How to Trim your Rabbit’s Nails – Teeny’s Tips

Rabbits nails can grow to be very long and sharp. And when this happens, it’s very
uncomfortable for the rabbit. That’s why it’s important to keep them
nice and short. Trimming your rabbit’s nails can be a
rather challenging and daunting task. Many rabbit owners are afraid of clipping
their rabbit’s nail for fear that they will cause the rabbit to bleed so they seek
help from their vet or rabbit groomer. But trimming your rabbit’s nails is really not
that difficult. After some practice, you’ll realize it’s much easier than you
thought. I like to sit on the floor with my legs stretched out and have sugar facing up. Sugar is in what we call a bunny trance.
It should be fairly easy to trance your rabbit once you get them in this
position but if you’re having problems, a tower over the eyes helps calm them
down. Just remember to go slow at first, clipping a bit at a time. Nails should be trimmed once every one to two months. Use a clipper like this one here to take
of a portion of the nail. Remember to do it firmly, you do not want to
have the nail dangling off half way. Be very careful not to cut the quick
in the toe nail. The quick is the end of the light pink tissue in the nail bit and
includes blood and nerves because doing so can cause pain to the rabbit and a bloody
toe nail. If the nail is too dark to see the
quick clearly, shine a torch through the nail, use the silhouette of the quick as a
guide. If the nails are too long, cut a little
of at a time. This makes the experience more comfortable for the rabbit. When too much nail is taken off at a
time, the change in pressure is sometimes a little uncomfortable. Trimming of the nail a little at a time also
make the task less stressful. Rabbits have five fingers on each paw.
See the little thumb here and four toes on each foot so remember to get them all. Here’s a tip. For the first few times, you
might wanna wear a long-sleeved shirt and jeans, prevents scratches. If you accidentally hit the nail quick
and caused some bleeding, don’t panic. What you want to do is try to stop the bleeding
immediately. There are commercial products like Kwik
Stop which is a powder, these sting a little but are very effective. Take a pinch of the powder and press it onto the tip of the affected of nail after wiping away
the blood. Corn starch or flour can be use in a
similar manner. If the bleeding is not that serious, simply apply pressure to the tip
of the nail and that can be effective as well. No matter what method you used, make sure
the bleeding has stopped before placing your rabbit back into living area or leaving her unintended.

16 thoughts on “How to Trim your Rabbit’s Nails – Teeny’s Tips

  1. Please please please don’t follow this video!! Trancing your rabbits puts them in a state of terror because this is a survival mechanism from when they were wild. Either get help or make a bunny burrito to trim nails without terrifying your bun!!

  2. Please take this video off and make an altered version if you like. I placed my rabbit like that and now, maming research on it I see that putting your rabbit „in trance” is not good. Please take the video off for the sake of the future rabbits

  3. My bunny just WILL not let me cut his nails 🙁 as soon as i grab the nail clippers he recognizes them runs a mile and hides under neath the bed FML

  4. How come that your rabbit is so calm when u are cutting his nails?!!! /
    For me each time I want to hold him he runs away from me.. And I keep running to catch him..
    Does anyone have the same problem as mine?!!! ????

  5. Never put a bunny on its back this does cause a trance and makes their heart slow down sometimes even to death. Please to the correct way to clip their nails. Watch videos unlike this one to see actually how to clip their nails safely.

  6. I agree with everyone who commented about the nail trimming trance idea! Just seeing this video makes me sick! Stop! And don’t encourage others to do it either!

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