How to Stop Your Cat from Attacking Your Ankles

Be very, very quiet. I’m hunting ankles. (WHISPERING) Let’s get catified. [THEME MUSIC] So it’s about that
time that I start answering the kind
of questions that get asked me every single day. It’s really important that
you’re paying attention, not only to the
behavior of your cat, but to the language you
use around the behavior of your cat. Jackson, help me here. I have a cat from hell. My cat attacks me
every chance he has. What? Your cat attacks you? Yes, attacks me. Every time I walk by
my dining room table, he is hiding under
there and he jumps out and he attacks my ankles. Attacking– that’s what
I’m talking about, folks. When cats play, when they
prey, when they attack, it comes sometimes
from the same place. It means your cat is hunting. This is play aggression. What is play aggression? Play aggression is the
act of your cat playing. Although, to your ankles and to
your knees and to your fingers, it actually doesn’t
feel like playing. But you got to
remember something. Once again, you guys, we
have basically wild animals in our homes. I mean, the wild part of
these guys, the raw cat, is right there up right
underneath the surface, right? Then what are they
going to hunt? They’re going to
hunt things that move just like their prey would
or as close to it as possible. And when you’re walking
by that coffee table, what do your ankles look like? Your ankles look like prey. So that’s why suddenly, sneak
attack, jump on the ankles, and then run away. He is playing with you, and
if he is choosing your ankles to play with, well then,
what are you not doing? Exactly. You’re not playing
with your cat. You’re not taking
that time every day that I’ve talked about time
and time again to play, right? And that means simulating
hunt just for your cat. Now, most cats who will
hide under the table, who will hide under the bed
and then pounce out– what do I call them? I call the bush dwellers, right? These are cats who
find their confident, their raw cat,
that little hunter. They find them under, down, low. Then that’s when you play with
your cat, and you structure it. So it happens every day. What’s appropriate is
an interactive toy. Toys that you’ve
seen me play with, I’m sure over and
over and over again. Long pole, a string, a feather
at the end of it, and then you wave it around the room. You actually have them
chase it around corners. Don’t forget we’re dealing
with a bush dweller here. So they may love having
a toy up in the air. They may equally love having the
toy disappear around the couch, and then wear them out. That’s your job. But, Jackson, you say,
my cat doesn’t play. You haven’t found that magic
toy and action combination is all there is to it. And if you regiment
that time of day– you know that I’ve talked
about this a million times. As long as you regiment
when that happens, you get that body expelling
static electricity when and where and
how you choose. So, folks, your homework around
bush dwelling ankle hunting is, first of all,
enrich the environment for your bush dweller. Make sure they do
have places to go underneath with little covers
on top of it so they can hunt. But then when it comes to
you being proactive and not reactive, it is breaking out
that toy every single day, varying the toys,
giving variety, because that is the
spice of a cat’s life is having different
things to kill every day. But make sure that you are
catering to ground prey. Get that engine cranking
and get them moving. Hunt and catch and kill and
eat and groom and sleep. Make sure you have
rituals, and keep it at that for a couple of
weeks, and you tell me if your cat’s attacking
behavior has gone down. Hey, listen folks. If you want to find me social
media wise, look at this. You can find me
just about anywhere, but more importantly,
we can find each other. I want to know what you do
with your bush-dwelling ankle attacker, OK? All you got to do is tell me by
hashtagging #TeamCatMojo, hey, Jackson, this is what I do to
drain that hunter energy out of my cat. You tell me, you’re telling
hundreds of thousands of other people, and we will
all be better off for it. We will keep more cat
in homes, and that’s what we do here
at Team Cat Mojo. All right, that’s it
from me this week. Folks, one more thing. In the name of loving all
animals, not just cats, right– because I know
you love animals– the folks at Animalist are
featuring sloths this week. Yes, adorable, amazing
little creatures. Just go to Learn everything that you
need to know about the sloth. Sloth? Yes, sir. The sloth. It is Team Sloth Mojo, man. Until next time, folks,
all light, all love, all mojo to you. Mah! Love you. [THEME MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “How to Stop Your Cat from Attacking Your Ankles

  1. Put insect repellent on your feet and ankles. It will learn very quickly that you taste disgusting and immediately stop doing it.

  2. My kitten is about 3 month old… She suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night.. And then the attacking mode is on. She has never bitten or scratched me but she tries to look at my fingers and toes. What should I do to not wake me up at night and how to train her that not to attack on me? Help.

  3. My family had this one cat, that mostly was a sweetheart, and once when I went to feed the cat, he rubbed against my leg and was purring as I poured the food, and the moment I turned and started walking away, he attacked the back of one of my legs and drew some blood. I never realized why he did that, I thought he had some form of schizophrenia or something. I am guessing this is why he went from rubbing against one of my legs and purring to drawing blood. He didn't get enough chances to hunt, so he had no other way to release his energy.

  4. I've got a 21mth old rescue 'kitten' who is a full on demon, he is really aggressive. I know he could have had a poor start to life but he now has love and food and I play for ages with him. He attacks my other very laid back cat which makes me sad. We've only had him for 5 weeks and are hoping his aggression will stop. He's not even bothered by the 2 big dogs we have either. I just want them all to get on without this "tazzy devil' in our midst.

  5. My cat attacks my mom when she’s sleeping/lying down. How do I stop this?They used to have a great relationship, the cat trusted and loved only her and was fearful of everybody elese. I move in: the cat now adores/respects me but hates mom…

  6. I play with my cat every day but it more often than not turns into cat aggression and then she attacks and I have to throw her out of the room by the scruff of the neck to stop her crazy biting…really hurts! Any ideas???

  7. Playing doesnt help. I'll play with my cat until my arms hurt and he still bites. I have a siberian cat. I have resorted to carrying a toy around the house while I walk and he still chooses ankles. This was not helpful.

  8. My cat is a year and a half old. He is such a sweet boy but sometimes out of the blue he walks up to me and puts his ears back and starts to bite me HARD! He continues to look aggressive and bites me! I’ve noticed it’s when I have no socks on and wearing shorts. He doesn’t like my feet or legs. But I’ve also realized it’s when I’m on the couch and on my phone! Like facebooking. Is it because I’m not paying him any attention? It’s far from being playful. He has a evil look on his face and then attacks my legs and feet. If I put my hand out to pick him up or pet him, he obviously attacks my hands. This will go on for at least 20 mins! It breaks my heart but he is also the sweeeetest boy! This happens at least once a day! The biting. Plz help me figure him out. Is it bcuz I’m ignoring him?

  9. my cat is like an abusive lover

    shes beats me up then cuddles

    i play with her till shes passed out asleep

  10. Why does my kitten run wild and becomes aggressive in the large room of my house she is normal in the other rooms plz help its been three or four days now

  11. Hey! A friend of mine suggested your channel and I'm binge-watching every single one of your videos since tomorrow I'm expecting a cat I gave twice for adoption and they didn't like her because she was aggressive during play time. I've already got two cats and I'm anxious as hell; the new one is going to be kept seperately but what if she keeps biting like that? Whenever she sees you're relaxing or every time she sees an exposed ankle and exposed finger she bites with great intensity, I've even bled. If you could just answer me with any more tips, I'd be grateful. I'm actually praying I'll help her manage and cope with any anxiety she has suffered. But I'm really scared. What if she doesn't listen to me? What if she keeps coming at me so ferociously? I'm also worried about my own cats but that's a whole new story. I hope I'll get to the bottom of this but her bites hurt a lot and the people that had her told me that they can't tolerate her.

  12. How about kittens that are 4 weeks that are attacking each other and jaw locking with each other's mouths what do you call that how do you handle that all night I know they want to play but that play turns violent and rough and they attack each other and they bite each other in the neck how do you stop that need help!!! Please help I have eight kittens to Mama cats that don't even want to be around them for that reason

  13. We had another litter but they were never like this this is every time between 3 in the morning at 6 in the morning it drives me nuts please help how do you stop them? they're like little cats from hell!!!!! Not all the times at 3 in the morning but it's random hours I get no sleep the mama cats don't want to be with them is crazy I separate them I wake up scared them screaming them being locked too each other's mouths what is that please help me any advice would help greatly thankyou have a blessed morning

  14. My kitten follows me around everytime he sees me and holds onto my legs when i stand still. I think he is scared of all the bigger stray cats that always come to our backyard and just stay there till you give them food.

  15. My cat is currently living in a small room because he's in treatment against sporotricosis. He was very sweet and fragile at the beggining, his health was terrible and he lost one leg due to the disease. Nowadays he's still in treatment but much stronger. I'm now scared of him and that makes me very sad, but his bites are very strong and violent (i had to take antibiotics due to the infecction of one of them). He also accidentally bite my elderly dog. I don't know what to do anymore, he can't walk freely in the house because I have another cat so I can't make his life very confortable now, but I do not want to live in fear of him.

  16. Jackson's solution to everything: you're not playing with them enough.

    "Hey Jackson, my cat got in the car and drove off."

    "Oh, get this toy."

  17. I'm constantly playing with my four-year-old cat and my 10 month old kitten. But the ten-month-old continues to hunt my feet while I'm sleeping at night I get to him in his a game because he's technically still just a baby but I would like to sleep throughout the night without getting my see cut up by his very sharp Kitty nails. Also do you have any Solutions as to why he urinate on my bed and my sofa question mark my vet says he doesn't have any health issues and that quote he's just probably a jerk and quote. My cat's not a jerk he's a lover however, I would love for him to stop urinating on everything both litter boxes in two different places are cleaned every morning so I don't understand what's going on help help help help help

  18. My cat gently attacks my ankles when he is upset with me- the minute I try to walk away without doing what he wants, I can see in his face ahead he will hunt me down, he does just that- hunts my ankles from behind with the softest kitty paws imaginable yet making me jump and nearly scream all the same- I can never be ready for that, it seems:-D

  19. We play with our cat a ton (though he never seems to tire out, at least not for long), but he has very selective play aggression. He won't do it to me, but he'll go from sleeping by our feet to sinking his teeth into my boyfriends big toes very suddenly. He could be watching TV, or sleeping. It's not usually when he is moving him feet though. Our baby it occasionally drawing blood from these sudden bites and really hurting my bf. Any advice past playtime would be helpful.

  20. I understand now why she attacks me but my problem is I'm never home.
    I work seven days a week 12 to 16 hours a day which doesn't leave much time to be home and when I m home I'm usually cramming food in my face and then sleeping.
    My housekeeper takes care of feeding the cat but she's only here to work and leave so she doesn't really have time to play with the cat either.
    Is there anything else I can do to occupy the cat while I'm gone?.
    I know I shouldn't have a cat but I rescued the cat from being shot in the head ….. literally.
    Some guy showed up to my door wanting to know if I wanted a cat and when I told him no he said "well if you don't mind I'm going to take him behind your woods and shoot him in the head" ….. I ended up with a cat.
    I also have a very busy highway in front of the house so I can't really just let her out Loose because I've seen so many neighbor cats and dogs run over here

  21. I have a female cat that I use to feed for my neighbor when he would go away to do roofing jobs until one day he never came back. About 6 weeks later she showed up with her litter playing in my yard around my wood pile and shed that I was building. I started leaving her some food and water again near my shed and gave her space because she changed, she more to the wild side but she never acted mean to me just that she was scared. Over time she started to trust me enough that she would my screen door as she uses too if I was running late with her food across the way at her old home. Over the last 3 years, I continued to give her space and the respeak she wanted until one day she left me a little gift, a dead mouse and wanted into my mobile home for the first time, so I let her in and while she was on the hunt I went to open the front door while I kept the back door open. It was amazing to watch her catch the mice and take them outside to finish her job instead of killing them in my home. About a week later while I was sitting on my back steps while I was watching her latest litter playing she came and sat down by me and let me scratch her on the back for the very first time and we grew a little closer over the following year. About 5 months ago while I had back doors and I was doing dishes I notice a little head poking out from under the table watching me so I went to see but the little kitten went out the door and back to mommy within a week the kitten started coming in with mommy as she did her work, it was totally cool to watch mommy teach her little girl how to hunt and communicate with each other than one day the baby girl didn't want to go outside and wanted to stay behind the space heater in my bedroom and I told mommy it would be ok and I would let her out later, I left the back door open enough for mommy to return to check on her baby that was then around 8 to 9 weeks old. It took the little girl about a week before she would play with me and hanging out for longer time periods but she runs and hides but where she can see who is knocking on the door and don't come out until they leave. Now for me, when I go to cook or do dishes Baby (well that is what she will answer to) will first sit by me then she will attach my feet and hang on my night closes like a child trying to get mom attention like when they want something, now we play a lot and she could be dead asleep until I get up and head to the kitchen. But my main concern is that mommy is pregnant again and looks like she will be having them real soon and over the last month mommy been short with Baby when she comes into visit and during this past week mommy been coming in and staying longer and sleeping and let me know when she is ready to go back outside. I am kinda hoping that she will have this litter inside with me or at lease around my mobile home instead of hiding somewhere else in the mobile home park. Any idea of what I can do so this litter can get used to people and get the care they need to survive better than her other litters because other than the ones that other people in the park would get most have died, Baby is the only one that she kept and shared with me.

  22. I did start playing with him more and I started playing games that he has to use his brains.. Also my cat has more toys than he knows what to do with.. My cat jumps up n wraps his legs around my neck n bites me on my neck like a vampire, not drawing blood BUT when he is out for revenge he will bite my leg HARD n draw a lot of blood.. Im about to get a cattle prod or something.. Ok jokes aside, I'm going today to get a small air horn.. They have cans with air in then that doesn't make sound but he would laugh at that like he does the squirt bottle so I'm going for shocking loud noise.. It might work, it has to because this can not go on n I just am at a loss at to what to do with him.. I'm not some first time cat owner.. I've had at least 20 cats in my lifetime n I make my animals family n I can read their meows n jesters so for me to not know what to do is just ludicrous.. ?

  23. Great video. My cat plays a lot. And don't bite me hard. Just love bites. You are very right. CATS NEED TO PLAY.
    When she accidentally scratches me. I show her the pain. Just one ohhh… Then she realizes.

  24. My cat doesn’t seem interested in playing with me, but in the other hand.. Whenever my boyfriend around, she gets lots energy and love to play with my boyfriend.

  25. What kind of Hunter is my cat she likes to play fetch with a small ball or a toy mouse she brings it to me and drops it in my hand and wait till I throw.

  26. aww i feel bad now. all this time ive been mad at him for biting me and catching our legs. turns out he just wanted to play with us.. but sometimes the timing for his urge isnt ok.. its usually the time when we are tired from a long day or night time

  27. Even though this is an older video I felt the need to comment.
    My beloved cat is now 6-7 years old, but he is a bush dweller and loves low places and he loved to hunt ankles and toes as a kitten, it hurt but that's when I'd just play with him and he stopped doing it altogether, Although I got a chuckle out of watching him do it to people I didn't like.

  28. My cat is crazy. He is the first male cat I have owned. All the females have been so good , most of the time but this young male I now have is almost non stop mischief . He is only playing most of the time I know but he can go from gentle lovely playing to mad, crazy almost spiteful playing in a matter of seconds. I have up to a hundred scratches and bites on my ankles and calfs alone which are now very tender and stinging. However I have sort of got used to this and now try and make sure I have my pyjamas on always at home to lessen the impact. The trouble is he is fascinated by the bath and the water so follows me in and out everyday and is likely to pounce before I can get my pyjama bottoms on . But leaving that aside what really annoys me now is that sometimes in the early morning when I am trying to get back to sleep he will jump up on the bed and dig out my hands and feet and bite and scratch them quite hard.
    I shoo him away off the bed and try and settle again then 10 minutes later he does it again, then again and again. I then have to get up and herd him out into the hall and lock him out there. He doesn't do it every morning , just when the mood takes him. Another thing he does which I have never seen in a cat before is he will reach up and deliberately pull things over onto the floor. The worst thing is he will reach up to any vase or bowl or cup and deliberately put his paw in to pull it over and spill out the contents , sometimes all over himself . I just don't understand him. I haven't had any of these problems with my female cats so I don't know why he is like this. I do love him so but he really does wear me out some days. I am hoping as he gets a bit older he will quiten down a little. Also like somebody else mentioned , at times he has these mad staring eyes looking straight at you as he is about to pounce and attack. It really is quite frightening sometimes. He comes at you like a rocket . My girlfriend says to me , don't worry , he is just being a little naughty boy , they all go through that . Well I hope she is right that is all I can say . Has anybody else had problems like this with their young male cat ? I will just have to make allowances I suppose.

  29. I need help I recently got a cat but she really does attack she latches on and wont let go and usealy draws blood when you get her off she leaps back and bites harder she even tries to go after your face most of the tine. She's terrorizing every one in my house including my dog who ignores her most of the time and has never bit her or anything like that I need help shes ruining my dogs life but I know if I give her to the shelter then she wont make it out because she attacks everyone

  30. Is anyone having experience with the face though? We take this advice and we play with our kitten often! We wear her out and then during cuddles she just attacks our face!!!! I don’t get it and it’s upsetting me .

  31. What if you play with your indoor cat several times per day, have a million options of toys to choose from, use catnip spray or dry to get him interested in old toys (but it doesn't work), buy a new toy every month, had him neutered, and still he pounces? He seems to have an access of play aggression. He stalks me in the hallway and up the stairs and grabs onto my legs and just keeps biting. It's really inhibiting our relationship at times.

  32. I play with my cat she plays fetch all day and she has so many toys. She has a huge cat tower…shes insatiable when it comes to play and yet she jumps up bites me on the arms and ankles! Is she just crazy?

  33. I have a bobtail cat name Maximus 8months 10lbs and just adopted him a playmate Simba 4 months. Sometimes Maximus grooming Simba the next he grabbing Simba by the neck and rolling like he's a toy, Simba starts to whimper and I break them up, I keep them separated most of the time. It's been almost a month and Maximus still keep grabbing Simba like a doll. I wanted to know is there anyway of stopping this or I have to protect Simba until he's big enough to handle Maximus.

  34. Be very, very quiet. I’m hunting ankles. LOL… It's true and my cat have same problem he always attack my ankles and hands when I got home from work. Every day I always pick him up and hug him and say I love you and play toys with him. I always love him and BTW I love your video!. =)

  35. I’d like to add that a treat ball has helped expel my cat’s energy and distract her while I get ready and do chores

  36. What if playing with your cat regularly doesn't stop the play time aggression? My 10 week old kitten constantly attacks me even after I play with him for 15-30 minutes. Its getting to a ridiculous point and he just gets this angry look in his eyes.

  37. I'm wondering if the way cats like to play/hunt always is supposed to coincide with the type of cat they are. My cat is very much a tree dweller. She hates closed spaces. Her favorite thing is being up. Any kind of up. But when it comes to play, she doesn't go up. She likes to roll around with the stick toy and be a little ground acrobat at the bottom of her cat tree. She likes to lay on her back and kick and attack the toy with all four paws.

    She is definitely an ankle attacker, though. She'll hide behind corners to pounce on us. Can't seem to break her of the habit. She'll stop to attack an ankle even in the middle of a play session.

  38. My cat's territory is pretty much every tiny hallway in our house and he must protec but also attac
    Seriously tho Orpheus can't you pick a territory we're not constantly walking through???

  39. Nope. I play with my newly adopted cat every single freaking day, sometimes morning and night with a variety of toys and yet he still bites my arms and legs…and my ankles while playing with him…he will go for my arm with a pole toy swinging right there. My last kitty who is in heaven now never ever did this. My cat I have now has been with me for under two months and he is 6 years old. I found out his previous owner never played with him for 6 years and she got married and gave him up. Her grandparents kept him and neglected him and underfed him…he went to the foster's house with a poor coat and underweight. She fattened him up and cared for him for a month and now he is with me, and I get the aftermath of his neglected years with idiots.

  40. My one cat will just look at a laser pointer with bordom. But bring out a piece of string and she goes crazy.

  41. I play with my kitten all the time and he still attacks. I can’t walk from one room to another without being bit. So your suggestions are totally worthless to me. Almost ready to take to a shelter as I cannot tolerate his behavior.

  42. What about when u ARE playing with your cat and she is biting/scratching your hands and arms and not wanting the toys…

  43. Jackson, here's an interesting tidbit for you. I know this lady who was a vet tech before she came to teach English in Korea. She said Russian blues have a not so good temperament when she saw my newly adopted cat's pic on Facebook. She said holy hell you have a Russian blue. My vet friends have those cats and they said they are absolute bitches. When I told her mine keeps biting me during playtime she said well I told you Russina blues don't have the best temperament and all the ones she has dealt with have been assholes she said. I'm sorry, but what kind of vet and vet tech refers to cats as assholes and bitches to other people? I asked her this and she said well we work with animals so we know about a lot of breeds. I told her I heard they are nice cats and she was like where did you hear that? Ummm…it's all over websites about Russian blues. Vet techs and vets don't know everything. They think they do.

  44. My cat is only a year and a half old and she has sooo much energy, I think because she is part siamese. I can't possibly play with her enough to wear her enough so she won't bite and scratch me – I don't think there is a limit! What do I do?

  45. I play with my Cat every day for at least 2 hours and I still get attacked, Both legs are covered with scratches, I'm looking for another Cat for him to play with.

  46. Omg my cat. I will literally be playing with him to distract him from playing with my ankles, and he gets bored of the toy and goes right back to my ankles. :p

  47. Mine attacks my toes …I can't even sleep well…she bites them scratches them..I lock her outside..she never stops meowing till I open again…

  48. Seems I have a bush dweller with the case of the boredoms. I play with him but probably not enough. I'm gonna form a routine. He l o v e s mice and string on a stick, among others I have in a toy box for him. Just need some more toys for variety, a more consistent routine and more play.

  49. My cat loves to attack my face. But I just start laughing when he does it, because it's so funny. It doesn't hurt at all. When it hurts, I say OUCH and then walk away and then bring his toy. I try to play with him and give him toys as much as possible though and it has been getting better. Maybe it's because he's an only cat though. We will maybe bring in a second cat.

  50. I play with my kitten and he still attacks me. I no longer think its play aggression and more Aggression, and intent to break the skin. I was just standing in the kitchen cooking. And my kitten grabbed my legs and started biting and clawing it which made my skin break/bleed. Its hard not to react when it HURTS. So i grabbed him and he started biting my hands (hands now have scratches and is bleeding). I no longer know what to do when I play with him at least 25 mins a day or even 2x a day.

  51. Got a kitten shes beautiful and sweet, we play 2-3 times a day getting her nice and moving at least 45 min each time but between play times she is an ankle attacker, and at bed time we play no less then an hour but the moment I lay down for bed she turns into a mom killer she goes for everything hands, feet, face… just full craz kill. Shes about 9 weeks old, any advise?

  52. I get that he isn't 'attacking' me … and he is just playing. But if i put 'cat plays with my ankles' into google … i doubt what I want will come up.

  53. What if the cat is blind?
    We don't know how to play with her(she has ball that make sound and feather with bell on stick whatever is it's name), because she reacts to sound and when we walk she attacks our foot and bites

  54. For my cat it's not play . He gets very loud with a low growl and attracks my wrist and ankles with intent to hurt me its not a regular occurrence but it seems to happen mostly when I have no shoes or throusers on when I'm getting ready for work he doesn't do this to my partner or our daughter I'm the target of his anger being his primary connection since he was a kitten he's 7 now and it's been a thing for the last 4 or so years

  55. I’m a animal lover, I live in a very rural area and have “abandoned “ cats show up at my house.
    Recently I had a Tom cat adopt us, he has the best personality. I pick him up and he melts in my arms, vet affectionate.
    But he does this thing, when I walk away he grabs my ankles/foot.

  56. I have an outdoor cat we keep in our porch and cant keep him inside because of this. He always gets excited every after eating and start chasing around our feet. Even when we stayed still. He will jump on our back or front. He is almost 1 year old. If my mom outside doing something he will chase her and jump on her. Just now I got scratched again. What should I do? I tried too shoosh him and yell at him. And we are forced to give him a snack bcs if we wont he wont stay outside and will run inside.

  57. Ankles. Feet. Legs. Arms. Hands. All attacked by my 10 week old kitten. And me and my husband play with him half the day. The only thing I've found that works is me yelling at him and ignoring him for a bit. I feel terrible doing it but my skin is delicate due to an illness and I scar very easily
    And he has toys. He has a cat activity tree to play in. He just seems to get really over excited and start attacking me. And when he's being good I do reinforce his good behaviour with treats and praise. So idk what to do

  58. Ok I get it, we are their prey…….but at 6 weeks my kitten hunts like an adult. My ankles are toast, is it possible to exhaust her ??

  59. Hey Jackson! I have a cat that "lovebites". He'll be sitting on my lap, Im petting him, he's content and purring and he'll very gently put his mouth on me. It doesnt bother me cuz I know he's being affectionate but it freaks out guests who think he's legit biting/being aggressive. Their reactions startle him and he'll end up biting or scratching for real. Any suggestions on how to address this?

  60. I play with my cat a lot and we are also on a routine and play every morning for 30 minutes…but if she's not done playing when I am she comes after me.. I can't seem to wear her out! I have lots of toys, a condo, posts, feathers, different mice on a string…. nothing seems to be working. I can't play with her all day I have to work at some point! I even take breaks through out the day from work and play for 10/15 minutes. I make sure she jumps, rolls, runs, bunnykcks… … What to do?

  61. My cat has this thing where when she wants a treat she bites my foot or ankle
    Or if she wants me to play with her longer she will bite my foot or ankle
    Not home much she needs some lovin and more play time

  62. My cat stalks my legs and intentionally misses when she pounces(rhyme). Then she comes back to ask me to play. Could that be because I always play with her? I get exhausted and she's always full of energy!

  63. Well I guess I am guilty, because in between the university and work at the clinics I don't have that much time to play with my kitty.

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