How to shave pads and trim feet on dogs

hi there youtubers pepper-upper here today I'm going to show you how to scoop up the hair from the bottom of the pads now if you want to keep that nice and clean on certain breeds the hair keeps growing and either can get packed up with snow and really hurts your dog's feet or it can get matted and when they go and get wet it just doesn't dry and you're going to end up with bacteria and infection so you really want to keep this clean note what you're going to do is take your Clipper with a real short blade on it and I'll put that in my description below always be aware where the edge of your flipper blade is there's there's sort of a V right here and you'll want to go in a v-shape with your clipper so put this edge of the Clipper in the center to go this on to scoop on that side and this way on this side and then you're going to want to go in the other direction I can't really see what I'm doing here so um here with me at me taking a few scoops here there you have it pretty clean can you see that there you have a pretty clean pad now I'm going to show you how to scissor the bottom of the foot shoot I forgot to do the toenails on this foot so it's not going to be quite as easy and it's not going to look quite as good but I'm just going to keep showing you just for demonstration sake you want to brush the hair backwards with a brush and kind of pull it with your fingers and scissor it flush to the past always being aware where the tip of your scissor is want to go all the way around the outside and you basically do the same thing for the top of the foot just be aware where the tip of your scissors or you can cut the pad so there we have pretty much a clean bottom of the foot I have to do some tidying up before I send them Old Spice that's the gist of it path proper

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  1. Pat, I shaved my Golden's feet and she's been limping for days. I used the clipper on the whole thing the way I've always done for years. Did I burn them? I had a bran new blade this time. A 10 size. I feel so bad for her. 🙁 They're pink around the outside of some of the pads and I'm afraid I got too radical but this is how I've done it before and never had a trouble.

  2. Thanks, I may need to see the vet about my poor pup. She hates me messing with her paws and while grooming her I noticed she has a huge knot between her foot pads. I was able to trim a bunch of out it however it is so close to the skin and I couldn't get it all. =(

  3. This is how I do it, clipper and scissors.  Have you ever heard of anyone clippering between the toes themselves instead of scissoring the fur flat?  Just had a client tell me I did only 1/2 a job and that the "other" place he took his dog to does this.  he then told me I'm not very good at my job and should go get some more training!  I was always taught that clippering between the toes is dangerous.  Thoughts?    

  4. I am learning to do pads at work but I'm having the worst time with the front paws, especially in tiny dogs that don't want their pads done.Any advice?

  5. Hi PetPrepper.  Love your videos on dog grooming. Very Helpful.  I wanted to PM you questions on grooming my 4 legged children – a Cockapoo and a Yorkie/Chiuaua mix.  Could you friend me on FB or tell me how I can contact you directly with questions?  In one of your videos you mentioned someone PM's you some questions.  Much Thanks!  Wen

  6. Thank you so much for your candid comments. I will avoid even trimming then. It's just SO sticky and hot where we live (93% humidity today), I thought that thinning may help her because the poor thing acts like it's a thousand degrees outside. lol!

  7. I don't cut the body hair on double coated dogs, it ruins their hair and can eventually cause skin problems. They have that coat for a reason and it shouldn't be altered at all other than brushing out the under coat. The hair under the ears can be thinned with a thinning shear if it is causing the ears not to be able to breath. Some groomers will cut or even shave double coated dogs knowing what it will do and I don't agree with it at all

  8. VERY helpful! I'd like to request a video. A couple of months ago I adopted a rough border collie and would love to know how to best trim her. She has a ton of thick fur under her ears (like the backside of her jaw) and "armpits" and a large mane around her neck. I had her groomed the day I brought her home, but now the fur has grown out and looks uneven. So how do you trim the fur AND thin it out? I know how to remove the under coat, it's just the thinning/trimming that has me baffled.

  9. Pet Edge sells this clipper and it is right around $55 Item #AD61057. It would work just fine for feet and faces

  10. @lukascaj19 I can do that. However, I wouldn't suggest that method as it isn't as safe as a clipper. Thanks for the comment and video request

  11. Thank you for this video! I have a Newfoundland named Emma. Would I do her feet this way also? She is a farm dog so she is into all kinds of things that stick in her paws AKA POO ;p

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