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hello everybody replay viewers you can share this with your friends if you think it might help somebody this is actually the third time that I've done this on periscope but it's never been safe to catch before so I really wanted to do it for catch and this is something that can help a lot of people I know this is a huge thing that people struggle with I've struggled with it on several dogs necks cleaveth several dogs in the past there she was messing with our cat anyway when we got LAN out she was really scared of getting her nails done and would try to bite us and no matter what we did we tried like oh when she's sleeping like just do one one at a time I have had a lot previously with clicker training dogs to like their nails being done but that did not work with her she was scared of it so you would like get the nail clippers near her or click and try to give her a treat and she wouldn't take it because she was so nervous so we had no other choice but to muzzle her and I had several people help me at different times with it and like my husband and I couldn't together hold her down and get them done she would struggle the entire time pulling her legs away trying to get up and run away you know between that and trying to bite us it was really really tough so she is like I would say 95% rehabilitated from this she knows the deal I'll just explain to you guys what I did so the first thing that you need is you need a dremel so this is the cheapest Dremel that they have it's $20 it has two settings low and high and on low it's super super quiet like I can touch it it doesn't really you know it doesn't really do anything to me this is better than Clippers because it's less traumatic to the dog's feet and they don't hate it as much the second thing you need to do is muzzle conditioned the dog prior to this so you don't want to get the muzzle out and do this one day the way you do muzzle conditioning is you put food inside your hand in the muzzle this is a Baskerville muzzle and then you've let the dog eat out of it so that's this is just basic muzzle conditioning I'll show you I'm just really quick kind of accelerated you want to do this a few times before you actually have to do the dogs nails so that they don't hate the muzzle so then like after you've done it you know a few times Lana does not need the muzzle now but I'm just going to show you how I do it so you'd get the muzzle on we had to use this muzzle probably I would say for the first couple weeks of doing her nails until I was able to get her kind of rehabilitate it from this so you want to make sure the muzzles on good this is the Baskerville muzzle is good because you can put their collar through this loop on the bottom and it also has a strap on the top that goes across the head and buckles up here so that they can't get it off as easily as a lot of muzzles so then you need a helper because if you have a really super fearful super fighting dog or when it comes to this you just want to get the dog to lay down first on their side so oh hang on I have to fix them a little bit you can see um so you want to get the dog laying down like this and like myself I did the holding I had the helper do the trimming and I did the holding so you want to put sure you want to put your arm this part of your arm across the dog's neck like this and you want to hold the bottom legs and it's really important that you don't hold tightly because what we were doing was we were holding too tightly and then she was really struggling against us so you want to have your hands there and ready to grab but not tight because if you're tight then they're nervous so you want to hold tightly one thing that you can do if the dog is not growling at you is you can give them like a massage beforehand you see how relaxed she is about this this is because I did all this I would just do a little massage she would be really nervous but I would just do like super deep tissue massage before and then um I'm gonna take this muzzle off her because she doesn't need it anymore and I think it kind of this doesn't need it anymore anyway so you're going to hold the bottom legs and you're going to have your helper start as soon as you start they're going to try to get away so you you put like pressure down on the neck like this to prevent them from biting you and just do like each nail pretty quickly you don't want to try to do a whole lot at once and you need to do this every other day for the first like I would say two weeks just a little bit on each nail every day for the first two weeks if the dog growls at you you just say like knock it off and keep going no petting I wouldn't do any food if they're really giving you a problem and then like as time goes on you'll see it's much easier like she lets me do it she might like kind of squirm around a little in the beginning she would hold her should hold her legs up like this really close to her body and I would just do the nails they're like see how she's wiggling a little bit just gently return them to the position nope and I'll say like no or something but you have to stay really calm about this keep breathing and then you got to do it like once a week to keep on I'm a train bomb it's really important to get the front of the nail like the way that the quick goes you want to try to get like this on edge when in the beginning like some people try to pull the dog's leg out toward the person that's helping you but you don't want to do that if they pull them up and they're really scared just keep it here just hold on the person holding is just going to be still holding the bottom legs but like as time goes on they struggle less and then within I would say two to three weeks I didn't need a helper anymore I can do it by myself and you just do all the nails so you can say you know she probably doesn't love this but she tolerates it and we have no growling or biting anymore does anybody have any questions I'd be glad to help you I had a dog previously well several dogs actually that didn't like it and the only way I could trim their nails was after I would like give him a bath in the bathtub they would be soaking wet and just like kind of humiliated and then I could clip them in there but that didn't work with her either and then when I'm done I just give you no more of a massage don't let the dog get up and run away because if they get up and run away then they're much more likely next time – you know anticipate it as a nervous thing nope I mean it's kind of like they try to get up you just lay them back down and that's that's it in a nutshell super fast I just wanted to show you guys you don't want to pet a dog when they're nervous and you're doing this and this massage is different than petting I think it actually relaxes dogs this is also like a good time to look in your dog's mouth do their teeth if you have to look in their ears like you know touch around wipe up hot and ball in there anything um yeah no problem I know this was a huge thing for me I got some help with it and then you know now I understand what's got to be done and you know just it's way easier this way you can click or condition – like this – like so now I could actually if I had a helper because you can't like you only have so many hands what I could do is when I go to put the Dremel on her nail I could have somebody click and then give her some of her food and that would then help her to love getting Don if you want to like really try to make them love it so then when I'm done I just let her get up slowly and I don't want to really run away from me and you know she kind of knows this steel I might give her or give her some food now because she did she did good so give me heart give a lot of hearts if you like this you come a long way and I hope that this helps some of you guys out so I will end the scope everybody have a good day talk to you later

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