How to Take Care of Birds : How to Trim a Bird’s Beak

My name is Dr. Andrew Sos and I will tell
you shortly how to trim a bird’s beak. First of all it is very important to point out that
if everything is normal you don’t have to trim the beak of a bird because it will tear
it away if proper food is given and the bird can chew, that is important for it. Usually
the need for the trimming of the beak will come out with parrots macows, probably cockatoos
so those kind of birds which are not always getting the proper food and the proper amount
of chewing material. In my hand this is an injured sparrow so this bird does not need
the trimming of the beak but you can see the shape of the beak is very similar to what
you would see in a parrot or in a cockatoo so it is very important first to be familiar
with what is the normal shape of the beak because that is what you are aiming at and
you would like to trim. But it is also very important if you get a bird which has an overgrown
beak or a misshaped beak, very often you cannot reach the exact shape of the original bill
because there is living an bleeding tissue on the overgrowing tissue so when you clip
it always be sure that you have for example baking powder with you or any other kind of
material which can stop bleeding and call the veterinarian if you get a crack. The other
important thing is if you have a bird which has an overgrown or a misshaped beak always
check what can be the problem behind it because this can be for example an unofficial problem
or it can be an any kind of internal organ problem for example a liver problem which
caused this deformity. So the most important thing is to think in complex and not just
the trimming of the beak.

16 thoughts on “How to Take Care of Birds : How to Trim a Bird’s Beak

  1. You should NEVER trim a bird's beak if you don't have experience in doing it several times before. Take them to a vet. This is horrible information to give people! You can seriously hurt the birds beak if you don't know EXACTLY what you are doing. Never attempt this with your bird. You can kill it, or seriously deform the beak, and the bird won't be able to eat.

  2. PEOPLE NEVER EVER TRIM A BIRDS BEAK!! it causes a lot of pain, it can even kill it!! if you are a vet your self with a lot of experience yah sure, but everyone else DON'T DO IT take them to the vet. And only take them there if there beak is way to long… as soon a possible.

  3. Thank this person for mentioning in he first 30 seconds that a HEALTHY kept birds will not need to have his beak trimmed!

  4. @boooomchakalaka Dude, I didn't speak a lot of english 1 YEAR AGO. Think before you speak, and mind your own business. :]

  5. @BestBella606 he said the bird is already injured, you release it and he will most likely die.
    He knows what he is doing,, right?

  6. See the video Parrot Beak Trim by Dr. G. (African Grey Parrot) and Lovebird beak trim by Dr. G. to see how to safely trim a bird beak with the use of a nail file, nail cutters and a dremel, without the use of anesthesia. Also see the videos Cockatiel exam by Dr. G., Canary bird exam by Dr. G., Finch exam by Dr. G. to see how to hold, examine and weight your pet bird to help keep them happy and healthy long-term. petsvets1

  7. A bird that has an overgrown beak or a mishapen beak …always check, it can be any kind of internal problem, for example liver problem WTF are you talking about? Am I supposed to give the bird an MRI? Get Lost and stay as far away as possible from all other animals!

  8. If that's what sparrows look like in Budapest, careful not to walk outside without an umbrella. You may encounter a pterodactyl.

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