How to Stop Puppy Play Biting

hi my name is D Holt with applause your paws in Miami Florida in this clip I'm going to give you some tips on how to prevent your new puppy from biting both your hands inappropriate objects and your clothing this is Meg and this is Beth Beth is a very well-behaved puppy Meg's a little bit more spunky but there's going to be times that in that first 12 weeks of life that these little razor-sharp teeth are going to come into contact with your skin and it gets to be very painful especially around the 11th week so it's important that we know how to deal with that the best thing to do when a puppy is this close to you is we always want to encourage the puppies to lick our hand instead of bite and Meg not may not do it because she's being very calm right now but should she accidentally take my hand in her mouth later down the line I can make a sound that sounds like a puppy biting kind of like oh and generally a high-pitched sound like that and abrupt sound mimics look at that face mimics the sound of another puppy being hurt so now you see if she's wanting to kind of play with me so again if she takes me a little too rough in her mouth I can make a sound like a yelping puppy like oh and it's natural for her to pull back because those that response is hardwired into her brain and it's important that when they're little we use those kind of techniques because it becomes less effective as the puppy gets older but when they're little we can play on the fact that they respond really well to knowing when they've hurt another animal another important thing in training your puppy not to bite inappropriate things is to always have an appropriate object present so if your puppy is chewing on your shoelaces or on your hands or your clothing it's really important that not only do you correct that behavior but you offer an alternate behavior like an appropriate chew toy or maybe a tug toy something like this so that when your puppy begins to bite you you can say ouch you're hurting me but don't do that do this instead so just be patient because again puppies will be puppies but if you stick to it you shouldn't have any problem in training your puppy to bite appropriate objects again this is Dee from applause your paws in Miami thanks for watching

36 thoughts on “How to Stop Puppy Play Biting

  1. Sorry to say I have a Maltese Morkie and he doesn't respond to that yelping sound will bite you even harder and thanks for the advice

  2. This not going to work. Teach the dog “leave it” command. The leave it commands teach the dog not to mouth stuffs. Once he learns the leave it command, you can also use it when he nips at your hand. He should leave your hand alone. It take practice. Reward when he’s not nibbling or biting after you told him to leave your hand alone.

  3. Or you could just not be a pussy and play with the dog, I've rough housed with many dogs and sure they play bite but I don't really care sure it can dart to hurt but the best way to not get that pain is to wear either a jacket or a long sleeve shirt, the clothing cushions the small bites.

  4. My girl Kiki is really soft with her play biting, so I let her do it since it doesn't hurt. I'm her favorite chew toy.

  5. I tried this trick long long time ago with a dog and it worked perfectly. Now I'm a dog owner, and I made this high-pitch "ouch!" to my bichon whenever she was biting, she seemed to enjoy this "ouchy" sound and played harder.

  6. I don't know. I tried the ow technique with no luck. I still get bitten frantically. 10 weeks now bites when I say stop he bites more. Thinks everything is some sort of game. Any suggestions? Got a energetically crazy little pup schnuzaer mix.

  7. If I yelp my puppy doesn't respond, if I flick him in the nose he starts to get more and more worked up and starts bitting harder. Nothing works, and it's not like I don't want to train him, its just that when he bites I get huge wounds, and it hurts like hell. Help

  8. I've been researching house training a dog and discovered a fantastic website at Bevs Booster Guide (google it if you're interested)

  9. can anyone answer this. I got a 6 week old pitbull/bull mastif. NOTHING stops this puppy from biting. I' tryed the ow shit. an she'll start telling me off an growling. put her in the cage she screams till she gets let out. non stop for no matter how long she's in there.i even tryed tapping her on the ass an she snaps barking an growling at me. iv had 2 dogs before her. an this one is like the antichrist of puppys

  10. I didn't believe making sound like puppy will stop biting… really worked for my lab puppy… it stopped biting
    Thank you so much … Very helpful video

  11. My Staffy is 6 months old and he still play bites but I've taught him how strong his jaw is so he doesn't bit to hurt!! ?

  12. black puppy looks like mine but mine is a girl 6 years old likes snuggling on people's shoes and bite people's legs

  13. when your puppy is too smart for that what do you do ? i tried apple bitter on my pants which she aggressively play bites not attacks. She just found spots i missed whether it be higher or lower that I didnt spray and also just goes crazy w/ hands. she is well behaved and easy to train otherwise. we give her a lot of attention but it doesnt seem to work.

  14. I have been doing this everyday for a week now and my puppy is still play bitting. she even goes after my feet and face. do you have any other tips to help? please.

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