How To Tell If Your Crested Gecko Is Male Or Female

Hey y’all, welcome back. My hectic life, that’s what we talk about,
all things, pet and pet related, and today we’re gonna. Talk about how you can tell if you’re a crested. Gecko is male or female. Now I never really planned on breeding my
ghecko or anything, so I wasn’t really worried about whether or not my Gecko was male or
female, but I definitely was curious. So when I first did get brock, he was pretty
tiny and it was hard to tell whether or not for sure he was a male or a female ghecko. Now I did think that I maybe saw pores when
I first brought him home, but I was not 100 percent sure and around four months of age
then he started developing a hemipenal bulge. Now, adult male Geckos are typically pretty
easy to spot as they will develop a very large hemepenal bulge just behind their vent. Oh, if you can see this right here, this is
a hemipenal bulge. This bulge often will appear on the Mel Gecko
between five to nine months. Some females will develop a fatty layer that
can appear as a bold and be mistaken for a male. If you’re unsure, you can check for pores
as shown in this picture. The pores and adult males can usually be seen
with the naked eye. These pores allow the Gecko to excrete a waxy
substance that contains pheromones. These pores can typically be seen above the
vent appearing as small dots in a bit of an upside down v shape in juvenile crested Geckos. It can be very difficult to tell whether or
not your Gecko is male or female. For these animals and magnifying glass can
be used to get a good enough look to see a line of pre anal pours spreading partially
at the leg. Females will not visibly have these pores. There are other towels that sometimes breeders
will use, such as. Males typically have larger heads than females
think or bodies and females and larger spurs and females. Sometimes females will have a larger head
or larger spurs, so this method is never a guarantee as to whether or not you’re in juvenile
Gecko is male or female. With some Geckos you can use a jeweler’s loop
to also try to check to see if you see pores and whether or not the Gecko might be a male
or female, but typically waiting until your Gecko is between 18 to 20 grams is usually
about when you can tell whether or not they are male or female. Now I don’t necessarily recommend that if
you are not already a breeder, that you start breeding Geckos. The market for breeding crested Geckos is
starting to become a little bit saturated, and so if you start breeding them, you might
have a really difficult time unless you’ve come out with a new type of pattern or strain. So anyway, guys, that’s all I really have
real today. As always, thank you so much for watching. I love you guys and I will see you in my next

8 thoughts on “How To Tell If Your Crested Gecko Is Male Or Female

  1. I really want a crested gecko but am so overwhelmed with the expense and care and supplies list ? I think I’ll be sticking with fish for now :/

  2. Troll is always balls to the wall. Wants you to KNOW he's a dude. And yeah the market is getting very over-saturated.

  3. Can someone please help this is urgent.

    My crested gecko Dart was walking around on this fake tree he has outside his cage for him to be handled on.

    But his vent was bleeding

    He licked the blood and now the budget under his vent is moving very oddly.

    This isn't normal for him as usually the most movement he gets round his bum in when he is pooping and wriggling

    Was he trying to drop his tail?


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