How To Train your Dog NOT to PULL on the Leash! STOP CHASING or LUNGING at CARS on a Walk!

today's video is sponsored by pet float comm Peplow comm is the leader in pet food delivery services offering food and pet supplies from over 150 leading pet brands many of you have a dog exactly like Brutus he's crazy he jumps he pulls on the leash and today I'm gonna show you what you need to do to get a dog like Brutus to love listening to you do you want to help us rank dog training out of this culture of prawn collar choke chain and ecology consider contributing to our patreon campaign I always pay attention to how many of you click thumbs up when you watch the videos by clicking thumbs up you're helping our videos get even more noticed now let's go inside and meet Lynn chris and the amazing golden retriever Brutus Lynn how old is Brutus he's a year and a half and I get the sense when I was over here the other day he was wild he was crazy super excited my type of dog I love dogs like this but I got the sense that you feel a bit overwhelmed both of you is that safe to say I'm very safe tell me some of the issues you're having with Brutus taking them for walks barking lunging at cars what is your training schedule life with him right now we admit we should probably spend more time with them we have hectic work schedules taking them on walks is really difficult for us I can't take him on a walk by myself because I just can't control him so I need it's a it's a two-person job he pulls on the leash he jumps he barks and he's just a generally kind of crazy at all yeah yeah well I'll tell you this though the more energetic your dog is the more intelligent your dog is a lot of this is one of the most frustrating points to me as a dog trainer I don't think you guys think this at all but a lot of people think that if their dog is wild like this that this just means they have attention deficit disorder and they're not the brightest dog in the world when the opposite is true the more high-energy your dog is the more teachable they are and I'd like to see a few of the things that you've taught and maybe go on a short walk and then I'll come up with a game plan as to how we can resolve a few of these issues what do you say let's go Brutus is pretty hyper today what no surprise we expected that let's see what your existing communication is with him right now okay all right have you taught him anything else besides sitting down obedience wise he knows leave it oh now he's listening quite well actually notice how that treat gets his attention why don't you drop a piece of chicken in front of him and ask him to leave it alone and see how he does Chris and Lynn were showing how well their communication with Brutus was a car drove by all right so what's going on with that we do have a busy street so this is our entire walk I mean look at it from his perspective there's a big metal object moving and I mean who wouldn't want to chase that well how many of your dogs tell me the comments below I'm gonna show you how to get over that today though is that that is a frustrating issue that might keep you from walking in that and then it has more pent-up energy and it complicates other issues that's an overwhelming thing I've been there myself I understand let's go inside and see if we can come up with a good game plan he was actually really responsive when you had treats which is totally fine for that first year of training using treats is a really good idea lunging at the cars was very concerning obviously I know you can't like that at all unfortunately have him on a harness as well so he can't slip out of her collar or anything he's tough to control yeah he's a very strong I can't control what is his fetch ability and I define fetch as throw a ball or a toy chase it pick it up bring it back let go instantly and repeat well he doesn't give the ball back he'll go and chase it bring it back in our area but then he wants to turn it into a game of keep-away the most important thing that you guys need to know and you guys at home who are dealing with this issue is you have to understand that your dog cannot absorb new concepts until their energy has gotten out of them and with a brilliant dog like Brutus a walk is not really a sufficient way to get their energy out you know what I mean right especially like a golden retriever think about what they were bred to do they were really bred to work with people for hours on end in the field so we have to find some way to simulate that unless you want to take up hunting I don't know but betch is the path of least resistance to get your dog tired usually a good 15 or 20 minutes will do the trick for most dogs first thing in the morning is good though that way after they're charged up from a good night's sleep you're able to get that energy out this is what we need to do get a handle on fetch polish that up a little bit make it look nice then I think he's gonna listen a lot better while Brutus is acclimating to the backyard and being the curious animal that he is let me tell you some exciting news Hepler dot-com has agreed to contribute 10% of your purchase price back to the dog training revolution so that we can do even better videos for you if you're buying dog food anyway and you want to avoid driving across town and you want the best prices around and you want to support our videos just visit pet flow comm slashes Act George today they make it so much easier for you to get your dog food without you having to drive across town every two weeks every month to get your dog food which brings me to my next point you can set up recurring delivery yet any time interval you want to to make sure that your dog boot arrives on time make sure you enter the code Zac 20 when you set up recurring delivery on your pet food now let me show you how to teach your dog to fetch it's important to get your dog excited about the toy whatever that might be now if your dog is not initially excited don't give up on them this is actually the first step of teaching fetch getting your dog to tug and let go come here that's it that's it and right here he finds satisfaction when I pull back like that now to get your dog to let go all you have to do is make the game uninteresting yes good all I was doing there was simply stabilizing it I wasn't pulling it back that made it less interesting now I'm gonna give it right back to him oh good and see right there what I did I took it away before he could get it this is getting him more interested in it this is how your fetch needs to look initially now sweet isn't it frustrated I'm gonna give him one just so he stays involved with the game see that yes go get it now when he picks it up I'm gonna run the other way to get him to bring it back because if I go to him he's probably gonna run from me I don't want him to run for me I want him to chase me but I gotta get his attention hey Brittish come on let's go that's okay hey Brutus and right there look he's looking at me he's thinking about running towards me but he's like God you don't look that interesting so I've got to get more interesting my goal is to get him just to take a step towards me if you gotta have goofy go ahead and that goofy be silly do what you gotta do to get your dog's attention come on buddy let's go yes yes good good look at that look at that good boy I'm gonna celebrate that that's awesome yes good get it good go back get it see it right now I want to send the message to him look I'm willing to give it back to you as long as you try and play by my rules I've got him on a lead now so now I've got more control we have two layers of controlling the environment now we have the Spence around here and we have the lead now right now he's telling me he'd rather play with this toy here so I'm ok with that there we go now we got him looking at so switching up toys is really good this one came from Peplow com2 one of my favorites did ya go get it there we go now look he's chasing the toy he can't run away from me now I've got him on a lead do you see how he's getting a little bit bored with it right now that is so normal when you first start playing a new game you're not really that into it but as you continue to play it and you get better and better you get more excited about playing it that's kind of how fetch is for a dog I can encourage them to come back like this come on buddy yeah you let go immediately right there the whole reason for doing this is a a dog like this needs to know how to fetch and secondly it makes it way easier to teach them once you get that energy out of them you don't want to be working with an unexpecting like walking nicely on a leash he can chase things but they need to be the right things in other words toys not cars okay so Brutus still isn't as tired as I would like Andy has this habit of going full speed ahead right out of the door this is my cue to pause and wait until I feel he's receptive to listening plus remember that leash training should be done in front of the house first until your dog demonstrates that he or she is receptive to listening here first you're not ready to go on a walk if you must walk anyway be prepared to be tolerant of this behavior until you can do proper training so I'm just getting Pepe to be interesting get his mind off of all the distractions come on let's go come on he's not really into the tongue toy right now but that's to be expected I just want to keep him guessing a little bit so I'm gonna move around look how he's following me no tension here that's good now if your dog isn't willing to work for a tug toy as in this case oftentimes the walk can serve as the reward he gets to enjoy the walk uninterrupted when he listens and walks acceptable so already a lot better I mean he's not behaving perfectly but I'm able to get some moments where there's not a ton of tension on the leash rather than pull your dog back give them the benefit of the doubt really try and get them to pay attention and come to you voluntarily hey Brutus Brutus over here see that no tension he pulled up a little bit but then he stopped there's a car coming right now so I'm gonna try and be one step ahead and get his attention on me coming Brutus come here yes good come on Brutus Brutus this way come on come on this week nope okay that didn't go so well so my task next time is to be more interesting than I was that time or to create distance between us and the moving car possible come on this way this way come on Brutus sports well yes yes good good boy he looked at me just glanced at me when that car was driving by that's what you want you want to find that moment where your dog is like I'm thinking about listening to you yeah that's good yeah good boy that was good nice work look no tension no tension we're gonna come back the other way here rather than going on your full walk remember you can't wait for your walk in order to do your training set up special training sessions like this I mean yes there we go look at that I changed sir fiction because it looked like Brutus was gonna start pulling so before he starts pulling I'm gonna let him know no I don't like that if you're gonna do that we're just gonna walk this way this teaches your dog to pay attention to you to see where the walk is headed there's a dachshund over here that he just tried to run a sir Brutus and rather than pulling back here look what I'm doing Brutus hey Brutus come on please hey over here yes by being just a little patient and offering some encouragement in these instances you are teaching your dog to think this is what it means to teach a dog but keep the walk a fun thing you want to be the thing your dog is focused on we're actually gonna take a walk up here to the busy road to see how he does with the cars in a minute once I'm satisfied that he's somewhat paying attention to me it became clear that getting too close to the road really complicated communication so my job is to go back to the last known place of compliance from Brutus and work from there if your dog won't take treats you need to create distance you can't be in front of a heavy distraction if they're like I care more about that distraction than the treats you need to work up to that sit don't miss those opportunities to let your dog know when you're really proud of them so right here is about the distance that he's somewhat compliant in but we got cars everywhere right now trying to get him to listen on this busy street is not reasonable we have to work up to that on this less busy Street first when I see a truck is about to drive up here I see that he's into it so I'm gonna try and get his attention on me with the turkey that's not working so I'm gonna try and get more exciting and while Brutus is still behaving kind of erratically he does not lunge at the car and I'm gonna let him know I really like that you're that good over time you'll find that if you keep doing this your dog is gonna look to you for guidance when he knows you're fun when he knows you're gonna be a good time he's a lot more likely to pay attention to you it's gonna take some time to work with him on this issue obviously but this is where you start your next step is getting them to glance up at you and reward him as much as you can for doing that tell me where your dog rates on the energy level scale are they low energy medium energy or high energy tell me in the comments below also make sure you click thumbs up if you enjoyed this video like me on Facebook too and help us raise the standards in dog training by contributing on patreon com / – Zak George even $2.00 a month helps us do much more thank you guys and you guys did totally awesome did a really good job good see you in the next video really hope you guys like the video a huge thank you to pep Flo comm for giving 10% back to the dog training revolution when you visit the link pet Flo comm / Zak George this is an easy way for you guys to support the videos you care about save money and make your life more convenient you can also support our videos by visiting slash Zak George and making a small monthly contribution just click that link don't forget to subscribe give me a thumbs up – and if you want to see some more examples of training your dog to walk nicely on a leash you can go through my leash walking playlist we have a lot of pretty awesome examples on that with lots of different types of dogs if you need a step-by-step guide on teaching your dog the basics see the other playlists thanks guys you totally rule we'll see you in the next one

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