How to tell male and female rabbits apart

I’m going to show you how to tell male and female rabbits apart. It’s not as easy as it looks so watch closely. So this is Basil. He’s a Netherland Dwarf and I’m going to turn him over and show you what a male rabbit looks like. Here we go: got to go to the bits down the back here. It’s a bit rude. Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to find his little penis. Now a penis in a rabbit is being retracted, so you’ve got to push just in front make it come out: there it is. So it’s not there when you just look and there is his penis if you can see that very clearly what it’s supposed to be. This is clearly a male rabbit and look just here We have a scrotum here, but what’s really important is that when rabbits get stressed (so he’s doing very well) they often suck these right up into their body like that and they’re gone. And so you can’t rely on being able to see them. And in very young male rabbits they usually don’t have a well-developed scrotum at all so you’re relying on this: being able to push just in front of the penis and push out the penis. Now I’ll show you the difference with a female. So this is a young female Netherland Dwarf rabbit who was sold incorrectly as a male. Now I’ll show you how I know she’s a female. So over we go once again, up and over: good bunny. Now, once again, we’re going to find the genitalia which are right down here. I’m going to just push just in front and what we’re going to do is make this time not a penis come out, but just a bulge of tissue that comes out from inside the vagina, but you can tell it’s not the same. It hasn’t got that conical shape. I’m going to bring it up nice and close so you can see this. So let’s see if we can see that. You see? So that’s not a penis at all. I’ll do that one more time: so you can see pushing in front up that comes and it’s still got that slit-like shape that you can see. It’s never going to form a penis shape. I think that’s enough. There you go.

35 thoughts on “How to tell male and female rabbits apart

  1. hi i just watched your video and it helped so much i recently got a new bunny i was told it was it was a boy by the seller turns out its a girl shes quite round i worry she may be pregnant but im not quite sure what her breed is eaither but she looks just like your rabbit in the beggining of your video

  2. i have four baby bunnies one is all black two are exactly like the exact boy bunny u have an the the 3rd like the father no black on its nose but black an white . im bout to go see which one im keeping. (They are my little sisters so….)thanks so much!!!!!! :*

  3. Sir, you should compare rabbits of nearly the same age. Those were VASTLY different. Showing the subtle differences of younger, say six week olds, would be wiser. Anyone can spot a heaving ballbag.

  4. How were you able to lay them on their back without the rabbit freaking out ? I want to double check my rabbit but I'm so terrified because I just got her and I finally gained her trust. Help ?

  5. I could flip her over because she was at the vet. At home she probably wouldn't let that happen – instead what you can do is stand them at the edge of a nonslip table surface and look up from underneath with an assistant holding a torch

  6. I am mad I got the same breed but different colors and the guy who breeds the rabbits didn't know what he was giving me

  7. I adopted a bunny and the woman said the bunny was a doe.
    I check this video out and i find out I have a buck.
    You really know your bunnies lady!

  8. Hi um I need help i did this to all of my bunnies and it worked perfectly , but one of them …nothing comes out and idk if thats Normal or not, a friend gave him or her to me, pls help?

  9. Finally! This is the fifth video that I watched on you tube, to figure it out! NOw I know that my beautiful Lionhead is a male!

  10. For the people who can't get their bunnies to lay on their back either hold their upper body up with one hand (back against your stomach or chest) support their but with your other hand and your in reach to where you can check the gender ✔

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