How To Take Care Of Newborn Puppies

hi i'm jamie curott all from beach house veterinary center and sorry and i'm here to talk to you about dog breeding how to care for newborn pups initially for the first three weeks mum and the pups act as one unit she ends up doing everything for them feeding keeping them warm keeping them clean stimulating and them to go to the loom and cleaning up after them and at this stage she will be protected but it is really important that you still interact with her because at this stage the puppies will end up gaining their socialization skills from that interaction but just gauge it very carefully from what mum wants you to be doing in the first few hours of their life and mum will be feeding them every two hours but it's that first amount of milk that is really really special it's called colostrum and it has all of the antibodies and nutrients that the puppies need because their immune systems are so naive and by taking on those antibodies they can fight any infection because the bitch is feeding all of her puppies and the number can be anything up to 24 I think the world record is from a mastiff producing 24 puppies but usually a litter may be anything from 4 up to 12 or 14 for a larger breed so she's feeding a lot so she'll need to have more food and more importantly need to be drinking much more so that she can produce a really good healthy amount of milk for those hungry pups from about day 10 to 14 the puppy's eyes will open and their hearing will develop and there'll be a lot more adventurous interacting more with their their siblings and also monk but also having a good look around the environment within the whelping box at day sort of 14 after the second week I would really recommend you as the owner to get in touch with the Kennel Club so that you can register the puppies this will be the really important thing that when the puppies go to their new goom's you can have all the right paperwork so that they can actually register the puppies themselves as their new owners from about week three you can start to worm the puppies but do speak to your vet about their recommendations and often you might worm them every fortnight until they go anything sort of between six and eight weeks to them new owners from about week three their claws become really like little daggers and it's sort of necessary to trim them and keep a good close eye on them as time develops they are getting bigger they're more boisterous and mum will be producing less milk so by about weeks five she'll be wanting to spend more time away from them and at this stage you should start really introducing the amount of food that they are eating and as a result it's this fine balance that by the age of six weeks they should be fully weaned and therefore eating a really good complete and balanced puppy food which your vet can recommend which is the best one for them puppies temperaments will change so as prospective puppy owners come and visit initially I wouldn't let them choose a puppy before week weeks five because they change and it may not be quite suitable for them but when they do go then make sure that you have all of the right paper documentation advice that you can give these new owners and the most important thing is that they take their new pup to their vet to have it thoroughly checked over to make sure that they're happy this is just an outline to help you take care of your puppies but the most important thing have a really good chat with your local vet and they can give you more specific advice to you and your pup's

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  1. Had 10 puppies and they bully the runt off her boob. She seems to be losing weight should I bottle feed a little on the side?

  2. how long before I can pet an hold new puppies please let me kno dying for a cuddle I kno u have to wait so long incass they lose d mother's smell r sumthin

  3. My dog just had 6 puppies outside. I need all the advice I can get. What do I need to do the have a proper safe place for them outside. Thank you

  4. This is a terrible video. It gives absolutely no information at all. If you are watching this turn it off. You can learn more about rearing small puppies from registered breed breeders. This is a vet promoting feeding complete diet. Is he paid to say these things? Small puppies need milk replacer, greek yoghurt for probiotics, some raw meat and some good quality rice. Made into a mush to start weaning them. All he talks about is the Kennel Club and registering them. Is he paid by them also? You would wait until their coat colour is a bit more confirmed. Never letting prospective buyers near them until at least after the 1st jab at 8 weeks. He does not even talk about that. Also he talks about letting puppies to at 6-8 weeks. Where does he get this from? Pups do not sexually mature until about 12 weeks. So you should not be taking a male until he is mature and has his bits. The girls are less complicated. He talks about letting people view at 5 weeks. So they walk in full of bacteria and want to touch the new born pups. Crazy. This is rubbish.

  5. Why do female dogs get called a Bitch??
    I hate hearing that .
    Their dogs not Bitches.
    Why don't male dogs get called something mean??
    I'm sorry I hate it when female dogs are called Bitches.

  6. :'( very sad because two of nine pups that I owned died today because of getting cold and one had a flesh opening in stomach. Need help cheering me up.

  7. can i cut the umbilical cord by holding it with my hands and pressing it or do i have to use floss to tie it up?

  8. I just helped my finances chihuahua with delivering her puppies all on my own. But idk how to help take care of the puppies. I did get quality food and vitamins for the mom in order for her to produce milk

  9. my dog just got 12 pupies and 9 of them died the mom is an idiot she does not know what to do and i have no idea how to take care of them

  10. Great video! I have a question though.. On week 6, I should give them balanced puppy food, right? Does that mean their first 5 weeks of feeding TOTALLY depends on their mother? Or should I start introducing them to, let's say creamed puppy food during the 3rd or 4th week?

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