How to Train Your Cat Not to Bite

How to Train Your Cat Not to Bite. Although cats bite instinctively, you can
curb this tendency by appropriate training. You will need Play-fighting and spray bottle
(optional). Step 1. Engage the cat or kitten in a game of play
fighting. This will arouse the cat’s natural tendency
to bite. Step 2. Stop the game as soon as you see the cat begin
to expose its claws or teeth. Wait for the cat to calm down, and then resume
the game. Step 3. Continue playing with the cat. If the cat bites or scratches you, let out
a scream. Stop playing and ignore the cat. Consider spraying the cat with a spray bottle
filled with water if the cat continues to bite you. A small spritz in the area of the cat’s face
is enough, but be careful not to spray the cat’s ears. Step 4. Observe the areas on the cat’s body that are
most sensitive to contact — typically the mouth, paws, ears, and tail. When sensitive areas are touched, there is
a tendency for the cat to start biting. Step 5. Touch one of the sensitive areas on the cat’s
body for a second. Then give the cat a treat. Step 6. Gradually increase the amount of time that
you are in contact with the sensitive area. Do this until the cat learns to tolerate increasing
levels of contact there. Step 7. Repeat this procedure with other sensitive
areas that provoke biting. Now you should have a cat whose meow is worse
than its bite. Did you know Cats have two sets of teeth — a
first set that is lost when they are young, and a permanent set.

100 thoughts on “How to Train Your Cat Not to Bite

  1. always be calm with your cat and literally as soon as it bites or scratches (hard) you just give it a solid swipe or a bite and itll know that it crossed the line. just like older cats do when a younger one gets too aggressive. OBVIOUSLY dont inflict injury. The point is for your cat to understand that you are ONLY a threat if you are being provoked.
    even my friends cats that are aggressive with everyone wont be aggressive with me.

  2. Step 1: Get a cat.
    Step 2: Play with the cat.
    Step 3: Get bit by the cat.
    Step 4: Put cat in the blender.
    Step 5: Mix the mashed cat with gasoline and set it on fire.
    Step 6: Put the fire out by hatefully peeing on it.
    Step 7: Use the organic waste bin.
    Step 1/8: Get a dog.

  3. My cat was hiding underneath the sofa and I when I walked past it, it ran to me and jump on me and scratch me. Scratch is healing

  4. Omg spraying your cat with water is completely last century. This will destroy your bond with your cat & make him even more anxious than already. Everyone should know this is the biggest no-no!
    Rolling your cat onto its back & swishing its tummy is guaranteed to elicit biting/scratching unless you already have a very close bond and you know your cat enjoys this … but even then, only gently! In this position the cat is defenceless other than to bite & scratch so you are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    And the other big no-no here is trying to desensitise your cat's "sensitive" areas, Why not learn what they are then respect them?? Find out what petting your cat enjoys then stick to that.
    Geez I couldn't believe what I was watching there. Looking for some genuine advice for a client whose cat draws blood seconds after sitting & purring nicely with no apparant cause and I get this rubbish. Please, nobody do this! It will take a lot to recreate a bond with a cat that's been treated this way.

  5. He's being way too rough with that cat. Be that rough with a cat and expect to be shredded like an old bank statement the second kitty gets his claws out.

  6. Using a spray bottle will make your cat bite you more and will ruin your bond you should reward your cat for doing good instead of punish your cat to do bad! Go to Jackson Galaxy's Youtube channel and he will tell you more

  7. I followed all the steps. Now my cat is going crazy. Last night it logged onto ebay and bought a gun!.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  8. everything about this is incorrect!! This is not any way to train a cat not to bite the only thing this will accomplish is confusing and frightening your cat by encouraging bad behavior and negative reinforcement. Cats do not respond to negative reinforcement at all!!

  9. [Link Here== ] This program  got me trusting them all the way. I was annoyed by the way my cat has been peeing everywhere both on the carpet and bed. This got me worried on how to solve the situation until I searched through the net and discovered them. They are the best I must say.

  10. Hope this helps…. My cat was a stray. My mom thinks someone littertrained her, then dropped her off in her woods. (We think they litter trained her because we set her down in front of a litter box and she knew what to do.)

  11. This video offers very bad advice. Check out Jackson Galaxy's website if you want effective advice for dealing with an aggressive or over-stimulated cat.

  12. using a spray bottle is not relevant, if your cat is aggresive a lot, so don’t use a spray bottle, just wait a couple of hours or minutes depending ont he aggresiveness and let the cat stay calm. 🙂

  13. I've never trained my cats and they never bite me, even if I hug them and make them stay with me against their will lol

  14. Whenever I pet my kitten, he sits there for a few seconds and then tackles my hand or arm and vigorous starts bitting and kicking me with his claw. He would shred my arm if I gave him the chance ;-;

  15. I have trued this with both my 6mon old and 2 yr old cats due to no luck. Now what? Their vet refuses to pull their teeth.

  16. Okay I'm confused, I JUST watched another Howcast video on how to deal with aggressive cats and it explicitly states NOT to use spray bottles.

  17. Steps 4-7 are good, but steps 1-3: NO. Do not spray a cat with water or play with her using your hands. This teaches that hands are prey.

  18. With this method here, your playful cat, or dog, or any other playful animal you may have will never want to play with you again. Why should they?
    Let's face it, all animals play bite, all of them. YOU are playing with them, they are playing with you. Right?
    They don't puncture the skin, but it may hurt a little….toughen up!!
    If they are out to actually hurt you, A CAT will growl or hiss, if she wants to be left alone, so STOP playing with her. It' that simple.

  19. Humans are trying to find intellectual solutions to things… Use your natural sense! Ur mad and making the cat also mad

  20. You are training your cat to bite when you use your hands to play with, or harrass a kitten/cat….always use a toy.

  21. Idk in the morning when I’m still asleep my kitten starts to bite me real hard like on my face hands and feet not that hard that it will bleed but it will if I don’t pull my hands away. It’s just that my kitten starts to get really hyped up and starts to bite idk why it doesn’t bite my mom (idk if he does I’ve never seen it happen before) but he sure bites me.

  22. My boy when purring and happy will grab and bite me which he never ever does its just when hes really calm and happy and he wont let go, ive tryed yelping, biting back, spritzing nothing works on my stubborn too smart butthead.

  23. Or, you could get it toys to play bite instead. Only an idiot encourages playbites by using hands to play.

  24. My cat always stretches on my leg and scratches it when I'm distracted and I'm sitting down, he doesn't do it to hurt me, he does it to just to take his stress out. I try avoiding it by standing up and moving away. I assume this is not going to solve that, but I still do need to train my cat to not bite more frequently.

  25. My older cat bites to make me scratch her ears and I don’t mind it because it doesn’t harm me but I also have a kitten and she doesn’t really know how to control the hardness of her bites and they leave scars. She doesn’t bite out of anger, she just wants to play like she would with her siblings but she doesn’t have any and our older cat hasn't been able to get used to her so the kitten tries to play with us even when we are sleeping. How do we stop her from biting when playing, any other recommendations apart from the things in the video? Thanks!

  26. So weird before this video i didn't even have a cat , but the instructions weren't clear and I somehow got a random cat to petition to NASA…so long story short my cat is stuck in space HELP!!

  27. I got a 3 month old cat that keeps biting every time I pet him he always thing I play fighting him keep biting. Shouldn’t had never got it…

  28. Я больше любитель собак, но эти картинки с кошками все еще очень милые!

  29. I got a way better technique when you cat bites or scratches you
    Step 1: yeet him/her across the room

  30. This doesn't work when you're sleeping And the kitten decides it wants to attack you and draw blood and gas you so deep that you need stitches every night and then when you walk in the house it does the same thing I get it hes playing how the f***'s do I correct this do I cut his teeth out and his claws because he doesn't know how to use them

  31. That’s not fair that cat isn’t even aggressive my cat you can’t even touch it’s stomach or it’s head of anywhere so none of this is helpful towards my cats issues

  32. Not what I was looking for but ok… I thought this would teach me how to stop my cat from biting my hand when I feed it a treat. she acts like a dog.

  33. When i told to my cat "don't bite!" and fake attacks him he didn't listen to me instead he bites me again, but when my mom fake attacks him he back off. ?

  34. Yeah so my cat sometimes just looks at me then pounces on me and starts chewing and kicking on my arm is not like i can do anything either so i let it happen or walk away, frick do i do. I even take him out for walk and he has plenty of toys and his own cat tree. Idk whats good with him

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