How to Use Suspend SC Insecticide

Suspend SC is a concentrated liquid insecticide
that can be applied indoors and outdoors at both commercial and residential structures,
making it a versatile, economical choice for your pest control needs. To apply Suspend SC, begin by shaking the
container well, making sure the product is uniform. Next, dilute the recommended amount of Suspend
SC with water. Add half the recommended amount of water to your sprayer, followed by the
recommended amount of Suspend SC and then agitate the mixture. Add the remaining amount
of water, slowly, to reduce excess foam. For most treatments, use a quarter to one
and a half ounces of Suspend SC and dilute with one gallon of water. You will want to
refer to the product label to determine the correct amount for your needs. Use Suspend SC indoors as a crack and crevice
spray around baseboards, door frames, window frames, joints, and areas where water pipes
and cables enter into the structure . Avoid applying on flooring, furniture, and any frequently
used common areas. Outdoors, Suspend SC can be used as a perimeter
barrier treatment around structures and as broadcast application on lawns, grounds, and
ornamental plantings. This product can control many different insects,
including bed bugs, fleas, ticks, fire ants, ornamental pests, turf grass pests, and many
more. And it’s that easy with the expert help from
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13 thoughts on “How to Use Suspend SC Insecticide

  1. This really helped me with my ants and crickets problem. local pest control wanted $100 for the first month then charge $45/month after. Now I fixed my problem and did it with little amount of cash. Thanks guys

  2. This kills fleas to! I mixed it with a different IGR and along with vacuuming killed all fleas! I hate chemicals but i hate fleas more this worked for me

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