How to Trim Your Dog's Nails

how to trim your dog's nails pedicures aren't just for pampered pooches your dog is descended from wolves but her nails don't have the chance to wear down as they would in the wild a regular clipping every 3 or 4 weeks will save her from painful ingrown nails and sore paws you will need a sturdy table or counter a towel dog nail clippers tissues styptic powder or cornstarch and a 1 inch wide emery board optional a helper and some dog treats step 1 check to see if your dog's nails need clipping you shouldn't hear her nails clicking against a hard floor when she walks if there's clicking it's time for a clipping step 2 your dog probably won't enjoy this procedure so she's likely to require some form of restraint hold her in your lap or spread a towel on a sturdy table or counter and place the doll on top stand on the side of the table opposite the nails will be trimming and leaned over her so you can hold her down with your body if necessary if your dog is large or very wrigley it may help to have a second person hold her while you do the clipping step 3 holding one pod gently but firmly clip the tip of the nail clip from underneath holding the Clippers at a slight angle in keeping with the curve of the nail step 4 be careful to avoid the blood vessels and nerves that run through a dog's nail called the quick if you cut into the quick it will cause pain and bleeding if your dog's nail is white you can see the pinkish quick so it's easy to avoid if your dog has black nails snip a little bit at a time until when looking at the nail in the cross-section you can see a darker dot in the middle step 5 if you cut into the quick place a tissue over the nail and apply pressure until it stops bleeding or try dipping the nail into styptic powder or cornstarch it's unlikely that the bleeding will continue for longer than five to seven minutes but if it does or the blood is spurting call your vet step 6 don't forget to trim the dewclaws located slightly behind the pot on the inner part of the leg some breeds have more than one pair on their hind legs step 7 if your dog still has some patience left it's a good idea to use an emery board to lightly file the nail smooth step 8 praise your dog lavishly before you let her go that way she'll come to associate these beauty treatments with extra attention from her owner did you know many companies now sell doggy nail polish it's safe for pet nails requires only one coat and dries quickly to keep squirmy dogs from smearing it on the furniture

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  1. Easy said then done! You have a small dog right there. I have a 40+ Ib Boxer mix. She's a sweet, sweet girl though and I don't know how she'll react when I trim her nails.

    I don't plan on taking her to any professionals because she'll bark and bark at them and she'll be scared. She's only use to my scent and my family's scent, so I'm gonna have to take the chance and trim her nails.

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  4. I cant trim my dogs nails enough so they wont click when she walks without cutting into the quick and making them bleed a little bit.

  5. Not to mention all of the animal testing that goes on with cosmetics and then you want to apply it to animals because you think it will look cute! Makes me sick, fucking air heads!

  6. I thought this was a really good informative video UNTIL I heard about dog nail polish. What a fucking joke, get a grip, they're animals not accessories!! Anyone who paints their dogs nails need a slap!!

  7. I adopted an older dog ( Going on an estimated thirteen years or so for a breed that has an average life span of eight ), and his nails are all too long. He is tame enough that I can hold his paws and everything, but no matter how small of a piece i try to clip off at a time, he cries out in pain as if I clipped in to his quick. One of his nails is so long that it has made him start to limp, so I know it has to be dealt with… Do I clip the quick and let him get over the pain?

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