How to Teach the Roll Over Trick | Dog Training

We’re gonna see if we can work on getting
Jack to roll over. We’re gonna break this down into small achievable
steps so he has fun and is successful along the way. First, the starting position for roll over
would be that you dog needs to be in a down position, preferably resting on one hip. So since he went down symmetrically, I’m gonna
just kinda, good boy. Make sure he can lean over nice and comfortably. Right now he’s lying on one hip and that’s
perfect. So I’m ready to go to the next step. I’m gonna take this treat and guide it kinda
over his shoulders. Good! And when he achieved the full roll over I’m
telling him ‘good’ and giving him a treat. If he had trouble with that I would have just
broken that down into more steps but he’s doing great with this. So again, I’m gonna get him into the down
position. There you go. Make sure he’s leaning on one hip. And, good! We’ve got the roll. He’s doing well enough with this that I don’t
need to put food in my hand right now. So I’m gonna start refining my visual cue. Good! And he’s over. That’s terrific. And then if I want I can refine it a little
bit more, make it a little flashier (kiss) and end with a nice finish into a seated position. I think that looks great for our roll over. You did a great job, Jack. Have fun training your dog to roll over.

99 thoughts on “How to Teach the Roll Over Trick | Dog Training

  1. Hi- Jack is a Shepherd mix (maybe a bit of Shar Pei). He was rescued, so can't be sure. But, we are sure he is a sweetheart! 😉

  2. Hi- It just takes patience. There is no race to the finish line in training. And remember, each dog will find each task challenging at a different level.

  3. Thanks!!! 🙂 Although I do not have a dog/puppy my friend had tried this strategy and it really worked… She asked me to subscribe this video. I'm sorry I actually would put a like to this youtube video but I'm new to this youtube account I made it 1 day ago so I actually don't know how to put a like to it. Keep it up!!!

  4. Not fair, that dog is already trained to do that……get some dog that isn't, so we can teach our dogs that trick

  5. It worked on my 4 month pit! But I would put the treat on top of something other than my hand…same concepts but it works!

  6. I tried this method but for some reason she won't roll over, she will look at and stop when the treat gets to were her isn't able to turn anymore. Any tips, my dog is a besenji

  7. I have a nine month old pup and she will not do this trick for me at all I been trying this sense I got her

  8. I'm trying to get my dog to roll over and he will over for a treat but at the same time he doesn't know what he is doing so when I try to get him to Roll over he won't which makes me upset but my neither taught the fit sit,shake,lay,stay without treats….. Help!? ((Btw he's a lab))

  9. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are such a great doggie trainer! ?
    I watch heaps of your dogs and they are awesome! My dog is great now

  10. I tried to do this but my dog keeps turning her head around trying to eat the treat but she already knows how to; lie down, sit, high five and beg

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  12. um… my dog gets almost there then flips over knocks the treat out of my hands grabs it and runs away and she is scared of the clicker what do I do?

  13. I tried doing what you just did but my dog will turn the other way instead of going in the same direction

  14. i thing most guys dont get is " dog sees owner like a food supplier it wiggles the tail not based on excitement " , i trained my dog without reward and hes is always calm

  15. Yeah no dice, my German Shepherd is like…why don't you just give me the treat buddy and let's cut out all those rolling horseshit.

  16. Hey this is a great technique, I’ve been busy training my dog as well with great success. Just visited Daryl Arktrom’s website (find it on google) and I’m really happy with the recommended method 🙂

  17. It's fustrating. All these videos are of dogs that already know how to do the trick. I'm looking for training tips. I know the basics but my dog still doesn't seem to want to roll over

  18. clearly your dog is trained. i tried with my puppies, they didn't do anything. Clearly your dog has magical powers if he can do that right away without pre training! >:(

  19. It’s quite annoying when the dog already knows the trick, it would be great if you could get a dog or even a puppy that didn’t know the trick and teach them roll over

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