100 thoughts on “How to Teach your Dog to Fetch a Beer!

  1. I just lost my sh*t when he cracked open the beer and started drinking. Then things got a million times better when i paused at 3:27. Idk why i enjoyed that so much. I like this guy for some reason. Good vibes.

  2. This was going well until my American Bulldog's teeth went through the can like soft butter. We are both covered in beer XD

  3. omg you're one my favorite Dog Trainer its because your videos my Black Lab knows to sit shake and high five soon my my black lab will know to bring me a budlight from my fridge im so doing this with my dog and omg i cant thank you enough and as a token of my appreciation im so gonna drop a boom big thumbs up you awesome mudda Dog Trainer Zak George's Dog Training rEvolution

  4. Holy friggin smokes!!! Zac is the hands down best dog trainer i have ever seen… totally subscribed n have been binge watchin all his videos… fan forever right here!!!

  5. Found this video to be super funny!

    However, as a relatively lazy recent below the knee amputee, I am going to start attempting to train my Catahoula tomorrow. Grandson, the current beer-fetcher will be in heaven if the dog and I can pull this off.

  6. My dog keeps bringing beer and stuffs out of my fridge. How to stop him from doing that now? You never taught when to stop?

    Imagine when you are asking for a beer and he brings the whole mountain of beer.

  7. Any tips for teaching a dog to “take it” or hold something in his mouth? I try getting him interested in the toy, but once I bring out the treats to reward him he doesn’t care about the toy/object anymore. I tried rewarding him with toys before but he’s not very “toy motivated.” Thanks!

  8. Brilliant just brilliant! Think I can teach my dog's to pur me a whiskey? I got 3 dogs if I teach one to open the bottle the other one to pur it in a glass while the third one is holding it…it would be great teamwork for the doggies and daddy happy ?????

  9. This video is over the top great. Problem is my wife doesn’t think this is a trick I need to teach our dog! I bet if I can teach our dog to bring my wife a Mikes hard lemonade she’ll be ok with it. LOL

  10. im deffonitly impressed, i have a baby german sheperd and she is so eager to learn trick
    only 8 weeks old and with two days of training She can
    speak on command

    i cant Streas enough how vital a Clicker is to help your little companion underatand positve Reward with positive sound

  11. Questrion: Is this possible with small dogs? I have a 9 kilos, 25 cm cockerpoo who maybe is a bit too weak for this.

  12. Can you do a video on keeping your dog out of the fridge mine figured out how to open it on her own so we have to have a lock on it

  13. Do you guys have any advice to teach this trick if my dog doesn’t like toys? She only likes to be rewarded with food. I’ve taught her to close the fridge but she can’t open it or hold it Bc I can’t use the swap toy for drink trick. Help!

  14. I was friends with a guy that had two large Doberman Pinschers. He thought it would be cool to teach one or both to fetch beer. It works great. He would say fetch me a beer. The dog would go in the kitchen open the refrigerator door and bring back a cold beer. This seems like a wonderful trick. One night one of his Dobermans got hungry and since it knew how to open refrigerator doors it had no trouble eating the leftover roast. Even spending money on obedience classes couldn't break this Doberman of the habit of rummaging around for midnight snacks. A little remodeling to put the refrigerator someplace where the dog couldn't get at it was necessary. What wasn't necessary is me laughing and laughing fetch me a beer

  15. So I got my dog to bring the beers! He bites a little hard though. How do I get him to soften his bite so I don't have any more explosions? Haha

  16. I’m just annoyed how the dog can’t close the fridge door. I’m sorry. (I mean right after getting the drink

  17. Awesome trick and nicely done! (By the people. The dog is always and already a good boi.) A bit unrealistic to portray it as something that is easily taught in a few hours – gotta respect your dog's tempo! Although some dogs probably could do it too, especially if they're used to learning tricks and have learned similar things.

  18. I have a problem, now my dog always brings me beer so im tempted to always drink, how do i make him only get me 1 at the time?

  19. holy cow. ive pretty much always been a cat person, but im starting to realize that dogs have more potential than i could have ever imagined. this just blows me away. i might get a dog when im older, but its hard to tell with how much care and attention they need.

  20. No backward chaining? Shouldn't I start with me on the sofa an him releasing the can into my hand? greetings / cheers

  21. My freezer is under the fridge and my dog has to jump to get what I want. She’s scared and I don’t know what to do! Please help!

  22. things that were once hard
    Like getting up and go grabbing a beer from the fridge was hard like you needed it anyways lol

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