How to Teach a Cat to Walk on a Leash

How to Teach a Cat to Walk on a Leash. Give your indoor cat quality time outside
by going for a walk. You will need H-type harness Leash Treats
and patience. Step 1. Use a small, H-type harness that fits the
cat, and a cotton or nylon leash. A harness fits if you can barely get a finger
between the cat and the harness. Step 2. Get the cat used to the harness by putting
it on them without buckling it. Put the harness on the cat during playtime
when the cat is more likely to be comfortable. Step 3. Reward your cat with plenty of treats and
affection. Petting your cat during your training sessions
will help your feline friend associate the harness with positive feelings. Step 4. Continue putting the harness on the cat each
day until the cat ignores it. After that, you can buckle one of the harness’s
loops for 30 seconds. Step 5. Build up to buckling the entire harness, one
loop at a time. The process can take several months. Once your cat is comfortable with the harness
completely buckled, let them walk around while wearing it. Step 6. Add the leash when your cat is comfortable
with the harness. Let them walk around with the leash for as
long as it takes to get used to it. Step 7. Go for practice walks around the house for
a few days. Step 8. Go for a walk when your cat is used to you
holding the leash. Let them lead you on the first few walks. Bring treats along for encouragement. Make sure it is quiet outside when you go
for your walk. You don’t want your cat to get spooked. Step 9. [Tug the leash lightly] Tug the leash lightly
to lead the cat on subsequent walks. Step 10. Be patient. Teaching a cat to walk on a leash takes time. Take the training process day by day, moving
on to each step only when your cat is ready. Did you know Only 20% of pet cats are adopted
from shelters.

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  1. is this effective for all breeds of cats? This may be difficult for cats that have been use to being a "stray" or feral cat.

  2. It doesn't take months, only if the training was done really bad. It takes around 1-3 days, max. 1 week for really sensitive cats. (Except the cat is highly people-aggressive/fearful or feral & doesn't even let anyone pet it…) I trained my 2 cats & couple of others from other owners, different ages & character.
    This video is a bad example for harness-train a cat, no surprise they say it takes months. Stuffing the cat's head into the harness, holding/forcing it, not enough redirection with food, ignoring the cat's body-language of discomfort & still moving forward and they even say to pull on the leash later…overall bad tips.
    I trained my cats to follow me outside from the first walk, without pulling the leash of course. (calling, treats, way longer leash etc.) The result is, that they follow me even off-leash (in nature) just like well-trained dogs. We go on walks for 9 years & they are off-leash 95% and never walked off.

  3. I did all of that on day one, including the walk. She started associating the harness with going outside by day two, which just goes to show how smart those animals are. It's been 2 weeks and Cookie walks like a pro now.
    When I take out the harness she gets so excited and runs to wait for me at the door haha…. Didn't even use one single treat, just talking to her in a loving voice and petting her every time she does something right.
    Especially when we walk at night when it's quiet and there are no cars, it makes her soooo happy. 🙂

  4. My cat loves outside but he is very smart and easily takes off the H harness by rolling on his side and biting it and can get out in seconds, he also runs and is very brave that nearly got himself run Over by a car , I tried other harnesses but he can escape those too, he also is comfortable with them inside and won’t take them off in the house, what should I do

  5. What about getting them used to cars/dogs my cat is perfectly fine until a dog or car shows up and spazzes out.

  6. It's going to be fun training my 7-year-old once-stray cat to walk on a leash (and come to me when I want him to as tugging the lead only causes him to pull harder.)

  7. I think my cat will really hate the leash but will like the fact that she's going outside. Whenever my mom leaves the window open since she's cooking my cat sits by the open window and looks outside. However, I don't know what leash to get her…a medium or small?

  8. "Should we put in the same effort to training and socialising cats as we do dogs? If we do what would be the outcome?" I tested this theory and you can see the results yourself over 7 months… (1:30 video)

  9. @HowCast how do you train a cat on a harness that's an escape artist my cat will slip out of any harness and escape

  10. My cat will probably hate he harness, but as soons as we step outside he will forget about everything. He loves being outside, but i don't trust him cause hes a trouble maker.

  11. My 6 year old cat had a surgery and he had to wear that lamp collar for two weeks, but he was used to peeing and pooping outside and at the same time the vet told us he can't be without the lamp collar because he can pull out his stitches – the surgery was quite serious and he could die, he got badly bit by a huge dog. So I had no choice but to teach him how to use the leash because he absolutely refused to use the litter box. The first time he got out of the leash because the harness wasn't tight enough, but after 3 days he was using it just fine and wasn't protesting anymore because he knew that wearing the harness and the leash meant going outside and he was really happy about that 😀 So I don't know. I believe it IS better to give your cat more time to adjust, but I'm not sure if you need that long to do it xD

  12. No matter how many time I put the harness on my cat she walked around all hunched down. And is still waking that way with the leash. Why do no videos show this?

  13. Step one put the leash on, step two never remove and make your cat deal with it, after a couple of days your cat will get used to it

  14. I taught my cats to walk on a leash and I can take them anywhere in the pet stroller (open, leashed in). But don't use those cheap harnesses, spend $40 and buy a walking jacket. The jackets are so much more secure. It does not take as long as it seems in the video, walk them around the house and then in your yard. But the stroller lets them be outside and get used to the outside noises before you take them in the neighborhood. Use the dog training techniques: cat on the left, don't let them pull, relaxed leash, etc. Good luck to those who try!

  15. We just adopted our little Sabrina ♥️ training her to be an active cat that's used to go out ☺️☺️ wish me luck ?

  16. My cat is among the 20%. Just adopted him on 7 December from Greece when I was there, expected to come home in about a month.

  17. My cat got use to the harness super quick. I fully put it on to see what he would do and he tried to bite it at first then ran around trying to get it off but like 5 minutes later was totally chill with it and just went about his day with it on. (I left it on so he could get used to it since he was fine with it very quickly I didn't see a need to go threw a bunch of unessessary steps)

  18. I wouldn't follow the steps in this video because (sorry if I sound rude) but they don't seem to know what they're talking about. Here's how I (somewhat) leash trained my older cat:

    I put the harness on him and let him get used to it. Can you guess how long that took? About 10 minutes the very first time and now it's only a few minutes. Once he got used to it I put the leash on him and took him outside; even though he hated it he got used to it pretty quickly and started to walk around. When he tries to go into bushes or the road I just give the leash a tug and if he's persistent I pick him up and move him away. Cats aren't like dogs so I let him lead me, otherwise he'll try to get out of his harness and either start choking himself or actually get out and run off (it's happened a few times). Also, don't be surprised if your cat lays down for a bit and munches on some grass or sunbathes, just sit with him/her and pet them until they're ready to go.

    Sorry again if I sounded rude, I just want people to know it doesn't take that long to walk a cat.

  19. My cat only lets me put on the harness if she can drink milk at the same time. I always get a cup of milk and put in on rhe ground beacause then all she cares about is drinking the milk. after the harness and leash is on i put her on the road and i let her go wherever but sometimes i just want her to follow ME and stay on the road. and then when i take off the leash she runs in the house.

    Long story short this is only the second day of having a leash and harness.

  20. Bought a harness. Going to give it a try. I know he wants to go outside becasue he tries to escape all the time. When he does get out he hides under the house. Hope it helps. I'm going in with heavy gloves on.

  21. First of all, in most cases it is unlikely to take so much time for your cat to love this. So just give it a few tries.

    Anyone know what kind of cat breed is in the video? It looks almost 100% like mine, and I would be very interested to know since I adopted mine.

    Btw…. my cat does not care a single bit about collars or harnesses. Be they with bells or whatever, he is perfectly fine with me putting them on him. As a matter of fact if i put his collar with the adress on him he goes to the backyard, knowing i will let him go out alone. And surely soon if i put him in his harness, he will be waiting for me to take him for a walk outside his territory

  22. I’m gonna need this information for when I move out of my parents’ house and take my cat with me. He’s an indoor-outdoor cat now, and needs both his inside and outside time.
    (Inside time keeps him warm and safe, outside time keeps him sane)
    It’s easy to let him outside now, ‘cause Mom and Dad’s house is in a rural area, and he has lots of space to run around. I’m kinda nervous to see how he’d react to apartment life when the time comes…

  23. it’s early autumn so i just take my cat out at like 10 pm and sit on the concrete with him cuz it’s dark but it’s still warm, that’s how i’m adjusting him to it

  24. lmao wtf I just bought my cat a leash and put it straight on him and he didnt mind. (hes around 8 months old)

  25. I just started walking my cat the day of getting a leash and harness and he's fine and did it all on his own. I used a laser to encourage him and catnip

  26. My cat was immediately comfortable with a fully strapped fairly tight harness. i thought their was no way it would be able to get out. I had a few successful following it around outside sessions, but not much luck guiding it. Some days it would just roll around in the grass. One day I took it for a walk fairly successfully and decided to try to jog alongside the cat because it was in a hurry. The cat got quicker and quicker and eventually spooked and escaped a fully tight harness with not much effort. I was able to recapture the cat with some effort, but it could of ended badly for it. I was in a large field alongside a road with very few cars, but plenty of mean stray cats around and raccoons and other mean wilds. Imo either let your cat wander on it's own and be a tough cat, or keep it an indoor cat safe with as much attention it wants. I grew up in a house with very tough cats that wandered freely. My cat is a baby and would get destroyed by wilds. I knew an older indoor cat that exchanged owners and became an outdoor cat. It got blinded in one eye all tore up and half its tail eaten within the first month. No thanks, not for my kitty. Some cats have a hunter instinct more than others. My cat sees a cricket or grasshopper or hornet and gives it a little attention but has no attack mode. Some cats just aren't built that way. I roughhouse with my cat some but only 25% or less of the time it wants to play like that. My cat is mostly a lazy loner. Only wants like 5 mins of attention before it gets bored with you and chooses a spot to chill nearby. It's a thinner cat in good shape so idk…anyways if you made it this far enjoy the rest of your day…



  28. i was gonna train my cat to walk on a leash as a joke but now i'm having second thoughts and i already ordered the harness

  29. I adopted an indoors/outdoor cat who really wanted outside. The first few days after I got him home he wasn't allowed out but was crying all the time to go outside, and I remembered my mom's cat had a had a harness and leash the cat never took to. So I adjusted it for my new cat and brought him out to the yard and after a few minutes he got the hang of it. He took to it like magic. Now we go out every day a bit before sunset and he has a specific way he likes to go, and certain stops he likes to mark. He took to it like magic. Hell even go sit on his harness and meow if I'm late getting him out. All I have to do is follow him and keep the boundaries at my fence line by not letting him go further. He barely tries to cross it now unless we see a bunny. Working on training him to walk on the side of the street, but he's scared of cars so I pick him up when I see one coming and hug him tight as they pass. We've only made it to the end of the neighbors yard so far. I'm taking it slow untill he gets used to the idea.

  30. I just dragged my cat till he walked he learned in about one minute I wasn't stopping for him because I have a large boxerpit that ain't stopping for anything. Now three dogs and one cat go for walk everday

  31. She lets me put her harness on now and she's waddling around with the leash. The big problem with this is that I can't seem to get her to leave my room, still. She is still fat and still won't leave my room or get out from under the bed most of the time.

  32. My cat always meows to go on the balcony and one time he jumped off and went under my house and it took forever to get him. He also loves watching the dog go outside and I sometimes carry him outside (until he starts to wiggle out of my arms) Plus we also brought him home wearing a harness and he didn’t mind it but the first time we brought him outside on a leash he escaped out of the harness and hid in a bush… I hope that someday we will be able to walk him.

  33. i want to take my cat out rn, my cat already adapted and it took 10 mins. Here’s how : i just let her walk around the house with the collar for 10 mins and then she got adapted. lol

  34. I just put it on and went outside, was a good walk my kitty enjoyed it, this video is BS as every cat is different. However my cat now wants to go outside all the time so if you plan to keep your cat indoors, dont go for walks

  35. Whenever I put a harness on my cat she just shuts down. I think she's confused because it feels like something is constantly holding her? We picked her up and sat her outside with us while we were sitting on our porch, she was completely still and silent for a bit, and then she just started repeatedly making a really sad sounding meow of distress. We had to pick her up and carry her back inside because she wouldn't just follow us back in, she would just stand there yowling. It was really pathetic lmao.

  36. i have been working with my kitten getting her use to a leash. i figured id start with her getting use to dragging a leash around the house for around 20 min a day hanging from her neck collar. and so far she is getting use to it were she is playing with her toys with it attached. and soon ill break her into a harness and a leash later on she is 10 weeks old. so she is the right age to start training. so far there has been progress.

  37. When I put it on my cat she started running around everywhere, would roll, then run around somewhere else and roll. It was the most active I've ever seen her. I gave her treats too, but it was before this video and I think I may have given her too many.

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