How to train your service dog

So this is Lily. She’s a goldendoodle.
She’s just over a year. It’s really fun getting to work with the dogs. I’ve been
working with service dogs for about eight years now. When I provincially
advocate for improved service dog legislation what I’m calling on the
government to do is create a full consultation process to ensure that
service dogs and service-dogs-in-training have all the access rights that
they need, to ensure that service dogs have the right to access in schools, to
ensure that service-dogs-in-training have the right to to access in Ontario,
and also to ensure that we’re addressing confusion around the status of service
dogs. So before I started at McMaster I was actually already reaching out to
people on campus I was reaching out to our dean, Sean Van Koughnett,
looking to make sure that there weren’t going to be any access issues because
access issues do happen. Because of the way the provincial legislation works, I
don’t have a right to do that. Because I don’t have a disability, so I’m not
covered by the accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and
that’s why I’m advocating for political change.
Fortunately, Sean Van Koughnett has been incredibly supportive and he’s ensured
that not only the service-dogs-in- training that I’m bringing on campus but
also other service-dogs-in-training on campus won’t have any access issues. I
think it’s important for, you know, incoming students to know university’s a
lot of work, raising puppies is a lot of work, but kind of at the end of the day
it’s one of the most rewarding things that you’ll get to do. I really
appreciate how supportive McMaster has been for service-dogs-in-training on
campus. I’m excited to keep working with them to improve policies and things like
that, to make sure that we have all the access we need for service dogs and
service-dogs-in-training on campus.

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