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at various times in in your pet ownership you may have to travel with your pet rat certainly this is not limited to just trips to the veterinarian this may mean that you have to take the pets with you for short trips it may mean that you choose to take them say to a weekend home and there are even people who choose to take their rats with them on vacation depending on the destination and where they may go so traveling with your pet rat does become a little bit of a science the most important thing is having a good carrier a pet carrier like the one that you see here standard pet carrier sold in all the pet stores work really really well they're safe they allow you to provide a great environment for the rat they can be filled with towels with bedding with blankets you can put their food a small water bowl if necessary and provide everything they need and if you train them to being used to being put in these carriers they generally don't mind it and they don't resent it in any way there are a number of different carriers standard cat carriers work really well for rats some people will choose to use the plastic critter kefir containers to transport their rats as well other people will use any type of specially made rat cages for the transport and movement of their rat if it's just a short trip to the veterinarian sometimes just putting a blanket or a towel in there it's fine to get them there and get them home they do appreciate the ability to burrow to dig underneath the blankets and to actually have an opportunity to hide in the event they become scared or nervous when they leave the home anytime you're closing a lid on them you want to make sure they don't have their feet on the edges of the carrier you want to make sure that you don't pinch their tail in the carrier so it's important before the lid is closed all the way as you see what I did here you want to make sure it's open just enough to you want to make sure that it's not closed and it's open just enough to make sure there are no toes or tails in it before you actually allow the carrier to close completely and then just slide the locks closed so they can't escape from it depending on the type of carrier you use some of them have snap-on lids that snap on pretty tightly so you want to make sure that you're being very careful and you're not taking a chance of getting any body part ever caught in the carrier when you close it but the recommendation would be to purchase an appropriate escape-proof carrier carrier that has locks on it indicating that they can't open it or get out and there's no chance of that it may mean that you need to put an extra lock on the carrier just to be sure in some cases it's also a good idea to cover the carrier when you take them out a towel or a blanket with a hole cut through it for the handle to fit through and then draped over the carrier works really well in these cases so when it comes down to traveling with your rat taking them anywhere from the veterinarian to a long vacation an appropriate rat escape-proof carrier one filled with lots of blankets and towels and it means for them to feel really comfortable during travel and transport times is important rats don't mind travel they don't mind going in the carrier and oftentimes it's pretty exciting for them to have the opportunity to get out of the home so that's the basics of traveling with your rat

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  1. If I keep them in my bedroom what noise level would it take to wake them up or annoy them?

    My dog spends about 7/8 of every day in the same room as me or on my bed, and I'm sure you're aware of how tolerant of sound they are.

    Mine is tolerant of music and movies even if they're on the higher end of what I would consider acceptable.

    But if this would bother mice and rats I'd like to be aware before I put them in my room

  2. They'll chew through that plastic kennel..js. Also I travel with my rattie everywhere he is such a social little guy, he wins people over to what awesome pets they are…a rattie ambassador I call him!

  3. Good video and remember when it all seems to fail there is always rat poison. ( not to offend anyone) Although i enjoyed doing this to my rats who were never purchased and not domesticated. ( wild rats)

  4. My rats like the wicker basket. I have a basket I use to transport my rats. I put a blanket or towel inside the basket, then I drape a blanket or towel over the basket helps them feel relaxed. IDK mine don't like the critter carriers. they sleep and snuggle in the basket. they travel very well.

  5. My rat has a respritory infection and I don't think my parents will pay for her to them she's just a 7 dollar animal that they don't really want please will someone tell me how much it costs? I'm scared for her I really love her and can rats die from respritory infections? Please someone tell me i need help :'(

  6. What about taking rats on airplanes? It may seem like a silly question, but I will be going for 5 days, just wondering if I would be able to take them with me.

  7. Here's the thing I'm wondering that wasn't answered. So say you take your rats to a place where you'll be staying more than one day. Will they be ok staying in a smaller cage (not the carrier obviously, but if you have a critter nation for example, that's way to big and inconvinient to bring with you)

  8. Why people say bad things about rats! I don't have one but I getting one soon. Thanks to the people that care.

  9. me and my wife have 11 pets and four babes and at any one time we will take up to four of them to places we go in the and we have never taken them in a pet carrier they have all ways travelled on our shoulders or in the car and they enjoy it more then being locked away in a pet carrier we have all so have two cat carriers to put them in if we need to but they have never like them they prefer to travel the way we do with us and they will not move off our shoulder and are a lot more friendlier because this as they get to meet new people and are use to lots of noise and people

  10. mine is in my pocket alseep while i am at work. at the office lucky has never accually been found out he just sleeps or occationally adjusts in there

  11. omfg, what is your fucking problem?!
    Have you even ever seen pet rats?
    DUMB stereotypes and clichees I tell you. Everheard of that?
    now kindly fuck off please [:

  12. I'm going to be traveling with my rat here in the next week or so. I'm going to take her camping with me. She absolutely loves tents I have a tent pitched in my room that I am in the process of setting up a play are for for her in. She doesn't try to escape the tent and gets super excited when I place her in it she hasn't ever chewed at the tent material or anything. I'm really excited I'm going to get the chance to introduce her to so many new smells tastes and sounds. [=

  13. if you don't like rats that don't watch these videos.
    besides rats are not pests they make great pets. and if mine get sick i would gladly pay the bill because i love my rats!

  14. um your the one with the nasty personality. I used to have a pet rat but he was put down at 2.5 years. why are you watching these videos then? your the pest. and you barely have to take these wonderful pets to the vets only if you treat them well, and keep them healthy, but im sure you wouldn't.

  15. Lots of people. Those who know domesticated rats and wild rats are different. My pet rat, Chaos, who's sitting on my lap eating his cheerio is far from a pest. I know that people grow up being afraid of rats and not liking them but domesticated rats are sweethearts. I take him to the vet because I love him so much and I don't want anything to happen to him. I would like it if you'd research and watch more pet rat Vids. They need more people who care about them.

  16. U can all shut the fuck up with negative comments. I doubt u have a pet rat. They make amazing pets coming from someone( meaning me, dumbasses) who has one.

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