How to Use Termidor SC For Ant Control

Are the ants around your house and yard getting
out of control? We’ll show you how easy it is to kill them
and prevent them from returning by using Termidor SC, Americas number one Ant and Termite defense
product. Simply mix together point eight fluid ounces
of Termidor SC with one gallon of water as recommended for most homes. Then spray the above ground foundation of
your home with the solution. Each 20 ounce bottle will make about 24 gallons
of diluted solution and will treat approximately 16,600 square feet. Unlike older insecticides, Termidor can’t
be smelled, tasted or even felt by ants. Termidor is unique because ants that come
into contact with the Termidor treated area will carry the insecticide back to the colony,
infecting and killing the other ants. This transfer effect means you’ll see ants die
in one to three days. It’s that easy with the expert help from Do
My Own Pest Control dot com. For more information on Termidor SC and other
professional products, click the link on the screen or in the description below.

9 thoughts on “How to Use Termidor SC For Ant Control

  1. Thank you for showing a proper application technique and using ppe. There are too many dyi's with morons not even using gloves and Appling termidor

  2. I just got this, hope it kills all these dang raspberry crazy ants. Lil bastards are eating up my vehicles electronics.

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