How To Train A Dog? Online Dog Training Tips by Professional Dog Trainer

Hi I’m DoggyDan full-time
professional dog trainer and behavioral specialist I love dogs. I work with hundreds over
the years of every shape size a Jamba re as well
as that often colorful owners from barking
aggressive two hours the territorial pet bowls but dog is causing grief altera drop it away with the owners to turn a troubled
old integrate adults set the connection that I’ve got with with
dogs is is really day I mean it’s hard to actually explain it I’m a lot of people actually believe I
was a dog in a past life that’s not me saying it that other
people I think they really mean it there’s not
many dogs lie down understand the that in within a couple
of hours later I feel like I totally get them the often I feel like it’s the poor dog
I am and I feel like the dog gets me that’s
the beautiful thing and I guess for dogs it is actually so often it’s so simple dogs are pack
animals and they instinctively through nature
follow a pack leader so if you are the pack leader the dogs will
follow up the secret to my success really lies in
the fact that I’ve come to understand how to be the pack leader in a way that doesn’t
use any force be a more aggression and when you do
that dole’s will instinctively follow you because the pack animals yes that I
was a classic example of 50 kilogram Malamute who they could not walk on the
lead and been to a couple trying it already they’d use the force method using a
chine and it was nothing to do with the actual walk that he needed me training on the link
it was a case a win this dog’s mind inside the house many followed and I couldn’t believe it I mean there’s
no force involved this beautiful dog are you know I really felt like I
connected with them at us on a spiritual level when you connect with the 50 kilogram
wall look-alike a massive malama any touches
nose with you you lookin right in the eyes and you know that he said yes all following when we understand what they
really need to them they transform and will stop following as
without all this need for clickers and treats and you know gadgets & widgets and throwing
changing going growling at the dog spice they’re
actually incredibly loving creatures such beautiful animals crisis things
every die I hear owners go out every die every
dollar I work with and it’s a people think it’s something I don’t want to
just keep taking home going well explain to wipe saying guess what
happened like that’s what we did when you connect with
an animal that size an alumni chapter beautiful thing this is million she’s roderick soccer in the tournament
will be held as you can see I was just bad police
arrest man either time to have a chat with their
owners and make a plan so the key to everything is making sure that the little million understands that
you’re in charge your order the decision-makers and after an hour or
so I love working with million the girls miley was like a new dole no yapping away in our old stomping
ground by the front door rather a great dog who is happy to
succumb to the leader of the pack good on your
mini next hours of the CJ Lin warm in there
defiant jack russel cross mission add-on plan in place a ng3 and keep it found get raffle puffy Colby she had not many problems but our
biggest problem is she doesn’t come back to recall if we at the front door he gets the
cheese from so here we are at the park with Lucy and
we’re gonna start raining the recall and what we’ve got is 55 meters above form in a mishap but lines are pretty things up in line but
it’s very strong you’ve got a clip which we’re going to attach it to and
click on to Lucy so we can keep control over and we’ve got some beautiful tasty
treats here for this purpose are not going to get out alaska back and I can you get and you get paid ago white the tiny little thing but always been
looking that up okay pick you up from a any ideas we’re going to just drop this long line
on the floor and just let it run this the key is to make it fun so call around
9 raw water immediately and then led to go
again relatable so she’s got the idea the recall it should be calling %uh she
get a warning letter get out she’s realizing we’re not here to spoil
the fun which is what’s often happens the recall become the worst thing in the
world whether her sexy becoming a fantastic
thing she’s just hanging out for the next record effectively yeah yeah I didn’t I had no idea that all
that little thing fit you for trekking to the five-year-old and in
the things that we do every day and we just reinforcing the fact that
she paid off and it will be to see it here which is not gonna happen anymore
fantastic suffer a complete solution to training your dog stopping love those
unwanted dog behavior is and raising the perfect puppy check out
my video website the online dog trainer

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