How To Use Attachment Combs – How to Groom Dogs with Andis

hi I'm Diane battle at I am an international grooming consultant for the andis company and today we're going to talk about the benefits of using comb attachments in the grooming process I'm going to be using the chrome-plated comb attachment magnetic comb attachments that will fit on any detachable blade clipper couple of examples are the ultra edge which come in two new colors blaze orange and spring green and there's also the excel which has a detachable light I really like using comb attachments especially in a busy salon because you get the same length every time no matter which groomer is doing the dog gives you a more consistent trim keeps your clients happier I'm using the chrome-plated magnetic number one comb over a ten blade and when you put these on you want to put them on a little differently than you would your regular snap bonds which hook down in the back these have a magnetic in the back and so you want to make sure you put the teeth in first and then it just pops on teeth in first and it just snaps into place I'm using my steel comb to lift my hair I'm using my blade I'm just going to go over the dog I made sure this dog was spotlessly clean properly bathe properly dried so that the hair is as straight as possible because if the hair is really has any knots or tangles the comb is going to grab and it'll pull and it might put a hole in the coat which means you have to go shorter or you have to take extra time to fix to get it more even you can just comb it this way and just go over it again that gives you a nice smooth even finish a lot of dogs are they're supposed to have a level top line and a lot of them are a little higher in the rear than they are in the shoulder so what you can do is use your comb backwards against just over the hip area and what that will do is that will shorten it just in that one area so it's a little longer here and it's shorter there which helps give us a more level top line you

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