How to Use Talstar P (Pro) One Insecticide

Talstar P (previously Talstar One) is a powerful
and economical liquid insecticide concentrate that controls over 75 different types of common
household, lawn and ornamental pests – Perfect for most of your pest control needs both indoors
and out. Talstar P must always be diluted with water
and applied with a hand pump sprayer or similar pressurized spray equipment.. Depending on
the pest you are treating, use one half to one ounce of Talstar P in one gallon of water
to treat one thousand square feet. It is important to follow the label directions and not to
exceed one ounce per one gallon of water. Outdoors, use Talstar P to create an effective
barrier of control, spraying two feet up the exterior walls and two feet out from the foundation.
Also treat any possible entry points into the structure, like windows, pipes, and doorways. To control active infestations, or for prevention
and general maintenance of insect pests, apply Talstar P indoors as a coarse, low pressure
crack and crevice spray in areas where pests may hide. Pay special attention to baseboards,
corners, storage areas, window and door frames, behind and under appliances, cabinets, sinks,
and anywhere else you notice target pest activity. Talstar P should not be used as a broadcast
spray indoors. Talstar P is a long lasting product and may
only need to be applied once every few months for general pest control. Talstar should not
be applied more than once every seven days. Be sure to wait thirty minutes before allowing
pets and children into any treated areas so that your application has time to dry. Make
sure to read all labels and safety precautions to ensure a safe and effective application,
and you will have great success using Talstar P for your pest control needs.

18 thoughts on “How to Use Talstar P (Pro) One Insecticide

  1. Is there a problem with the runoff from the baseboard collecting on the hardwood floor? In other words can the product hurt those hardwood floors?

  2. So do you use the crack and crevice setting and straw for all indoor use? Currently I just have a $10 Chapin sprayer, and a lot more water comes out than I need for indoors. They don't have an extendable straw that I know of, so I'm looking into the B&G sprayer now. The straw seems like it's better suited to treating cabinets and baseboards and not getting it all wet. Am i right in thinking that the straw seems almost necessary? I'm still new to this and would appreciate the input. Thanks!

  3. I ordered Talistar P after reading great reviews. I had trouble using the measuring bottle/lid. I got 1 ounce product in the top, but since its thick, when pouring into sprayer more product started coming out. Not sure how much, so I poured it out, wasted it and tried again. Do I have both lids off when pouring? I tried using just a measuring spoon, 2 tablespoons = 1 ounce product and mixed with 1 gallon of water in pump up sprayer. I wish they had a video better explaining mixing the product of using the fancy bottle. Thanks

  4. I bought this before moving into my apartment after reading reviews such as “no matter how clean you are there will be roaches because the building is so old & trees”, sprayed this (accidentally dumped 2x the amount because the measured spout is widely connected to the entire bottle) and I noticed two dead flies in the window a few hours later.
    I moved from Los Angeles to Atlanta so I’m not hip to all the critters here! I feel safe now lol.

  5. This stuff is awesome. I have a treeline on the other side of my fence and because of the rains we have been getting mosquitos have been horrible this year. I sprayed our entire backyard to include the common hangout areas for them and the next day I was able to enjoy my deck without getting bit once. Great product.

  6. It killed all my foragers honey bees! How can you possibly use an insecticide that targets honey bees knowing that the U.S. loses 80-90% honey bees a year? No bees no food!

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