How To Stop Puppies From Biting – Ask Dr. Andy

>>Meg: The first question is, I’d love to know more about puppy teething cyles, and how to get them to stop biting hands. Okay, hand biting usually has nothing to do
with teething. It’s puppy play behavior. It’s also not any weird dominance thing. It’s
nothing like that. It’s pure play. So, the two things that I recommend. Number
one: We can just leave when it happens. We’re just
sort of following suit from what you see older dogs do when the puppies
harass them they get up and they walk away. Your puppy
is playing. They think this is a game. They’re having a good time, and then suddenly
they cross the line and they nip you and the game ends. Well they don’t want the
game to end, so next time we start to play again hopefully they’ll remember, Oooh! If I nip
her, then she’s not going to play with me anymore. And that’s as much of a reinforcement as we need. over the long term, to break the behavior.
So that’s the first one that I do. The other one is, if I get nipped I will yip,
or yelp, or ouch, or no. Something like that to startle them. I’m giving them a verbal sign that that hurt.
I’m not going to make this a big deal, I’m not trying to terrify them.
I don’t want them to think that I’m a jerk and they don’t want to play with me. But, I’m going to give them enough of a sign
to say ouch! This hurts And then I’m going to give you one of their
own toys, something that they’re allowed to play with. And I’m going to throw a big party when they
play with it. I’m going to positively reinforce them, to
play with their own toys, and not with my fingers. So those are the two big pieces of advice
that I have. What’s the next question?>>Meg: How much pudding can you eat? I can eat all of the pudding.

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  1. Thanks for answering! I've been doing that and it's working well…Aside from her telling me it's time to wake up by nipping my nose. Ah, three month old pups. Now we're working on learning "kisses" to stop that.

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