How to Use Dog Clippers to Trim or Cut Dog's Hair (A Quick Method)

hey everyone my name is Samantha and welcome back to top dog tips today I want to talk to you guys about how to use dog clippers the first thing that you need to know is that you need to wash and dry your dog thoroughly before using clippers you want to make sure that you have all the dirt debris anything that might be stuck there if you have a longer hair dog of all the tangles and the mats out so you want to wash and dry your dog brush through their coat and then you can use your clippers I have these small ones that I am going to show you know do a demonstration with today but you want to buy clippers if it's a dog lay you're going to give a haircut to all the time it's you want to buy Clippers that are going to fit your dog so if you have a smaller breed you want to get smaller clippers if you have a larger breed then obviously you're going to want Clippers that have a wider head than these two because for example if you would giant like a Saint Bernard it's gonna take you forever to clip their all of their fur with this pair I use these Clippers that keep them in our dog first-aid kit for shaving around wounds and that's something you may need to do too so that's why mine are so small when you do it I recommend buying a quiet pair too they make pretty much any kind of Clippers that are made specifically for pets have a quieter motor so it doesn't scare your dog and then all you want to do is obviously turn on the Clippers you may need to practice with your dog a little bit to get them used to the noise of the Clippers but obviously Chloe's used to them so it's fine so when you're shaving your dog I'm actually not going to shave Chloe because she doesn't need it but you're going to just press um you're going to start at the neck you want to go from neck to back end and back legs and ideally your dog would be standing up Chloe's not today and you could always do it laying down if your dog's a little bit more fearful so you want to start at the neck and just take the Clippers start here and you want to go with the grain of here with the way that the hair grows you don't want to go against it eagle with it so you start at the neck and you go down and you make these nice long strokes you don't want to press down you're going to run the risk of cutting your dog if you do that go nice and slow and going slow and clipping with the hair growth are going to be your best bet for now getting those weird lines if you've ever shaved a person's head or an animal and you've got these strange lines when you shave it's because you're either going too fast or you're not going you're going against the growth of the hip so go with the growth of the hair go in the direction of the hair or so like so much her hair goes down this way down our paw so it would start here you know go down our back and then you're going to go this way and make smaller strokes when you get down here and so you're going with the hair growth your way nice and slow you want to do one side from the neck to the back end and then if your dog's laying down obviously flip them over but most dogs will be standing so I'll be standing you do one side kind of half way down the back do one side neck to back end and both legs and then work on the other side um and the other safety measure that I want to remind you of is Clippers can get really hot after a while the head will start to get hot which makes the metal the metal blade of the Clippers warm up and your dog can actually get burned that's such a really common thing that happens is that the dog gets burned from hot suppers so every couple of minutes just shut the Clippers off and test them on your skin test them with your fingers or put just I usually just as I'm going along shaving shaving shaving I'll just shut them off and touch it on the other hand and you'll read back to shooting so it only takes a second to test soft temperature so if you guys have any questions about how to use draw Clippers and be happy to answer those for you you can email me Samantha at top dog tips calm feel free to jump on our website and check out some of the other we have on there and some of the other how-to videos I posted and you can find us on social media were on Facebook and Twitter Google+ Instagram so basically all all social media just get on there and search for top tips and you'll find us looking for any hearing from you guys I hope you enjoyed this how-to video and I want to see you guys next time thanks for watching

18 thoughts on “How to Use Dog Clippers to Trim or Cut Dog's Hair (A Quick Method)

  1. Could have at the least been naked , I mean give me something to watch since you were not actually demonstrating

  2. Going with the grain of a dog will be absolutely useless in trimming it's hair. Try doing it to your own hair, pointless right?

  3. Ugh. Picture shows shaggy dog and then you demonstrated on a sleeping boxer??? What a waste of time. Just delete this useless video please.

  4. I actually thought it was helpful. Her video was the only one that actually helped me clip my short haired dog. Just because she did it verbally doesn't mean it wasn't helpful

  5. Chloe is such a good dog! She's just sitting there listening to everything you're saying. Apparently she likes being clipped. Thank you for the video

  6. Okay so you're clearly not a professional dog groomer. A lot of this information is completely false. Reverse clipping is a very common technique used to REMOVE lines. Guys watch a professionals videos before attempting to groom your own dogs or ask for professional advice!

  7. Love your videos, after having a dog for 12 years, then suddenly going back to not one – but two puppies they're all super helpful 🙂

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