How to Use Wondercide Indoor Bug Spray

Between growing kids and fun-loving pets, sometimes life can get a little messy. and through the ups and downs, smiles and spills… we’ll help you keep bugs out without the harsh chemicals. Our Indoor
Pest Control is made by moms, for moms, and safely replaces costly pest control
services and the harmful sprays lurking under your sink or in your garage. Made
from the highest quality ingredients, our spray is home, kid, and kitchen-safe. So
you can feel confident preventing and killing bugs no matter where they’re
coming from. For quick and easy protection, treat common entry points for
bugs like baseboards, under sinks, and around windows and doors, gently misting from 8 to 12 inches away. A few sprays will kill most common
household pests within minutes. And because our product is gentle on
those that matter most, you can apply as much as needed to protect your home or
to freshen up furniture and flooring as desired. Messes will always come with
your family, but pests don’t have to. Thank you for trusting Wondercide to
Protect Your Pack™.

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