How to Tell if Your Dog Has a Broken Leg – Six Dog Broken Leg Symptoms

There is nothing worse than noticing
that your dog has hurt himself. The reality is that leg injuries in dogs
are pretty common. So how do you figure out if it’s
something more serious… like a broken leg? Look for visible trauma – such as exposed
bone, excessive blood, or the leg bent in an unusual position. Serious fractures
after an injury are often obvious and easy to spot. You should be concerned if your dog
starts to limp or is unwilling to bear weight on his leg. A dog that is suffering from a broken
leg will often lift it up due to the pain. A hurt dog will often refuse to
participate in normal activities even the fun stuff. If your dog is refusing to play, walk, or
go upstairs, this may be a sign of injury. Aggression often comes from fear and pain. A leg injury can often make an affectionate
dog growl or snap when when you come close. Just like people, dogs often cry when
they’re hurt. Howling and whimpering in dogs is
usually a telltale sign that something is wrong. A dog in pain will often refuse to eat or will isolate itself. A loss of appetite is not normal and can be indicative of injury. If your dog is showing any of
these six signs you should get him to a veterinarian as
soon as possible.

58 thoughts on “How to Tell if Your Dog Has a Broken Leg – Six Dog Broken Leg Symptoms

  1. Thank you so much for this video. I still don't know if it's broken since he does eat but doesn't like to walk on it or put all the weight. He lips and seems like he is stretching it out ward

  2. does lifting leg always means its broken ?? because he do this from time to time i guess it didnt heal or something

  3. I'm scared my brother and my dog were playing then my dog hurt his leg then he went straight to the carpet and held his leg up.! Should I be concerned?

  4. i took my rottie to 2 veterinarians and both said he was fighting infection because of the fever and high white blood cells in his blood. but neither could tell me where the infection was. he still went for walks and jumped in and out of the truck. he was lethargic and not eating lik3 usual. i noticed he kept licking his front legs and paws. plus, he was jumpy for the initial touch but wanted more back rubbing than ever before. I looked at his paw and noticed it had a lump. it looked like an old scar that felt hard and skin deep. he was prescribed pain killers and antibiotics. the fever broke. and he is limping around now. he's eating more and more alert. the thing I'd like to know is how do I tell if it is toe cancer or if it is a fracture?

  5. we have a vet appointment to get a sonogram and xrays. so we'll know tomorrow, but I'd like to know. this will be the 3rd veterinarian in a week and already $1,800 dollars spent and I was the one who figured out it was the paw.

  6. my dog woken up crying and now she keeps throwing up ? and she has her tail down which she never put down till now also she wont walk on her leg

  7. ??? I am literally crying my dog shows all of these and her leg does look like she popped a bone cause I let her go outside to the bathroom and when I noticed she started whimpering and howling so hard I went for her fast and she didn't let me grab her I love her so much she means the world to me hopefully she will be ok I will try to take her to the vet plz guys wish me good luck well wish my dog good luck ??????

  8. hi my name is Kira and i am so sorry for all of your dogs that r hurt or even died look guys dogs mean the world to me I care for them more then I care for myself and my dog right now is whimpering and crying and I feel so bad ??? I wish nothing but the best for all of u guys and all the dogs I will pray every day until my dog gets better and i hope u guys do the same and I hope it works let's just see hopefully it will ???????????? good luck! for everyone -Kira

  9. I was watching this and found it helpful… until I saw my puppy running up the stairs and poop in my room. He always would run back and fourth in the hallway after he would do his business upstairs. (He's obviously not supposed to). He was running around the house just a couple minutes after limping. He only limps when he walks though.

  10. I cannot understand whether my dog has broken her leg or her waist is broken.. how can I understand what has happened

  11. i don't know what happend to my dog she some times walk in her back right leg sometimes doesn't if if i try to touch she come to bite

  12. My dogs is limping and her tail is down ans she is not herself she was by a chair and did something and then started crying i do not know what happen to her i am very sad about it ??????

  13. Hi everyone, please click here to support my GoFundMe campaign, Help our Hunny recover :

  14. help my dog is fractured from falling of the stairs cause of thunder. What could he eat for more health?

  15. I dropped my dog and I feel like I want to die since he limping he just lays their instead of running and their nearly 3 weeks old

  16. when Im carrying our dog and he is wiggling and I drop him and I start crying ??cause I touth he has a broken leg and My brother said the He's bone is break! but suddenly my mom tell the our puppies' leg is Ok!?

  17. Guys Help Meee,My dog can't walk or even run today,She just sleeps and sleeps,but can't eat or even play,she likes warmer places,but she doesn't even cry or something when i try to touch on her leg that she cant use..Does she have muscle pain,or joint? and fever? ??

  18. Yesterday my dog was hitted by drunk shithead using a wooden plank… My dog's lower spine is broken and will never be restored… Only time will tell… ?

  19. My 3 legged dog hurt his last back leg. He won't move, eat, or drink. He keeps on whimpering and the vet isn't open today but I'm taking him tomorrow? his tail is never down but now it is

  20. My puppy plays and eats but my puppy is unwilling to bear the weight.he was overexicted to eat egg n he hit himself ..what sud i do it broken ornot

  21. This isn the best way because my dog strains his leg a lot because he is super active so these aren’t the best way to do it

  22. Recently,while I was holding my dog,she jumped of and landed pretty hard,but it doesn’t seem like something serious.But now when she starts barking,she ends up whelping instead,as if she’s in pain.What would you say I should do?

  23. My dog got into a fight with a bigger dog and hide behind something and we can’t get him out but treatment is like 1,000 and we don’t have that ???

  24. This video was pointless in telling where that your dog's leg was broken, because all of these things that talks about can apply to any dog injury. I know my dog is hurting. I want to know if it's a sprained leg or a broken leg. Both of them well elicit all of these responses

  25. This morning our dogs were playing under my watch. My nine week old German Shepard puppy began to run up to me, but before she reached me my older dog ran into her, sending the puppy rolling. I ran up to the puppy, who was howling, and picked her up and rushed her inside. She try’s to play, but is limping pretty bad. She eats, let’s me examine her paws without issue, but I feel bad for her, and I think her paw or leg may be broken. She is whimpering a lot

  26. My puppy just were playing.. But my puppy fight with my another dog ….my puppy cry and me and my mom go to hospital and medical my dog 🙁

  27. My dog fell from a chair..she is not bleeding..idk whether she is hurt..the dog was barking very sad..she's a puppy and idk what to do..she can still walk..

  28. I found a dog outside my house it is raining and he is limping he has medical tags but no tag with owners #.
    He has been sitting on a deck by my house that you have to go up and down stairs I cannot get him down and I tried but he limps and whines animal control is not available here and I cannot take him in as my own because I don’t have enough money to do that I would absolutely love for him to be my pet but I would not be able to take care of him. 🙁 I feel so bad he was abandoned and hurt.

  29. Alright I have a problem my dog fell and is limping he can still put a little bit of pressure on it and he has been eating playing some what etc so I dont think it's broken. I THINK he pulled a muscle or somthing but I dont know. I cant take him to the vet for a few days cuz it's not open he didnt whimper at all when it happened I dont know what to do at this point.

  30. What about if a pup (around 5 weeks old) tries to get up and walk but can't and is yeloing everytime you touch it and cant jold it self up but is fine when it's laying on it's belly. Would it's leg be broken or weak (all its brother's and sister's can walk normal and it isn't the runt and i felt the leg that might be broken and it didn't feel broke but it was weeeker then it's other legs) any idea on what it could be?

  31. I was walking past my old chihuahua we adopted and i always make sure to swing my legs away from her when i move past her. This time i did the same but i didnt feel my foot even touch her. Suddenly she began screaming and biting my foot. I think i broke her toes. cause she loves to follow me around the house anyways and i dont know what to do. We have no insurance and i dont make enough at staples to take her to the vet.

  32. My dog broke his leg and he was always cryingand it looked fine but my dog didnt i was like help my dog is dying

  33. My dog has a broken leg and he is my best friend ever and I love him so so so much I hope he will be ok 0?????????????????????????????????I love my dog so much

  34. Nice video…. but the position of the dog in the aggression slide is actually a playful dog doing a “play bow”! ?

  35. My dog lifts his back leg up, usually when he wakes up he keeps it in the air. He still runs on all 4 though, he runs and jumps he just doesn’t put weight on it sometimes :/

  36. I had thought my dog leg had been broken for a sec so I searched a way to find out if it actually was so I clicked on this video for some help and I’m sooo thankful that my dog didn’t have a broken❤️

  37. My dog hasn't eaten for 2 days now. He just sits on his mat beside my bed. I know somethin is wrong with him. 3 days before his poop wasn't that solid. last night he threw up blood. Right now he won't even drink water. I'm so scared of what will happen to him, he's been with us for 2 months but I love him so much. Someone please help me

  38. We think my dog just broke his paw/leg first thing I did was call my mom and look on YouTube, we are gonna take him to the vet as soon as possible ): he’s just so big and clumsy

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