How to Tame Wolves + Get Pets in Minecraft

hey guys Mason 134a here and I'm bringing you my first minecraft tutorial and it's on how to tame wolves and have pets in Minecraft first thing you need to do is to get some bones and you just walk right up to a wolf after you have your bones and right-click on it and they'll immediately fall in love with you and then you can command them to stand and sit and stuff but some of them are trickier to get than others as you can see this one gave me a little bit of trouble I can find it and it was hopping around everywhere and so some of them might be really easy they might just walk right up to you and others might run away here you see me feed this guy five bones and he's still not tamed that'll happen so don't worry it's not just your computer or something all wolves are different and this one finally like got full and sitting down here I went to chase this guy down and if you can't find them just place torches and then they'll come to you because they follow the animals they hunt them when they're wild and so you can also make them sit after they're tamed and they have the red collar you can just right-click on them and they'll sit and stay there until you tell them to move this is great because even if you go long distances they'll still stay there unlike monsters and other things they won't spawn or die if you go away and they'll stay there so don't worry about leaving them in your house and then coming back to an empty house because they died it'll be okay and if you attack something like an animal or monster they'll attack it too as you see there that unfortunate Pig I accidentally hit it my Wolf's went crazy this one I decide to poke it see what happens because they get aggravated when you poke down they tacky red-eyes but luckily my wolves are a lot stronger so this is in the new update 1.4 minecraft uh thanks guys a lot for watching comment rate and subscribe and see you later you

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  1. I got scared when my pet attack the skeleton and I heard the last sound of my wolf bark and there was no sound or the sign of the name tag but when I went in my house it was there ?

  2. it help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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