the garden I'm actually going to give a couple of my fancier build prototypes away if you keen on getting your hands on one of these to enter the draw I guess make sure you're subscribed and drop a comment below saying anything really actually may be why you need one I just so I know who actually wants one and who doesn't if you're new here and it's been a few years since I've uploaded this video I've thought ahead and I'll be saving a couple to giveaway in the future too now as for putting this particular bill to use in tackling my own backyard cat invasion I'll be right back with the new video showing you the results of how it performs which you don't want to miss so make sure you're subscribed and click this get out of the upload notification bill hit the like button I'm Craig Turner my youtube channel is turn 81 and I'll see you soon you

31 thoughts on “How you can make a Cat Repellent for Under $15 in Parts!

  1. Awesome, Count me in!
    New Catling Gun.
    I'm a Dog, I need one, desperately!
    Cats keep shitting in the place I'm supposed to shit.

    Not cool man, not cool!
    Their small turd's everywhere make it look like I'm a Chihuahua.
    They've got to go, this is so not cool.

  2. nice…..going to price this out in USD.
    I have a problem with rodents in the backyard and the prefab water motion sensors are costly. this looks like a nice alternative that I can manage to build.


  4. Great to see your follow-up vid Craig. Flick us an up-rated version of your sprayer so I can blast my own fatty fatty 2×4 that keeps p*****g on all my my beloved possessions.

  5. We tend to use a water tank for garden stuff.
    Sure I'd like one of these, but wife would want one with a small pump – for those times when the rainwater tank is low.

  6. Once again Craig, you bring the humour and a solution into this dire situation for those suffering from these feline pests. I myself are under attack each night from the local feline community and completely understand your situation and thank you for your Community Service and advice with this channel. BUT I NEED HELP.
    Daily I leave my house for work. Upon exiting the front door I'm smacked in the face with the foul stench of cat piss as for some reason, my front veranda, makes a great place for cats to relieve themselves. I walk to my car (SS Commodore) and find each wheel and normally one or two panels on my car bearing the remains (and stains) of cats golden showers. I have personalised plates on my car representing my name but with the amount of cat wizz on it daily my plates will soon stand for 'Cat Wizz Holden'. Even my BBQ is in the line of fire with these pests and their nightly attacks.
    Unfortunately my family are cat lovers so flame throwers, fire crackers, rabbit traps, poisons or a killer guard dog are out of the question. I need your help. I need to stop this problem. I need one of your automatic sprayers…….PLEASE!

    Ps. Your angle grinding work is excellent. I'm positive without it, ultimate failure was the only result. Keep up the great work.

    Pps. Australian cats suck.

  7. FWIW, if you stuff the outflow tube with plastic coffee stir sticks (…or other very-small-diameter plastic tubes), then you will introduce a laminar flow to the water, which will allow it to travel further without breaking up.

  8. Awesome video! I’m going to make a bunch to keep feral chickens out of my yard! Little monsters are eating my tomatoes and basil!!

  9. There is a very aggressive robin, that frequents my backyard, and throughout the morning attacks it's own reflection in my brand new windows. I need your handy invention in my life!

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