How to Use Phantom Insecticide / Pesticide & Termiticide Spray

Phantom is a powerful insecticide that controls
many household pests including ants, termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, and more. To use Phantom, simply dilute the solution
with the appropriate amount of water in a one gallon tank sprayer. For most general
pest control applications, the recommended rate is three ounces of Phantom to one gallon
of water. When treating indoors for ants, cockroaches,
spiders, and other common household pests, apply the diluted Phantom solution with a
coarse low-pressure spray directly into cracks and crevices where pests typically hide. Pay
close attention to the crevices between carpets and baseboards, wall voids behind outlets,
areas under sinks and cabinets, door and window frames, and any other areas where you may
have noticed activity of the target pest. For outside treatments, focus your application
on cracks and crevices surrounding doors, windows, eaves, attic vents, utility entrances,
and anywhere else insects might gain access into your home. Remember that Phantom is intended for spot
treatments and should not be used as a broadcast spray indoors or a full perimeter application
outdoors. Apply Phantom no more than once every four weeks indoors and every 6 months

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  1. You never spray upwards like that, plus you need to take consideration of the wind direction or it will blow towards you.

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