How To Welcome Pets To Your Vacation Rental

it seems as though everyone wants to bring their pets on vacation and don't who wouldn't why not give them a much deserved holiday as says one of their owners but I dare can understand the concern that owners do have concern over whether dogs will bark whether they will chew the furniture and leave hair on furniture and beds however if you're planning on accepting pets let me suggest that you go a little bit further and actually welcome them and give owner the resources they would need just in case accidents do happen which I'm sure they will do at some point so how about a pet basket and I've got one here this is one I use in my place and I provide a couple of plastic bowls because I don't want my balls being used in case the the owners have forgotten to bring them I all want to put a frisbee and I think it's quite nice to to offer a toy for the dogs poop bags we all always expect the the owners to bring their own but you know it's it's a couple of bucks to provide them and it's quite nice for them to have them there to use an instant carpet spot remover as well just in case an accident does happen in our area we have skunks so I like to include a bottle hydrogen peroxide and some baking soda that's mixed together in a plastic jug in case of a skunk attack and of course you need some rubber gloves as well and a blanket a couple of old towels it's really nice to have like Holly here first thing she did as soon as we arrived she went out into the water and then wanted to come back into the house so I've got old towels just to wipe her feet and and finally this is really useful to have you can pick these up in any pet store and it makes sure that you have something that that the pet owners can tie the tie the dog up to if required and the last thing I do a pet at a letter that is entitled dear pet and that's on the website you can go and download that letter it's actually the instructions on how to how to manage your pet at a cottage but put in such a way that makes it easy to digest I hope you will welcome pets at your cottage it is it's a great thing to do it will increase your occupancy particularly in the low season you

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