How to STOP your hamster from biting

hey guys it’s me and today’s video is
going to be talking about how to stop your hamster from biting so the first
thing is you need to recognize why your hamster has bitten you is your hamster
new and have you tamed to them yet unlike dogs and cats when you get your
hamster you are going to tame them to become use to human interaction so it is
really common for your hamster to bite you if they are new and they just
haven’t been tamed yet because they are quite scared I do have a video on how to
tame your hamster and I will leave that linked somewhere on the screen and in
the description bar does your hamster only bite it when you put your hands in
the cage if so this means your hamster is cage territorial and you can solve
this by upgrading the cage because most of the time a hamster who is cage
territorial has a quite of a small cage did you just eat if so your hamster
probably just confused you with a snack hamsters have a really really good sense
of smell but a really poor sense of vision so if they do bite you because
you’ve just eaten it’s probably your fault so to prevent that just try
washing your hands before you handle your hamster did you just wake your
hamster up or did you scare them hamsters are nocturnal / crepuscular so
if you did wake them up they may be grumpy if you have scared your hamster
biting is your hamsters way of defending themselves so to prevent scaring your
hamster try talking quietly around your hamster and have slow movements around
your hamster so if your hamster still bites after all of that continue with
the taming process you can use gloves such as mittens to get your hamster used
to the feeling of being lifted up because sometimes hamsters get really
scared and they don’t understand why they’re being picked up so wearing
gloves can help you prevent getting yourself bitten and it can help your
hamster get used to the feeling of being lifted up use treats as rewards if a
hamster realizes that when it doesn’t bite you it gets a treat it most likely
won’t bite you once your hamster realizes you aren’t a threat they should
stop biting please remember that hamsters are prey
animals so they are naturally just really scared
and can be really timid another tip to prevent yourself from getting bitten is
that when you go to let your hamster’s nephew or pet them try using the back of
your hand or a knuckle this just prevents them from being able to bite
you too badly because your back of the hand is really flat and smooth so
there’s nothing really to grab lastly just be patient with your hamster
sometimes it can take weeks or months to tame your hamster just to get them to
stop biting so yeah guys I hope this video has helped anybody who has a
biting hamster don’t give up you can eventually get your hamster to be a
loveable fun hamster so yeah guys thank you for watching bye

100 thoughts on “How to STOP your hamster from biting

  1. I hope this can help a lot of people! I've recently been asked this question a lot of how to get my hamster to stop biting so hopefully this can help some! I also have done this video previously but that's about 5 years old now and awful quality. Another thing I'd lie to point out is that sometimes not all hamsters will want human interaction or to be held this may mean they are just a "don't touch just watch hamster"

  2. My hamster doesn’t really bite me with gloves… but without them u know what he does?
    Chomp nibble chomp bite*

  3. Hey! So I got a new hamster called Bou a few weeks ago. She keeps biting me and will barely let me touch her and I’m not sure what to do. I’ve tried the bath method but she gets stressed and just runs around me and tries to get out. I’ve also tried putting treats on my hand and letting her walk onto it but she’ll only put one paw on it, get the treat and try to bite me again. We’ve tried bringer her out of the cage and into the living room via a mug. She just panics and jumps off the sofa. Whenever I put my hands in the cage, even if fully washed, she goes to bite me. I’ve managed to stroke her a few times when she’s been sitting still but that’s it. She’s currently climbing and trying to get out the doors to the cage. She also chews the bars at night. I have the Alexander cage from Zooplus so she’s in the right sized cage. I know this is a lot but do you have any tips? ^^’

  4. So i had just been given a chip and was going to continue my taming procces and i forgot to wash my hands so she bit me so hard bled alot and almost fainted ( i faint easily when i loose blood) so yeah im washing my hands everytime now

  5. My hamster is perfectly fine when I hold him with gloves and doesn’t bite me and he has a big cage about 26 gallons he is a Russian dwarf hamster but every time I go to hold him without the gloves he tries to nip and bite me and I’m not sure why but he has bit me before and I did bleed so it may just be me being scared because it hurt and before I had him my sister did have him for about 5 months I would say maybe and she didn’t keep him on the best environment so I got him a new cage and everything he needed but if it’s not me then I’m not sure why he bites

  6. My hamster isn't new and I'm feeding him and did the tame process but he keeps biting.I think hes scared but he's biting everytime i take him. Mk

  7. I’m watching this because Dumpling bit a lot. I always wanted to hold him on my hand properly but never knew how to stop the biting. He died last November and I wish I could’ve stopped him biting and had some proper quality time

  8. He can sit on my hand.he let me feed him and he stay on my hand if he wants.but if i lave him free in my room he is very anxious and he runs far from me.and when i have my palm open whith some treats on it he sometimes bit me instead of his treats!

  9. I hv got 2 new syrain hamster but while tamming when I put my hand inside there cage they start biting me and there bites are very painful so is there anything that I can do about this

  10. Srry but if my hamster bite me ill bite back… hahaha jk… i love my hamster i call it snow.. mine dont bite but its shy lol

  11. Whenever i go to pick up my hamster i get scared because i can feel her ribs and her breathing and i feel like i will crush her

  12. I know im VERY late but maybe someone watching this video now can help me

    My hamster does bite, she grabs my fingers with her mouth as if trying to pick up a treat. I know this isnt a problem if she does it once but she does it every time i show her my hand. Shes not scared of me I think she thinks mu fingers are food. How do I show her my fingers arent food?

  13. I have got a hamster so this might be dumb but how do you know if your hammy is tamed or not because my friend got one and the worker didn’t know ??

  14. My hamster seems quite tame now, she is relaxed and doesn't mind being picked up, she will even walk onto a gloved hand without a treat now. However, she still bites, but it seems to be more of a 'test bite', but obviously it still hurts! How do I get her to stop this? It's making me scared to handle her :c

  15. my hamster just bite me and it bleeds so bad and it's already an hour ago but it still hurts (though the bleeding stops), is that a bad thing?

  16. Mine keeps nibbling on me when I try to give him a treat. He's not doing it in an aggressive way, but he doesn't seem to take to the treats I have on my hand. I just updated his cage and he likes it so much better so i'm trying to find more ways to stop his biting.

  17. Thank you this helped a lot I let it get on my hand when I was about to put it in the pen it bit me I was just bleeding a little lel

  18. wondering if anyone can give me tips for taming my fancy bear Syrian? When I got him, the employee said he was quite bitey but I didn't think much about it. The first time he nibbled, didn't hurt, probably just seeing if my fingers were food. But the second time, he had just accepted a sunflower seed from me, but suddenly he just leaped and bit me, it bled a lot. He is quite new, about a week, but I'm scared for the future taming. He takes food from my fingers, but now I'm scared to feed him from the palm of my hand. Can anyone help?

  19. I had my hamster for about a week and he was really nice all the time, he rarely bit me so I thought he was just quickly tamed. Then, I upgraded him into a detolf cage and he started biting way more. Now it's been a few months and he bites me sometimes but seems okay other times. Any thoughts? this is my first hamster so maybe I just got a hamster that is a bit temperamental? Any thoughts?

  20. I just got mine yesterday and it didn’t bite me AT ALL. But today I put my hand in the cage, and it BIT ME

  21. My hamster bit me because I had water on my finger and she was thirsty so she licked me then but me

  22. Hi my hamster won't stop biting me! Ive had her for around 3 days now and i always wash my hands before i put my hands in the cage. By now she should be used to my hands in the cage because i always give her food and rearranging bedding and other things around her cage. I don't make a lot of noise and i always give her seeds but after she looks at me and if i put my hand in the cage she will walk towards it and want to bite it. Im super confused and im not sure if she hates me or not. 🙁

  23. I got my hamster and when i held them they bit me so what do to becuse i dont get the cage and other stuff

  24. So I had baby hamsters and I never knew i had to tame them but they are big now and they arent afraid of me so when I call them they know it's time to eat veggies or play time.?But now I know thanks

  25. My hamster just bites my fingers, but if I pull up my sleeves (don’t show my fingers) she is fine with it. I cleanse my hands before, but she still only likes to bite my hands ???

  26. My hamster haven’t stopped biting from the first day I got but I bought it from someone selling it so do you think they sold cause of that and what should I do? ❤️

  27. Please put a video how to tame your hamster im almost crying cause my hamster doesn't want to leave his corner or his little bed thing after bitting me i only gave him a carrot please help me im actually crying now

  28. Thank you for this video my hamster kept on biting me when ever I put my hands into the cage and I had to upgrade my cage anyway thx

  29. That’s weird my hamster still bites me after I washed my hands really well she’s mean to me when ever she bites me

  30. If i lift up my hamster with gloves, she does not bite. If I do it with bare hands (I have washed them) she bites ??

  31. I’ve had my hamster for over a month and she has a fine cage setup w enough square inches, i give her treats, i wash my hands, i don’t pick her up too often and I let her out once a day to get her exercise. she still bites me when I put my hand even near her. Am I doing something wrong or is this just what hamsters do? i couldn’t really find anything when I looked it up. Ive tried the training process(give them space for a few days, let them sniff you, give them treats, ease into picking up, repeat) three times. She’s just not budging.

  32. This really helped because I’ve been trying to tame my robovaski hamster for 2 years. Thank you for the tips!

  33. I have had my hamster for 6 months I have tried everything even A TREAT system she was thumping on her cage and she does this a lot and I thought it was because she was hungry but I feed her and she still does it

  34. My cousin's hamster is very territorial. If you touch anything in his cage, he will run at you and bite you! (His cage is 600sq) And my hamster nibbles my fingers. (I do wash my hands before taking him)

  35. I have a very active hamster her name is ginger I got her yesterday, I want to pick her up with my hand but,she keeps running away and chewing on the mush we put on her cage but I can like,pet her sooooooooooooooooooo this is gonna be hard

  36. I have two hamsters one is my sister's and brothers and the other is mine and they both bite especially mine if I put my finger up to his cage he will run up to it and try to bite my finger and one time he did bite me and it drawed blood my brother me and My sister all got bit so hopefully they will stop after I try this thanks for the info

  37. Does Hamsters have Rabies? Cause he already bit my brother but good thing my brother already got injected with anti rabies

  38. Hello there again!! My hamster is a bit of a biter, he’s learning to growl less and is taking food from hands ?? but really want him to stop biting aha – thanks for the video – hope you’re all doing well xx

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