How to Use Your Havahart® Ultrasonic Basic Trainer

Jumping on and scampering across your
couch, Barking uncontrollably indoors or out, Chewing on shoes, woodwork, pillows and other items around your
home. Helping you control these kinds of
undesirable and nuisance behaviors in your dog can be a challenge. Havahart® is here to help. The Havahart® Ultrasonic Basic
Trainer is a proven training tool that’s
effective at controlling and modifying your pet’s misbehavior. And, it’s easy to use. As its name implies, the Ultrasonic Basic Trainer works by emitting a loud, sharp, ultrasonic tone that while inaudible to you, is heard by and
distracts your dog. It’s this distraction that effectively
stops unwanted behaviors and actions. The trainer is effective with any dog
six months and older of any size and breed and can be tuned to match the hearing
sensitivity of your pets. Keep in mind, however, that although about
two-thirds of dogs will respond to ultrasound training, some dogs are not distracted by
ultrasound frequency and will require more advanced training techniques. If your dog is unresponsive to ultrasound, please visit HavahartWireless [dot] com for other training options. Keep the Havahart® Ultrasonic Basic
Trainer close at hand whenever you think your dog may
misbehave. Wait for your dog to demonstrate any
unwanted behavior and then immediately aim the trainer at it and depress the manual correction button. It is important that the correction be
administered at the same time your dog is misbehaving. The Manual button activates a correction
tone regardless of whether the trainer is in Manual or Auto mode. Use verbal commands such as “No,” or “Stop,” to supplement the trainer’s ultrasonic distraction. Only excessive barking can be corrected
when using the trainer in Auto mode. To activate Auto mode, press the Power
button until both Power light and the Auto light blink every five seconds. While in Auto mode, the trainer
works to detect your dog’s bark. It is programmed to recognize the full
range of barks produced by all sides and breeds of dogs. When a bark is detected, the trainer
emits the sharp ultrasonic sound that you have already pre-tuned to your dog. As with any pet training program, consistency is the key to success. Here are a few trips to increase the
effectiveness of the training process using the Havahart® Ultrasonic Basic Trainer: First, anticipating undesirable behavior and consistently using the trainer to
distract your dog will deliver the best results. Also, be sure to re-tune the trainer to
your dog’s hearing sensitivity every couple of weeks. And finally, remember that your training
sessions should be enjoyable, filled with praise and end with a spirited play
session. Thank you for making the Havahart®
brand part of your pet’s training.

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