How to Take Care of 5 Day Old Kittens

this is a litter of five all together there are about five days old they were found in abandoned house they're trying to catch the mom but in the meantime we have to feed them I still have the umbilical cord on as you can see need to be cleaned up a little bit I'm going to a couple of things we need to do is first they need to stay very warm and it is warm in here at summertime but they'll get a water bottle before I feed them we have to go he pees for them we have to pretend we're the mom and we have to let them go the bathroom before we feed them actually going to simulate licking of the mother you're going to lick their little bellies and you're gonna lick their little personal area and what you'll see is that they'll start to conical pee keys on you or you'll see yellow on the thing so you give them a little rub you see if they have to go berries wanting to do this before you feed them now very important with newborn kittens is they can't be cold when you feed them now these kittens are nice and warm they came from the shelter you can hear them crying they're not with star jack so now that I've done that I'm ready to feed him okay now you never feed them like a baby there's two different ways to do with the bottle and the syringe you always try the bottle see if they'll take it if they'll do the sucking motion and I find and everybody's different I need to give it a little squirt to get a little bit in their mouth and I need to support the head and you'll see now this one's a very good feeder you'll see his little ears this is a very good feed or a very good sign at five days of old that this now that this baby is sucking I'm pushing and this is my own personal preference I'm putting a little bit of pressure on the bottle to make it easier you don't want it to squirt down their throat and you definitely don't want it to go down their windpipe so as long as this baby is sucking well I'm just going to let it continue now babies this age you can feed them every four hours but if you're able to feed more often the better the more often the littler amounts is better for the kitten although it's not always possible but definitely at this age I'll be getting up in the middle of the night okay and I'm supposed to burp a kitten although I personally have never done it but I guess you burp a kitten like you would a kid and you want to just give them stimulation you know petting kittens is just not fun for humans it's simulating what the mama would be doing see if this kitten wants anymore and with kittens little bits at a time is best and again I'm giving it a little squish to try to get some in there this is relatively a good feeder which is little mouths and then I did do that again today to go to the bathroom in a little while

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  1. Mam ye filter kaha milega? Its very urgent..mere yha two billy k bachyy h or unki maa ko dogy ny mar diya…abi wo 20 days k h?pls help me..jissy unki jaan bch jaye?

  2. はじめましてっ❗こんにちは?


  3. You are handling the kitten like you would handle a dead rat can you please be a little more gentle

  4. ممكن الرد ضروري عند قطه عمرها اقل من شهر بلعت حجر صغير وهلا مابتقدر تاكل او تشرب شواعمل ساعدوني

  5. At my home one cat given birth to 3 kittens after 5 days she went and not came we done the same for them

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