How To Sharpen Human/Animal Hair Clippers

hi folks have a hair cutter hair clipper dog-clipper you know them Clippers that trim up hair you get all your different attachments for different lengths these type of things they clip on the end of it well this particular one went dull for trimming the dogs for the summer months when it's really really warm out so the dog here pretty much dulled them up so I'm going to sharpen them actually already did sharpen them and then I realized that oh I should have made a video so I'll make a video now once they're already sharpened and just basically explained what I've done so all as I used was a magnifying glass so I could inspect the teeth that actually do the cutting now what I did to sharpen these up is I use a sharpening stone and a piece of sandpaper now all as you want to do is inspect the cutter part you'll find out which the cutter part is and you want to take the same angle and you want to rub it smoothly gently and firmly and flatly on the sandpaper and in the stone or whatever else you might want to use to sharpen it up that has a grit to it a grit meaning a rough edge sandpaper has a rough edge a cutting edge and the stone has a cutting edge now there's all types of textures and smoothness ha's sandpaper you don't want to hold in your hand to do it you want to put it on a solid surface so it remains so it remains firm when you're going to be rubbing up your cutter edge on that to sharpen it now there's two halves that basically do the cutting and that's the trick you want to make sure you're flat the same contour as the blade itself and then just go back and forth you can go back and forth you can go this way doesn't really make a difference the idea here is is just to sharpen it up to give its edge back to it so when the hair passes through the two blades the cutting takes place and over time they just get dull in between those little lines you'll see all those little lines there that edge kind of gets dull so you just want to basically sharpen it back up so when the hair goes between these two cutters between these two cutters and it does the back and forth motion those two edges are going to be sharp and it's going to cut that hair whether it's your own hair or whether it's your pets hair this here is especially for de pets for the dogs puppies cut their hair for the summer summer months and then I use a magnifying glass to inspect the sharp edge and if it looks okay well then I call it over and if it still looks like it needs a little bit more sharpening well then I proceed and sharpen a little more until I'm satisfied with what it looks like and there's another way you can do it if you're not real good at it or you're not familiar with how to do it is you sharpen them clean them up you don't want to leave any grit left in in between here when you put it when you put it back together on the cutter itself because if there's any kind of grit then that grit is going to basically grind away inside there and create and create some damage which you don't want so you want to clean these really good you don't want to drop it like I just did that can pose some dullness to it just by dropping it and when you put it back together give it a little bit of oil and give it a try if it worked okay the first sharpening well then you're okay and if you're not satisfied after the four sharpening they come apart simply if you're not satisfied after the first sharpening we'll just simply take it back again and give it some more rubs back and forth on that grit on the grit surface and then just re clean it again of course I couldn't stress how much you do not want any kind of greens of anything in here because that's going to create damage you want this to be remained clean clean clean just reassemble it together and try it again and just keep basically keep out doing that until you're satisfied with the Clipper and how it cuts and when you when you put everything back together make sure you have the teeth lined up so they're not so they're not crooked make sure they're nice and straight you don't want it to be crooked like this you want it to be nice and straight so when the hair comes in contact with em two cutters and this goes back and forth back and forth back and forth it's going to cut each and every hair that enters them cracks this year unit was a real cheap unit but it works good the motor works good it's just the blades they get dull and I imagine a very expensive unit would be the same thing well folks I hope your clippers stay sharp and thank you for watching and subscribe if you have not and thank you very much for those that have

15 thoughts on “How To Sharpen Human/Animal Hair Clippers

  1. For anyone looking to shave your dog, please look into what type of coat your dog has first. Some coats can be permanently damaged by shaving with clippers and can actually cause your dog to overheat more in the summer by allowing the sunlight to reach their skin and burn them. Not saying the video poster did anything wrong, but I've seen a lot of people shave dogs that shouldn't be shaved.

  2. The reason dog fur dull clippers is because the fur is dirty. NEVER clip a dirty dog.
    Bathe and dry the dog first. Then clip. A dull clipper pulls the fur and can make a dog afraid of being clipped.

  3. I lost  the booklet that came with my clippers and was hoping you'd put it back together again after you sharpened the blades. Waaah lol. Thanks for the sharpening tips!

  4. The flat edge is what does the cutting/needs to be sharpened, not the beveled edge. Sharpening the bevel accomplishes nothing on serrated clipper blades.

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