How to Use Rodent Bait Stations

Rodent bait stations are used to protect rat
or mouse baits, snap traps, or glue boards from weather, children, pets and other non-target
animals. The first thing to do when selecting a bait
station is to know which rodent you are trying to control. Rat stations are larger and will
fit rats or mice. Mouse stations are smaller and will only fit mice. If you are unsure
whether you have mice or rats, go with a rat station. Next decide what size and style of rat or
mouse station best suits your needs and circumstances. For example: Landscape bait stations are made to look like
rocks and blend in with the environment. LP or Low Profile Stations lay flat and fit
easily behind and underneath appliances or furniture. The majority of our bait stations and those
on the market are Tamper-Resistant. They have a locking mechanism and require a key for
added peace of mind. When baits are not permitted or desired, Protecta
Rat Bait Stations can be used with the Trapper T Rex snap trap in place of bait. You will also need to determine how much bait
you need to place depending on the size of infestation. Some bait stations hold a lesser
or greater amount of bait. Most stations will contain wells for pellet or liquid baits,
as well as rods for holding bait blox. The type of bait and how much each station holds
can be found on that specific products page on our website. And it’s that easy, with the expert help from
Do My Own Pest Control dot com! Make sure to subscribe to our channel for
more instructional and product videos.

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