How to set up the Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder

Install 4 ‘C’ cell batteries into the base unit,
being careful to observe the correct polarity. We recommend that you use only good quality
alkaline batteries. Then clip the battery cover into position. Assemble the feeder beginning with the feed
mechanism and nozzle. Start by inserting the nozzle firmly into
place until it clicks. Be sure that the wire end of the feed mechanism
is located properly into the recess on the end of the nozzle
and push in feed mechanism until it clicks. Place the hopper onto the base unit and clip
the food tray into place. Set the clock by simply pressing and holding
the Time button until the hour digit flashes and adjust using the +/- buttons. Then press and release the Time button again
to set the minutes. Press and release the Time button again to
complete the setting. Wait 60 seconds before proceeding further. After this period, the current time will be displayed. Next, set the meal time. Press and hold the Time button until the hour flashes. This is the same as for setting the clock. Then press and release the Time button twice more
and the meal 1 indicator will show. Set the meal time as before using the +/-
buttons and save by repeatedly pressing and releasing the Time button until the current time is displayed. Setting the meal size. To set the meal size, press and hold the Feed button
for five seconds until two zeros start to flash. Then press +/- to adjust amount of food to
be dispensed. We recommend five to seven units as a starting point
for a medium sized cat being fed one meal a day. You can come back and adjust this amount at any time. Press and release the Feed button
three more times to exit, bypassing the optional second and third feeds. The display then returns to show the current time,
with the meal one indicator flashing. Position the feeder on a firm level surface. Then fill the food hopper and press the
Feed and + buttons together. This is called ‘Extra Feed’, so that food can work its way fully down to the nozzle, repeating as necessary. Lock the lid into position and your feeder
is now ready to use. It will dispense five units of food at the
time you programmed daily, until it runs out of food.

10 thoughts on “How to set up the Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder

  1. I've had this feeder for almost 2 years. It's great, but I could never remember how to set the time! Thanks so much for uploading this!

  2. My siamese opened the lid after 5 minutes. He walked up to it, sniffed, looked and opened the 'locks' with his teeth.
    Then I closed the lid with pieces of gaffer tape over the locks of the lid. It held 12 hours.
    Then I tie-wrapped the lid and gaffer taped the lid all around to the container. This held 1 week.
    This morning he got the dispenser bit detached from the container, it had completely broken off.

    Lid should be modified by a screw-on lid. Dispenser part should be mounted much stronger to the container. As an idea the C3000 is ok though.
    Think I am going to put it up somewhere the cat cannot reach and have the food come down through a 1" tube.

  3. I'm having a hard time setting the feeder. I did it once and too much came out. I don't understand how to set the feeder on Cat Mate feeder.

  4. I recently brought one of these and I am happy I did. I had it for 2 months and I haven't had any issues. I would recommend this to some look for a feeder.

  5. stupidest setting system ever, no one would ever figure this out & the manual didn't even help- this video did though! once set, works well but the feeding dispenser hits your cats face and gets dirty/can cause kitty acne (yes, that's a thing).

  6. It doesn't explain the frequent feed option so why did this video show up on my google search when I googled "cat mate c3000 frequent feed" ??? Useless explanation video.

  7. I am soooooo frustrated trying to set the multiple feeding up also. Sorry I ever bought it. UTube doesn’t help. Doesn’t seem to be a way to clear the system out and start over. And of course they are closed on the weekends

  8. DO NOT under any circumstances buy this piece of junk. You will never, ever learn how to set the timer. If you made the mistake of buying one, do the following:
    1. Grasp the Cat Mate C3000 with both hands.
    2. Carry it out to your trash receptacle.
    3. Open the trash receptacle.
    4. Drop the Cat Mat C3000 into your trash receptacle.
    5. Close the lid to your trash receptacle.
    6. Utter a few choice oaths. You are now done with the Cat Mate C3000.

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