How to syringe feed a dog

right hi all I flit sir and over there in the corner I've got my doggy bone and today is his birthday but it's the time for his feed now so I stir in speed Bo so what I've decided to do is show you guys how I do this I'll keep it very short and simple I basically put a towel on the floor just here which is to protect my mum's carpet because this is where we are at the moment I've been taking a sarong which is then what I use to wrap around Bo and it's basically to stop him from running away and it's also to keep him clean he's quite furry and I don't want all the mixture to go down his fur so this is what I use this for and this gets placed just on the floor in front just by the tail I'll just put the phone down so you can have a look just like this and then I sit back for his feed so I want to call him over now come here Bobo okay dinnertime dyndns what good boy come on and here we have Bobo I'm just going to turn him round come on granddad oopsie there we go sit down for me sit down good boy and what I do with this towel of my sarong is I wrap it round one way like this doesn't look very impressed Timon bye-bye good boy and then I wrap it round like this then I poke his eyes out because it makes him look a bit funny i tuck this in like that and as you can see he's all ready for his feed so what I've got him in his mixture are two cups of cooked rice I have three egg whites one egg yolk a handful of green beans and some blueberries which is what I give to him and also some of his aluminum hydroxide powder so that it can bind with phosphorous in his system so I have this in a cup he has three today which is basically what that mixture makes with a lot of water inside the consistency you want for this mixture is like a quite a thick milkshake because if it's too thin it basically just dribbles on the side of his mouth and if it's too thick you can't squeeze up through the syringe syringe I use is just this it's a 20 mil syringe that I got from my vets yesterday it was about a pound and he does to one's got short nib this one's got a longer nib but this is fine for both because he's quite small he's got quite small teeth and this is what I use I've now managed to teach him how to have half of his syringe at a time this is taken us about two weeks to get to that stage but I'm for the purpose this video I'm just going to do and just short amount sushi which is how I started off doing it so to make sure the syringe is working and then all I do it's mixed up these mixture here in front of me and then I stuck it up for the syringe I tap off the excess like this I'm also give it a wipe as I don't like it's all getting stuck to his mouth and then two syringe it to by what I do here on the corner on the side of his mouth if you lift up his his top lip there you will see that he has a gap between his front teeth and the few in his back teeth what I do is I place the nib of this syringe just there into the corner of his mouth and I push very slowly maybe one meal one and a half mil at time so bye-bye you can have your din dins now I know so lift up the corner of his mouth give them a little squirt and let him swallow that down lift up the corner of his mouth let him lick that down you don't want to push this syringe at the front like this and you don't want to push that in and push it too far too far because number one it's going to choke him secondly it's all going to come out on the other side it was all going to come down here so just take it nice and easy go calm I find that if I sit like this next to him this works a lot easier for me if I tend to sit like this I tend to lose control of what's going on so I have found if I sit like this it's a lot easier for the both of us for some reason he doesn't like me syringe in this side of his mouth he only likes this side so I just give a few guys that nice bow bow and when I hold him like this I'm not forcing him I'm just resting my hand on his mouth I'm not forcing I'm not clamping my fate my hand down onto his face or anything like that as you can see he's licking it which means he wants me to go a little bit faster so this is how we do it now because he's gained my trust he knows I'm not going to put too much in his mouth what I do is I lift up his lip and as you can see he automatically started licking there and I just push ever so slightly down very slowly and I do about five eight mil at a time and there you go good boy I'll just do one more suck it through this syringe wipe it down I was he tends to get a bit messy lift up the corner of his mouth and I'm just supporting his face I'm not actually holding him down or or hurting in any way so what I do is about five mile at a time and then I just let him suck that down lick that down have a little rest and then we carry on again a nice I can't gauge where the gap in his teeth are automatically so I always lift up his lip to make sure that I'm not poking the syringe into his gums and hurting him too much and there you go and that's our video and now I'm going to go finish feeding him because I think he's quite hungry today good luck

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