How To Take Care of a Puppy: Taking Care of Puppies

Hi. I'm Dr. Katy Nelson for
Iams with Howdini. Today we're going to talk
about how to take care of your puppy. First and foremost, you want
to understand and meet your puppy's needs. Here they are in order
of importance. Number one, basic health– water, nutrition specifically
formulated for puppies, and sleep. Also, immunizations and
regular check-ups are recommended. Number two, safety. As with small children, you need
to keep your puppy in an environment that is
safe for him. Puppies explore with their
mouths and they learn about different textures by gnawing. Also, chewing helps massage
their gums. For your puppy's safety, keep things that he or
she should not be chewing on out of reach. Number three, psychological. Your puppy's greatest
psychological need is to be part of a group and be
socialized with other dogs. However, to do this successfully
you need to be a guardian he can depend on. Once your puppy's basic needs
are met, you want to understand the way he sees the
world so that you can build a strong relationship. Your puppy does not understand
the world to live in, so you cannot expect him to. Two things you need to
understand is that to them everything is edible,
and they will lunge at anything exciting. You, kids, guests, and other
animals until you train them not to. Praise him exuberantly to
encourage the right behavior. Give him treats, pet him, play
with them, and be stern to discourage the wrong behavior. Ignore him, stop petting,
or stop playing. Most importantly, be patient
and consistent. Don't be harsh. Puppies have lots of energy
and it's healthy for them to use it. Periodically helping your puppy
release energy will minimize his urge to dig
and chew on things. Spend time out in the yard
making him run in short bursts, go on walks
or play fetch. Puppies are used to
playing with their brothers and sisters. When they're separated
they're looking for their next playmate. Playing with your puppy will
also make him more focused on you, improving your bond and
making training easier. It teaches him new behaviors,
self-control, and will help him gain self-confidence. Like play, socialization is also
fundamental to raising your puppy. This is why socializing your
puppy as soon as you bring him home is important
for both of you. Socialization teaches your
puppy to be calm in stimulating circumstances, and
to obey when instructed. It also gets him used to being
touched, handled and even used to having hands and inedible
things in and near his mouth so that he behaves around other
people, kids, and his veterinarian. Also, know the puppy's
are sensitive. They can read facial expressions
and emotions. Be consistent about what things
your puppy does that make you express happiness. Also, be careful not to give
your puppy reason to think he's at blame for negative
emotions you have from other areas of your life, like when
you've had a bad day at work. Emotions are contagious. The happiest puppies tend to
be in the most positive and loving households. I'm Dr. Katy Nelson for
Iams with Howdini. I hope that you found this
helpful as you welcome your new addition to your family. For more information on puppy
care and training, visit

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