How Whales Became The Largest Animals Ever

Whales are the biggest
animals of all time. Heavier than elephants, wooly
mammoths, and even dinosaurs. But they weren’t always
the titans of the sea. Let’s rewind the clock
around 50 million years. No, you won’t find any whales here. You have to go ashore. Meet Pakicetus, the very first whale. Life on earth spent millions
of years clawing its way out of the oceans. But whales took all that effort
and threw it out the window. From 50 – 40 million years ago, they traded in their
four legs for flippers. In fact, some whales today still have leftover bones of hind legs. Once submerged, their weight under gravity no longer mattered. So they could theoretically
grow to enormous proportions. And they did. Today, a blue whale is
10,000 times more massive than the Pakicetus was. But this transformation wasn’t as gradual as you might think. In fact over the next
37 million years or so, whales grew increasingly diverse, but their size remained small. For example, one of the first whales with baleen instead of
teeth was only 18 feet long, making them easy prey for
predators, like giant sharks. It wasn’t until around
three million years ago that an ice age tipped the
scales in the whales’ favor. Ocean temperatures and currents shifted, sparking concentrated swarms of plankton, and plankton-seeking krill. It was an all-you-can-eat
buffet for the baleen whales, who grew larger as a result. And the larger they became,
the farther they could travel in search of more food to grow even more. You can probably see where this is going. Three million years later,
humpbacks, for example, have one of the longest
migrations of any mammal on earth traveling over 5,000 miles each year. As a result, modern whales are
the largest they’ve ever been in history. Take the biggest of the
bunch, the blue whale. It weighs more than a Boeing 757, has a belly button the size of a plate. And its network of blood vessels, if you laid them out in a line, could stretch from Pluto
to the sun and back, over two and a half times. In fact, the largest
blue whales are so huge that scientists think they
may have hit a physical limit. When they open their wide mouths to feed, they engulf enough water to
fill a large living room. So it can take as long as 10
seconds to close them again. Scientists estimate once
a whale is 110 feet long, it can’t close its mouth fast
enough before prey escapes. So it’s possible we’re living
amongst the largest animal that will ever exist. Lucky for us, they mostly just eat krill. This was made in large
part thanks to Nick Pyenson and the information in his
new book, “Spying on Whales.”

100 thoughts on “How Whales Became The Largest Animals Ever

  1. So… a human can become a marine animal just by swimming? Oh boy, I’ve always dreamed of being a fish!

    * Yeets self in the water *

  2. Ok anybody who is believing this made up bullshit is in desperate need of medical help. Then you've got the people who are making this trash up. Well let's just say they need putting down. Absolutely pathetic to think what scientists dream up

  3. The giant sharks had died off because of their need of more food to support themselves. Sharks were able to go to colder places and still move relatively fast. After a while the competition and the lack of food caused them to go extinct

  4. What I wanna know is how did their little dog ancestors get their tails back in the water with the massive crocodiles and sharks around? We all know that crocs, gators, sharks and our pet dogs (who are pretty similar to the early whales) don’t mix.

  5. 0:30 … so my boy Pakicetus decided that he no longer wanted to be in the ecosystem that natural selection has put him in….Yall do know that the first Pakicetus most likely died of hunger or drowning…. And was it just one Pakicetus? Did they all just jump in the water? How many died before this species succeeded?
    Answer: God created this world evolution is a lie.

  6. Anyone else wondering how scientists figured out how to measure blood vessels? We never even been to Pluto so where is the math? I think scientists just made that shit up, more so towards the fact that opening any creature and measuring their insides is kind of fucked up

  7. 0:51. I am not happy you used Orange cat been fat stereotype….They are not fat, just big bone, my sweet pet orange cat Muimui is living proof, she is only 23 pounds.

  8. Wrong, this is stupid, whales were created the exact same way they look today. The earth isn't millions of years old, we only have records of civilization 4,000 years back because the flood happened 4,000 years ago. Anything before that is either in ruins or buried under ground. That's also how we have mountains. Evidence couldn't be clearer.

  9. Stupid. Eveything that comes into existence is created by a one powerful creator. For example I’ve never seen a dog turn into another different species. Therefore this is dumb.

  10. No . If we go sea too long we die . And humans will be extinct . How can u say whales that is live on land suddenly make a effort to go swimming in big sea . and then they will have grills that live in water . Come on man . They will die too . Like u saying if i put a ants on the water and they become fish . WOW .

  11. This is exactly lie.dont believe like that.this is a manipulation of imperialism that once upon a time got applied by ENGLISH DEEP STATE…there is never ever won't become…because people who defence this theory today for animals,will defence that become evolution for human….they're so dangerous and ridiculous theory.

  12. Whales was already made shut up ?? god created each living creature.. maybe different species of whales involved from one type of whale.

  13. Can anyone explain to me that how can a land animal which breath air can survive at sea for soooo long (millions of years presumably) in order to evolve to change the position of nostrils.. “life is fragile” .. shouldn’t anyone who tried to jump into water just die.. and not evolve..

  14. " whales blood network vessels could stretched to the sun to pluto, 2 and a half times", what kind of non sense is that. you're saying blue whales blood networks are as big as the inner solar system?

  15. This ancestor of whale was on land,but today they live in water

    Me:one dog creature became one big dohphin


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