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so now we're going to talk about how to cut your rabbit's nails and a lot of people have trouble doing this at home and they end up making it into a two-person job same as in a clinic sometimes in a clinic they have two people doing it it's actually less stressful for the rabbit if you can just do it yourself as you do at home as I do at home fewer people around the rabbit less commotion it's just much easier to make it a one-person job now this money has not had her nails cut before and she's a rex rabbit the nails are a little bit different than they are in a non rex rabbit well how would I wonder well we'll take a look okay let's watch their nails tend to be a little bit curly ER in Rex's in my experience okay and the vessel may be a little bit these are pretty easy to see this rabbit has both dark nails and light nails and it doesn't make any difference what color the nails are when you use this technique because what you're going to do with this technique is you're gonna use the rabbits own feedback to let you know when you're too close to the blood vessel instead of depending on your eyesight to see where the blood vessel is which you may or may not be able to do you're going to squeeze on the nail a little bit first of all uniques is a nice little clippers like this yep right where they are these for kid cats or something I think they're they're considered bird nail clippers I think I've seen them called Kitty Clippers too sometimes they have a long spike down one of the handles I don't like that but I put the rabbit on a towel I want around a towel because I want her to feel good traction which she probably feels from these little rugs too but and then I press her against myself and restraint is probably the most important part of doing a nail cutting if a rabbit is carefully and gently restrained and not over restrained you'll get much better results and I think you've seen this at home with dusty – Amy's rabbit hates to be restrained she just really doesn't like it so the less restraint you can use the better off you are so what I do is I put the button the bunny against my body and I use this part of my arm my rolled up sleeve to press against her hindquarters like this and I pick up just one paw and then I put the Clippers around the paw just the very tip don't try to go down too much and I go press press click now I'm gonna put it around this nail press press clip why am I going press press because I'm giving the bunny an opportunity to react to the pressure and the position of the scissors if I'm too close to the vessel the bunny will suddenly pull back or pawn sometimes they shake the pot to show you that you've sinned and that's the same as what they call it quick yeah muscle is the quick and and the bunny will pull her paw back if you're too close to it and that gives you an opportunity to reposition your scissors because what you've done by doing press press first you've made a little white line on the nail and if the bunny is disturbed that you're too close to the quick she'll shake her paw to get rid of you and then she'll quiet down again you can pick up the paw and cut on the other side of the white nail and it won't bother her at all so we've done a couple of nails on that paw and there are four pointing forward nails on the front and then a do claw a fifth one which is up on the side the equivalent of our thumb and that is always hard to see so you just do your best he's been she's being so good this button press clip thank you very much look at you it was great that was that paw the next paw you're gonna stand the bunny on her hind legs supporting her chest and letting the paw hang down like this you should be able to put your chin on her head and kiss her home she loves that and this is a very easy nail to visualize when you make everything seem so easy cuz boy stop stop press press clip I put this scissors down in between and I isolate the hair from the nail with a really long haired rabbit and a lot of LaPierre rabbits have long hair on their feet you can have a little bowl of water and wet down the hair around the nail and the nail will stick out beautifully this rabbit doesn't need that sure her nails are very visible I'm gonna go press Chris and I developed this technique about 15 years ago when I was working as the rabbit person at a shelter where I had no help because the head of the shelter was allergic to rabbits so I had this I had to go in the back room and sit with rabbits and experiment with what they would allow me to do with their nails we actually all salon a little salon we actually shot a video of this we've been selling the video as a fundraiser for the last 15 years or so and now other people are putting it on YouTube and all that we haven't done that with our video yet but it's based on on the video we did quite a while ago people have told me it's better and now we're gonna do the back now so this is really fun what happens what I found out when I was experimenting with their bodies was that if you jiggle the foot while you're moving it the rabbit is distracted enough not to care very much as long as her weight is balanced on the other foot so I want her weight on this foot because I want to cut these nails I'm gonna grasp this foot here and I'm gonna jiggle it a little bit at the same time as I roll her weight onto this foot and I ask her to give me the foot wow like a non clown shoe like a little clown shoe and I found that virtually all rabbits will just hold their foot out there they'll let you work on their foot without any kind of resistance I even used to play a game nowadays I don't have a lot of time to do that but to get their foot relaxed I would do this put your left foot your left foot out and you do the Hokey Pokey and you turn so but it's a it's a good way to have them just kind of relax and let and let you manipulate their foot get them used to having the foot manipulated but you see that she just leaves it out here so now I'm going to do the same thing with a hind foot there is no dewclaw on the hind foot so you only have four nails there is one two and you do want to give a little bit of time in case you're too close to the quid I'm not going to I'm not gonna deliberately show you because I don't want to hurt the bunny this sometimes this reflexive movement you'll see the bunny kind of quiver and if you even touch the bottom of the foot that stops right away press press okay and she's a tomorrow you can kiss her head at the same time press press put the foot back roll her wait use your own body to roll her weight onto that foot so that you can grasp the other foot then pull it out kiss on your head press press I saved my rabbits toenails forever and ever I just you know have around I might use it as a craft one day or something put it in a can and shake it you know you need help quick see how it stops moving mm-hmm press this I can't see this quick at all see the white line I can't laughs get it now press press you've won the last one and I'm not trying to take off a lot I'm just trying to take off the end because now that you see she didn't pull back in advance she pulled back as I clipped it that happens every once in a while too you get a piece of hair caught in there and it pulls as you go to clip the nail but it doesn't bother the rabbit they all kind of pull back and then they'll let you touch their foot again right away so you can tell the difference so that's it and you actually have to put the foot back underneath the rabbit some of them fall asleep when you're doing this I just want to I just want to indicate how little restraint there is that she's basically sitting on my hand my thumb wraps around and sometimes it looks like it's grabbing the rabbit but it's not it's just no evidence in here on a flat hand what happens when you don't stand top of nails when you don't stay on top of how do you know really when it's time to trim nails and you know how can I get bit kind of hurt them to have such long nails well sometimes the nails break off okay all the way up which is not good because you can open a channel for bacterial infection there so you do want to stay on top of them if you cut them once a month or once every other month you can watch your rabbits nail growth yourself and you can pretty much see but doesn't it hurt if they have long nails like if we like if I had long toenails and I walked in a hardwood overkill right I thought you meant hurt for anything you know um I don't see that rabbits will stop walking because of long now but I can see that when they're walking on hard service the nails will break okay some rabbits also chew their nails believe it or not oh they actually you go to cut their nails and you find that it's almost all the weight off and you just have to do a little bit of a clip you know the rabbits that we get into our rescue sometimes haven't been cared for and so long they end up chewing off their own nails so yeah I mean it's good to stay on top of it for sure and it's more comfortable for the rabbit because if you only take off the end if you keep the nails at a reasonable length you only need to take off the end and believe it or not the Kwik will retreat back from the edge of the nail okay little by little the longer you let the rabbit's nails grow the more the Kwik is going to advance to the front so you have an advantage in keeping the rabbit's nails short and the quick will stay back from the edge of the nail okay so that's it you did a very good job bunnies you're so pretty nail trimming no trimming 101

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  1. OMGosh, thank you thank you thank you!!!! I just trimmed my rabbit's nails tonight and it took 10 minutes max! That's not to say that my rabbit Daisy didn't struggle at all, she did some, but there was much less kicking and squirming, and I did them all in one go (with short breaks in-between right after she started to struggle some, or got out of my hold) instead of needing 2-3 goes (both front paws, then both back paws later, or if she was struggling particularly badly, then just one paw before trying 2+ days later)!

    I'll be honest, I was quite skeptical of this at first, especially since she hates being held, or even just her one paw held, but even with her rapid breathing telling me she wasn't comfortable with it, she stayed still long enough for me to trim most if not all nails on one paw before she tried to squirm free.

    Onace again, Daisy and I thank you for this much simplier method of trimming her nails!

  2. Yall say cut them like once a month… Dude if I don't cut my bunnies nails once a week his get huge and sharp

  3. I did it!! Chili did exactly what you said he would do! Especially the back feet! He stuck them right out for me to reach! I gave him blueberries and a freeze dried banana slice as a treat after!! <3 Im so proud of myself! The vet wants $80 per rabbit to see them "initially" and then $52 per visit after for just a clipping!!! That is absolutely ridiculous!!! Not today Veterinarians!!! Not today!!

  4. To the perfect people in the comments assuming that b/c our bunnies don't like their nails cut that they have been traumatized prior due to the quicks being snipped. please spare me. This lady is a bunny whisperer. It takes years to gain the knowledge she has. I have had my bunnies since they were babies, I have never cut their quicks and am so terrified of doing so that I watch this video every time before I proceed. you should not assume the worst of people as it actually speaks volumes about who you are.

  5. Ur bunny is so damn calm…If my bunny would ever be this calm,I will be flying in the sky(because of happiness)…?

  6. Thank you for this! I finally trimmed my rabbits nails myself after 9 years of taking him to a vet to do it. My main concern being that his nails are all black and I can't see the quick at all. He did great!

  7. my rabbit is not letting me cut her nails she keeps pulling back when I try but i know I’m not on the quick bc the quick is pink. I’m doing it on the very tip and she won’t let me

  8. My rabbit would never sit there so nicely like this! I hold him in my arms while my husband clips him. He seems to be happy with that method.

  9. I was a dog groomer for 20 years so I was surprised that I was so nervous to trim our bunny's nails. This has given me the confidence to give it a go. If I can do cats & dogs a bunny should be fairly easy! Thank you 🙂

  10. I just adopted two beautiful brother lops over the weekend. I've noticed their nails are long right now. But they're not completely comfortable with me yet as I'm still new to them. how long should I wait for the initial nail trimming? I don't want them to freak out!

  11. This tutorial is so simple and effective. I have never had luck trimming any of my rabbits' nails and usually just go to the vet. But I followed this technique and it WORKED. Much happy dancing was done! I only needed to do the back nails and was shocked that my normally twitchy rabbit sat up and let me trim away! Thanks!

  12. I’ve trimmed my boy’s nails a few times now, I used a towel and now he runs away from me when I have a towel ? When we got him his quick was pretty long because they never trimmed his nails and it was hard to cut but it’s gotten easier when I’ve been able to get ahold of him. I really don’t want him to hate me ? but it’s for his own good

  13. You can tell she has spent so much time with rabbits and really customized this method. I hate to see a rabbit tranced on its back so it's wonderful to see her gain and keep this one's trust with such expertise.

  14. My bunny hates being picked up! I was so nervous about cutting his nails because I didn't want him to panic or hurt himself! I followed every step of this video and he was absolutely fine! I still can't believe it! He was calm, did the little foot tap thing but never tried to jump out of my arms! Thank you ?

  15. I have a giant Flemish
    About 5 years now
    He has grown very long and cannot reach his tush any longer for proper cleaning
    Q: how do I or should I trim that fur? To keep it from being matted or sprayed with urine…
    He is very important to me and so is his health… so, pending this Q&A, I will take him to vet to be cared for ASAP for best professional answer. Thanks in advance.

  16. I have a young Dwarf rabbit named Pepper and I was wondering if your rabbit needs to be a certain age before you can cut there nails?

  17. I just hold onto my rabbit for dear life, and eventually he understands "NOT TO MOVE". Then I cut his nails ? I'm not really all that patient either, so eventually he understands the less he moves the quicker he can leave. it doesn't matter whether he enjoys it or not, it has to be done, because rabbit kicks "HURT". plus sometimes the nails get a bit "too" long. ??

  18. Thank you so much for this demo. My bunnies don't love to be handled, but we all did great on our first try. I get very anxious about the process, not knowing exactly how to do it: I hate stressing them out, especially since they have black nails and it's hard to see the quick. The little tips (like squeezing for feedback before clipping, touching the pads of their hind feet, and wetting the hair) are invaluable. Two thumbs up.

  19. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Pumpkin is a beautiful Lions head that was dumped in a neighbors yard. They gave him to us to care for. We tried to find the owner and eventually got a response that his name was pumpkin, he's 5 yrs old and was fixed. A family member he trusted him to (due to a new allergy) said he "ran away" we told him the story. We have made him a part of our family now and all was great … until… he turned into Freddie Krueger . The nails were like knives sticking straight out. Long story short, using this video as a guideline, the first trim (they are super long) went fantastic and he remained calm throughout. Pumpkin says "Bravo!"

  20. I didn't really like doing my rabbit's nails. I was so worried that I would cut the quick, and then cause her pain. I realized that letting her nails grow hurt her even more. I swallowed my fear, and trimmed her nails. She was great about it!
    Tips that I have learned:
    1. Don't use the pair of clippers they show. We got them, and it was a waste of money. It was hard to cut with them. One of my rabbit friends told me to get a bigger pair so that I would be able to get a better grip. I got one for dogs. It works way better and ends up taking less time.

    2. The water trick is great! Use it! What would happen to me is that I would accidentally pull on my rabbit's fur.

    3. Something else that helped that problem, a 2"x 2" piece of lace. I put the through one of the holes in the lace, and, if you get the right size, it pulls back the hair from the nail.

    4. Use the 'press, press, cut' method and ONLY TAKE A LITTLE OFF AT A TIME! They mentioned this several times, and it is very important! In the end, it will be less stressful for you and the rabbit.

    5. For the front paws, I put my rabbit in my lap and cross my legs. Cut the nails on the outside. Then, I turn my rabbit, and I cut the nails on the outside. (hope that makes sense)

    6. I give a small treat after I do each paw.

    7. GIVE LOTS OF KISSES!!! <3 <3

  21. Yeah, tried this on my dwarf. Pull out back leg, wiggle. He snatch foot back! Hmm. Pull out leg, wiggle…SNATCH FOOT BACK NO TOUCH THE FOOTY!

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