How We Rescue Shelter Dogs

♪♪♪ so i’m here today to assess 5
dogs who’ve been identified to
us as needing rescue these dogs are dogs who
don’t fit the adoption criteria of
the shelter for a variety of reasons so we come in and get
to know these dogs and decide whether or not
they’re a good fit
for our program but we also help network
these dogs with other rescues so that other rescues can help
share the load of the amount of dogs that
need rescue in our
community a lot of these dogs because
they don’t fit the adoption criteria of the
shelter if they don’t find rescue either
with us or another local rescue then these dogs are the
ones facing euthanasia which is why the work we
do is so important once we assess the dogs
we take a look at their safety aspect as well we have a good understanding
of their personalities based on the shelters
expectations and their
interactions with the dog which is really helpful but our assessment is to
push the dog just a
little bit further just to make sure that
these dogs are safe and that we’re not putting dogs
who could potentially be a risk
into foster homes when you work with shelter
dogs, you’re always taking
a little bit of a chance but the purpose of our
assessment in meeting
these dogs is that we get to know them
just a little bit so that we can rule out those
major red flags so for the majority of these
dogs once they’ve been assessed
and we’ve shared them with
other rescues they’ll either go into rescues
that commit to them or they’ll come to Sit With Me and then they’re placed into
foster homes there are certain conditions,
or certain dogs that we know from the get go are going to
need a little bit of extra
support so those dogs may end up at
The Canine Habitat in a training program or in a
situation where they’re going to be with a trainer or a
more experienced foster because we know they’re
going to need that extra help or they’re going to need that
extra bit of time for us to get
to know them for the last 6 years sit with me
has networked over 1200 dogs with local rescues and
rescues across the province and in montreal and other
places for pitbull type dogs and we’ve successfully placed
almost every single one of
those dogs so our primary goal here has
always been and will always be to make sure that all of these
dogs find loving homes and have an opportunity at
having a happy forever

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  1. If you ever wondered how we went about rescuing local dogs, we hope this video helped! What other questions would you like us to address in a future video?

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