How to Take Care of Birds : How to Trim a Bird’s Nails

My name is Dr. Endre Sas and I’m going to
tell you a few words about how to trim a bird’s nails. Generally speaking it’s very important
that when you are doing either nail clipping or beak trimming in birds, you must be fast
because many birds are very stressful. And reducing the time of the interruption will
reduce stress, thus, reduce some possibility of some deaths in these birds. This problem
usually occurs in captivity in parrots and it’s very important to manage. Otherwise,
can have very serious problems, can cause very serious problems like chronic injuries
or rotating nails which even can have very serious digit injuries or can cause very serious
digit injuries. So actually when you are clipping the nail or trimming the nail it’s very good
if you have someone who help you and physically and properly restrain the bird. Then the clipping
will take place with bird nail clipper or even human nail clippers can be used. It’s
strictly if the nail is crooked then you can try to use a flesh line to see where the blood
vessel ends. It’s much easier in light color nails, birds with light colored nails. So
basically if you have an overgrown nail always think about what can be the background for
this. Probably the perch the bird is sitting or can be new additional problem or liver

14 thoughts on “How to Take Care of Birds : How to Trim a Bird’s Nails

  1. im not clipping , u idiot , restrain the bird?!isnt it better to leave them in a cupped towel?or liek mine , on a perch ?

  2. What an idiot – he says to do the procedure quickly so as to not stress the bird, yet he blathers on and on for two minutes and nine seconds without even trimming the nails. The poor bird must have thought he was about to be eaten by a predator, poor thing.

  3. Subtitles are an automated thing using Google wizardry. Its not an offensive thing, its an automatic computer thing. You wouldn't understand.

  4. This doctor is an idiot. I, like so many others who have commented, am horrifed at how he blabs on and on, not even giving decent information, and the poor bird is just restrained, probably thinking its life is about to come to a violent end. Poor bird .. idiot doctor.

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