How to Teach Your Dog to Spin | Dog Tricks

Spin is a great trick to train. It’s really suitable for dogs of any age,
any size, and any physical condition. To get started with training a spin, you can
simply take a treat and put it on your dog’s nose in a standing position. Most dogs are going to want to
try to sit automatically because many dogs that are trained have a nice
manner set. So you are going to want to get him into the
standing position, and then slowly lure them around
in a circle to get the spin behavior. When you get started, try seeing which direction
your dog feels more comfortable going around in a circle in. Most dogs will have a preference. Pick the one that’s easier for your dog to
get started. Later, you can
teach him to spin in the other direction. So, for Jack, I’m going to put
the treat right on his nose, slowly bring it around in a circle so that he
can follow it easily, click, and then reward. I’m using the clicker to let
him know what it is that I like, which is motion. So I want to click while
he’s still in motion, not at the end of the spin. I’m going to do that a few times, until it
looks fluid, meaning he’s moving around in that circle easily. Then I’m going to start pointing my finger
down. I still have the treat in my hand, but I might
as well go ahead and get him to start seeing what ultimately is
going to be my visual cue, which is two fingers pointed down straight and then
following them in a circle. As soon as I feel my dog is ready, I’m going
to put the treat in the other hand, or in my pouch, and just show him the
visual cue and give the treat from the other hand. This way, instead of following a cookie through
space, he’ll be following a cue. Slowly, I’ll refine that cue, and you can
refine it as much as you want. For Jack, because he’s a big dog, I’m going
to keep my circle pretty big for him so he has an easy time following it. Sit for a minute, sweetie. But some people like something very refined,
like a little twirl. You can refine the visual cue to whatever
suits you and your dog. The other fun thing about spin is that you
can do a lot of variations on it. So once your dog understands the spin behavior,
we can now teach it in the other direction, for them to spin at our
side, or even to spin in motion. I’ll show you a couple of those, just so you
can see some things you can do, once you have that accomplished. So here’s a spin. Good. Now we’re going to see if he can do a twirl. Good. It helps the dog if you
change the name of it, so they don’t get confused. There you go, buddy. Then if you like, you can teach them to walk
along at your side and do a nice circle. You can teach them to walk along your side,
spin, and join you as you change direction. You can even teach them to do a little bit
of a figure eight, good, around your legs. Once you’ve got the moving spin,
and the figure eight, a spin to the front and to the side, you’re well on
your way to doggie dancing.

70 thoughts on “How to Teach Your Dog to Spin | Dog Tricks

  1. I taught my dog to spin without watching a How To video and she learned very quick. She gets on her hind legs and spins around shes a little show off 😛

  2. Thanks this was the best video I found. My dog sits as you said in the beggining, instead of following the treat. I am excited to try this with her!

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  4. Tried the wth my yorkie
    tried this with my French bulldog
    tries this with my pit bull


  5. I usеd a few seееecrets from the videos at to gеt our puрppу to stоp biting, digging, рeеing inside, and jumppрping on peopleeе. He’s a fast leaarnеr and masterеd 95% of it within a few dаys

  6. My dog is not trained he learned spin in two weeks may seem long but you should see how long to teach him sit and I thought him that

  7. I’ve tried to do this but my dog knows when I don’t have a treat in my hand and refuses to follow my hand without a treat in it

  8. My dog isn’t patient so he jump and spin ? and I can’t get him eat so much of his treat or else he will vomit so yeah but his getting it ! I pretend I have some food and he followed my two hand!

  9. It worked with my pug! I've never trained her before she is 4.she took some time but eventually she get the spin and sit!

  10. Why can't I have a trainer like you!!!! You explain things so clearly! I have been struggling with just the hand cue – I will start training this way tonight and let you know if I was successful. (If you want to know – assuming as a trainer you do ). 🙂

  11. My beagle puppy I teached her how to sit and my guard dog I teached her how to sit, handshake, and lay down but I couldn't teach my beagle puppy to do that other things cause she's too naughty XD but I even haven't said sit but she automatically sits

  12. Ok it's impossible she's to naughty I have a treat and circles it and my dogs follows it it's working but without the treat I do circles and she won't do circles

  13. This definitely helped, the reason why she is probably using a trained dog is because it takes days and a lot of patience to train an untrained dog fully. So stop hating on her

  14. I tried teaching this to my dog he either tried biting it out of my hand, or do a roll. what should I do?

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