100 thoughts on “How to Turn a Large Sock into a Tiny Dog Sweater

  1. I did one for my small dog Leila today and it turned out really good. It was fun. This is a good video for making sweaters for a small dog. Thank you !

  2. I was surprised this worked. I happened to have a large fluffy sock and it worked. Sad to say the sock is pink and white and Ralphie is a boy but he doesn't know. It is nice and snug and now he is warm. Ralphy is a very small Chihuahua, 6 pounds or less, I don't think any larger dog would work. Even fluffier might not work.

  3. More for looks than function. Leaving the ears uncovered defeats the purpose of the had since the dogs ears, nose and feet get cold the fastest. The sock still would not be very warm at all so this is just for looks and a waste of time and a sock.

  4. I have two dogs and one has Long fur and the other has short fur and were we keep them its cold so im making a sweater for the short haired dog

  5. This is super cute! Thanks for a great idea done in great taste! I tried to make this sweater but found that you did not stop the camera to show each step clearly so I ended up throwing away my first attempt

  6. How effing adorable I'm gonna borrow a pair of my husband's socks. He'll never notice. And even if he does, mama always said it's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission. I have a chiweenie. His unsexy tube socks are now going to serve a better purpose; to fit my pups long weenie body. The cuteness is too much I can't take it!?

  7. One time my wife and I were visiting her mom and dad over Thanksgiving. While we were there a snowstorm blew in, and my father in law took a "monkey sock" and cut it to fit our yorkie, haha:-).

  8. My chihuahua pup is a bit fat round the waist sovi used the arm part of my old jumpers and sweaters!! Whats the point in buying puppy clothes!??! They soon groe outta them!!

  9. It litterally took me only five mins to make my chihuahua puppy two new winter sweaters with two fluffy socks I had lying around, when it probably would have taken me hours to find her similar sweaters her size at the shop! Didn't cost me a thing either! Thanks!

  10. I did this when i first brought my Chihuahua, he hated it refused to walk. He was a baby and so small, stayed cold. Now he is 10yrs old and only 3lbs lol.

  11. Just made a striking blue and black number for my tiny Jack russell pup who's too small for xxs dog clothes he's now warm and happy but was not impressed when I tried to put the hat on thanks 1 happy puppy

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