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hi guys today I'm going to be talking to you guys about how to prepare for MCAT MCAT stands for medical college admissions test and it's a standardized exam that you take to get into medical school and why is it important it's going to determine what medical schools you can get into based on your score and also it's supposed to be predictive of how well you do in medical schools and on the step exam so MCAT consists of four different sections first section is the physical and chemical foundations of biological systems so basically your physics and Gen chem classes second part is critical analysis and reasoning skills basically your verbal sections Mo's your verbal section on your SATs but their section is biological and biochemical foundations of living systems basically your biology courses and your biochemistry courses the last section is psychological and social and biological foundations of behaviors so that will be your psychology classes and maybe abnormal psychology and sociology classes so the preparation is broken down into three different sections number one is college classes so there are seven classes that you should take in college before taking the MCAT number one is one year of introductory biology so by one year I mean first semester and second semester so basically two courses of biology second is one year of general chemistry there it is one year of organic chemistry four is one year of physics five is one semester of biochemistry six is one semester of introductory psychology and seven is one semester of sociology I also personally recommend anatomy and physiology cell biology microbiology immunology Maddox and some brain and behavior or some neuroscience classes these classes are required per se but they help me kind of prepare for medical school and also gave me a better understanding of the required classes that I have to take so once you've taken all the courses next is step two and step two is content review and ideally you want to do three to four months of content review and this obviously depends on whether you're still taking classes in college or if you're working or if you're dedicating this whole time to MCAT studying only but I think three to four months is a good time frame because it's enough time to cover all the content that you need to cover without being so long that you burn off from studying again this depends on the person so some people might get away with barely studying couple months other people might a little more time so you really have to ask yourself what kind of person you might be and give yourself enough time so when you're doing content with you there are some things that you should consider number one is how much time you have until the exam date so you do have the option of changing your test date after you sign up for the test but I really recommend that you don't do that because it's easy to push your test date further and further and it makes you procrastinate and it just delays the whole thing so I suggest that you pick an exam date and really stick to it try not to postpone it unless something really serious comes up another thing you should consider is how much money you're going to be spending so there are a lot of prep courses that are available and they're obviously pretty expensive so you need to ask yourself are you the type of person that can stay on top of your stuff and really be disciplined on your own then maybe don't need a prep course like Kaplan or Princeton Review but if you need extra motivation to sum something to just keep you on top of things and maybe signing up for a cup of prep class is a good idea a good way to stay motivated and stay on your schedule is to write on your calendar what your when your exam date is and kind of divide up your content week by week or maybe assign however many days to file however many states to biochem so you can stay on schedule okay so the last step is exam practice and strategies so when you're done reviewing the content you have to practice taking the exam practice practice practice MCAT is a CBT which means computer-based tests so you really have to get used to taking the exam on the computer and be familiar with the interface of the exam software for me this was a little hard because I was very easy taking the paper exam so I was used to you know taking notes on the side highlighting or ready underlining stuff and crossing out answers and some of these features are available on the software of the exam but you have to be familiar with it my best advice is to use the official exam that's available on AMC they also have some questions that's available on their website as well that you have to purchase but I want to I want to say that you should save these AMC official questions until the end because they're really the best predictor of how you're going to do on the actual exam since they are very similar to the actual exam in terms of difficulty so you want it you don't want to waste these questions earlier on when you're not fully prepped to take the exam for me my performance on the AMC exam was very predictive of how I actually did I make them cap so that's a good way to kind of wage kind of gauge where you are in your preparation some other advice that I can give you is for the verbal reasoning section you can utilize some LSAT questions that are available I believe all that all sets are public so you can you can use their reading comprehension section which is very similar to the verbal section on the MCAT and do those times you want to make sure that you're doing these practice exams time so you can get used to doing questions under pressure so that's all the tips that I have for you guys make sure that you get plenty of rest before your test date do a dry run to the testing center so you guys know where it is exactly and you can figure out how parking works and everything like that make sure you get plenty of rest before the test day and if you all the tips and you can study hard I'm sure you guys will do great so thank you for watching and I will talk to you guys in the next video bye

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  1. Learn to count. You stated twelve classes not seven. Why should I trust your info when you have mislead me in one minute forty-two seconds.

  2. With respect to the pre-med courses, I'm now a Ph.D. student(biochemical engineering degree, but dealing with pure molecular and cell biological research topics ) in China. Our course settings during college was totally different from that in the US, like we don't have a course named general biology, but we do have biochem etc., what should I do to meet the pre-med course requirements ?

  3. I am still aiming for Med school, it would be another 5-6 years before I am able to apply. How can I start now, before being able to get back into school? I am restarting my post secondary after bad luck since high school. I would like to start studying early and I don't have much money especially since I need to do pre-calculus.

  4. I have a question – Some of these classes I'm taking in my last year of college, but need to take the MCAT before that. How do you think I should best prepare for the MCAT section corresponding to the classes that I haven't taken yet? (The only one would be biochemistry)

  5. There is no need for all the little stuff in the beginning. If someone wants to get tips on studying for the MCAT I think they know what the MCAT is and that pre req classes help prepare for the test lmao

  6. Hey I am Aparna..really want to crack MCAT.. could you please refer some Books, reading material. Please do help as I have no clue.

  7. hello I need ur help. I study science I have 40 page study packs to revise. how do i remember these. notes do not work.

  8. That LSAT practice question to was insightful.

    Perhaps consider lowering the volume or stopping the music while you're talking — it was a bit distracting.

  9. hi, I have a question, is the mcat something I have to study and learn on my own or does the school prepare you for it?

  10. I don't know if you've ever revealed this but is it okay to tell us your score and gpa? And give us advice and stories about how you felt during your application cycle? Oh and if you took time off or how you feel about it?

  11. I plan on majoring in Biology , and in this route my University offers a "Organic Chem for biology majors" that allows me to do my required O chem in 1 semester instead of two, would this really hurt me or if I study a little O chem extra before my MCAT should I be fine?

  12. Is there an online store or "outside" store that offers the MCAT study guide for an affordable price?

  13. do you guys have any advise on  schedule for premed class that will help me to finish those prerequisites for mcat before my senior year

  14. Just stumbled upon your channel + I am so happy I did!! I am getting back into school this Fall and Medical School is my short-long term goal. I'm not focusing on what specialty to get into, but rather getting through undergrad, MCAT, and the journey of Med School. Thank you for making this series!! I am devouring it all + it's wonderful to see someone who is going through it give advice. Xx.

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