How to Travel to Mexico With Your Pet

Well, this is my dog Chili, and I want to talk to you about
bringing dog into Mexico. We get people that want to bring
their pets on vacation, and there’s a few little things
you need to keep in mind. Now, first off, check with your airlines, because depending on the season, they have
restrictions especially on the hot months. So you wanna check with the airline. When you bring your pet into Mexico,
cats or dogs, you need to get
a health certificate. You need to get it, I believe it’s seven
to ten days before you travel, and your vet has to document
the health of your pet. Then you bring it in, and when you come
into Customs, there is an office, like and agricultural office, and you go there
with your pet and the documentation, and they fill out the paperwork to register
that you’re bringing your pet in. Now, there’s no problem when
you take your pet home, so you don’t have to worry about
anything as you’re leaving the country. Now, if you’re coming on vacation and
you don’t have a pet, there are lots of dogs and cats who
are looking for homes and we know people, Loco Gringo knows people that can help
you adopt a wonderful pet that needs a home and they can give you help with
getting the right paperwork and a carrier. So you can take a little
beach dog home with you. It’s a great souvenir and
it lasts a lifetime.

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  1. I want to bring my dog to Los Cabo on a family trip. The Hilton allows dogs and seems pet friendly… any tips ? The dog is a small breed under 12 pounds and will flying in cabin with us in a carrier. Seems earlier flying in then flying back from Mexico. So far I gathered that I need certificate of health signed by vet before I leave and all shot records

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