How to tell how your bully will turn out

what's up everybody I just want to do a quick video we're here at Carolina bully farms and uh little blue guy he'll be leaving Monday off the owner watches the videos or not but he'll be heading out soon well MC here says what's up and I both of these little puppies are looking incredible this one's a little older more in its lanky stage but he still looks absolutely awesome you wouldn't even be able to tell he's in his lanky stage until you see how he ends up finishing out but uh I was going to show and talk about a little bit was trusting your dog's pedigree I have a lot of people message me and they'll be like how do I tell hope my dog's going to turn out like really until it's two years old the only way to tell is by looking at the parents looking at their grandparents on both sides the great-grandparents all of them and here's two perfect examples mo monkey and peaches and they um both mo monkey I mean a lot of y'all know the story we got mo money for $1,800 when he was six months old no one thought he was going to turn out no one thought it was going to look good and they go sold him during his lanky stage and right now now he's a champion atomic dog mascot one of the the most famous bullies of all time Craigie with whole blood strand behind of him Lisa is another example Lisa here no one wanted her we knew she was gonna look awesome as a puppy because we mean you were pedigree she's money lon we know all the parents and everybody but everyone thought she had a long muzzle long back what going to turn out and I mean she's just one of the most famous bully females in the world one of the original micros and having there's tons of examples of them IMing miss bouncy-yo a lot of young her one of our females she's a big KC champion female and back when baby KC shows were really big pocket champion in the hardest class no one thought she was going to turn out she was gosh I remember what we paid for her like a thousand or something misfit that produced too fat no one wanted her thought she was going to turn out $500 for her she produced sweet monkey too fat or not on my bad my bad to fat was awful sweet money so too fat was a granddaughter of misfit but misfit produce sweet money King monkey grand champion King money miss money that's big country's mom I mean there's a whole misfit strand that's just one of the best breathing's we ever done mo and misfit I both thought we repeated it first time was just sweet money next time there was a bunch of flammable dolls and here I'm here Lisa stop being a brat Lisa come here girl um a lot of them in here some of them is done finished out some of them is in there lanky stage but the important thing is you know the pedigree behind your dogs and you got to wait for me be patient I've had people buy puppies from us and they'll call it for anywhere between four to ten months old and think it's not turning out it's not looking good now I always tell them just wait see how it looks when it's about a year and a half and everyone always is just blown away and call me back tell me I was right send me pictures how good it's looking and I know this because we research the pedigrees I mean I always say – it's not just about the pedigrees by any means you have to look the reason you need to look at the pedigrees it's to see what the actual dogs are o'clock I mean it can have a great pedigree be nine times Dax five times mo money ten times little ro which that's way too heavily inbred bunderslaw and some big-name dogs out there it can have a great pedigree but none of the dogs that was off of those dogs that are up front those dogs could be five generations back and none of the offspring it's just all ugly offspring off of those dogs because every dog has a few bad offspring and if it's all bad looking dogs our dogs don't fit your style then then it's probably going to turn out the way you know you want it to even if it does have a bunch of great dogs somewhere way back in its pedigree you got to look at the first three generations and look at the style of the dog if the dogs look like what you want then the pups probably gonna turn out how you want so just a little uh I don't know what you call that educational quick video old-school everyone's out right now do stuff but me I'm here cleaning everything so just a quick show y'all the little talk I've been meaning to do this video and I'm freezing to death so I'm gonna cut it off here and get everything done thanks for watching remember to Like favorite and subscribe and God bless

21 thoughts on “How to tell how your bully will turn out

  1. I was just wondering do you have video of any of the litters you dogs have because all the videos i watch i can't find any with puppies ill see one or two but they are different ages. I would like to see the kinds of puppies your dogs produce

  2. I prefer taller bullies with big heads and non cropped ears. My uncle has one that looks like that and i wanted one

  3. these guys are LEGIT follow there i.g they reply to you only about bussiness though no b.s but they're very good peoples tho ? #cbf

  4. Is there any way I can send you a pic of my new / first baby and give me advice of what you think “type” I rescued him from a drug addict seen the Mom she looks like Mo money

  5. Haha last time I went to the pound I adopted a lab mix name Apple and it was the worst decision she was 8 months keep eating holes in my trial and came home to a few dead cats we adopted her because we was not allowed pit or bulldogs I had over 13 pits and a 400 pound pig fence in 8 acres they all got along good my dad adopted a male pit it keep running the fence with my dogs I didn't think anything of it Intel one morning i came out side and noticed there was makers on my dogs I thought it was my 400 pound pet pig but later that day my dad called me asked me if there was a fight over at my place he brought the dog back to the pound and the Mark's Heald up and it didn't happen again there are good breeders and bad all my dogs I had was from breeders and where wonderful dogs some health issues but what do you expect when your breeding for look it depends on what breed there are healthy breeds and there are designer

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